Star Wars Battlefront 2 Best Class: What to pick?

SWBF2 best class
The Empire's time has come

One of the major parts of Star Wars: Battlefront 2’s multiplayer, is knowing which trooper class to choose from. 

When going into battle, there are four main trooper classes to choose from: Assault, Heavy, Officer, and Specialist. Each class has a total of five weapons with three mods, or attachments to add to give them improved range, cooling, reduced spread and recoil.

Along with weapon mods, each class has three main abilities to help them in battle, seventeen star cards, or upgrade cards that improve said abilities.

As well as thirty four appearances from all eras:

The Resistance, Rebel alliance, Galactic republic and Separatists, thirty emotes and four victory poses. I will go over each of the four classes, and describe what role it plays.


The Assault trooper: “Closer and Destroy”

This class specialises in close-to-medium range combat. Despide it’s moderate health of 150, this class is extremely mobile. Using this class's middle ability, the vanguard,  this allows you to move quickly getting up close and personal to enemies. Although the spread of this gun is pretty small, eliminating someone only takes 1-2 shots. The scan dart allows you to scan for nearby enemies that may be hiding. It can be swapped out with an ability that replenishes your health almost right away. If you like getting up close and personal in combat, then this is the right class for you.

Assault Class Strengths

  • High mobility
  • Close range combat
  • Star Card that regenerates health
  • Thermal detonator can be swapped out for an acid launcher
  • Thermal Detonator can be swapped out for a Smart Ion Grenade

Assault Class Weaknesses

  • Low base health of 150
  • One -two hit kill from Lightsaber heroes
  • No personal shield for extra protection

Assault Class Usefulness Rating: 80/100


The Heavy trooper: "Hold the line"

Looking to mow down your enemies, this might be the best class for you. Designed for holding down objectives, this class provides strong blaster fire and is an absolute power house with 200 base health. This class is equipped with an impact grenade that deals massive damage to enemies and a three round grenade launcher. The middle ability lets you swap out your blaster for a rotary cannon. This is best used to clear out hallways and taking down enemy vehicles. And although it slows you down, and leaves you vulnerable to attacks from behind, the combat shield provides a small radius of protection around you.

Heavy Class Strengths

  • Best class for Area Control/ holding commander posts with long range weaponry
  • Toughness and Raw power
  • Slightly higher base health of 200
  • Can deploy a combat shield around weapon
  • Deals massive amounts of damage to enemies
  • The Impact grenade can be swapped out for an Ion Torpedo. (Deals high damage to vehicles.) And a detonite charge. 

Heavy Class Weaknesses

  • Low Mobility
  • Combat shield makes movement slightly slower
  • Rotary cannon also hinders movement
  • No health regeneration star cards

Heavy Class Usefulness Rating: 90/100


The Officer: “Make your allies stronger”

If supporting your teammates is more to your liking, then this class is perfect for that. The primary role of this class is providing support on the battlefield. Although this class has moderate durability, it can make up for it with its middle ability: Battle Command Fortitude. This gives your team and yourself a slight health buff as well as a cool down on weapons and other abilities. The class also has a deployable shield to give teammates that extra cover when holding down objectives, as well as a flash grenade to stun and blind nearby enemies allows for easy kills.

Officer Class Strengths

  • Battle command generates health 
  • Shield allows for protection on objectives
  • Has two diffusers to disable enemy weapons for a short period of time.
  • Can fire a Homing Shot that locks onto enemies and tracks them down

Officer Class Weaknesses

  • Low base health of 150
  • No long range weapons
  • One-two hit from lightsaber heroes

Officer Class Usefulness Rating: 75/100



The Specialist trooper: “A tactical approach”

Last but not least, we have the specialist class. If you want to show off your sniping skills, this class is perfect for long-range attacks, and is made for stealth. Using middle ability, infiltration, you are able to scramble the enemy’s scanner, making it difficult for them to pinpoint your exact location. You are hidden off enemy radars, allowing for easy flanking maneuvers When this ability is active, you equip a small burst rifle that slightly increases your movement speed. The thermal binoculars allow you to scan and make targets at a great distance.

Specialist Class Strengths

  • Long range combat
  • Shock grenade stuns enemies briefly
  • Thermal binoculars can be swapped out for a trip mine
  • Thermal binoculars can be swapped out for a personal shield
  • Shock grenade can be swapped out for a Stinger Pistol (deals damage over time)
  • Shock grenade can be swapped out for a Repulsor Cannon

Specialist Class Weaknesses

  • Low base health of 150
  • No close range weapons
  • Personal Shield does not protect against lightsaber attacks
  • One-two hit from lightsaber heroes

Specialist Class Usefulness Rating: 80/100


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