Star Wars Battlefront 2 Best Classes - What Should You Play?

Whatever happened to the rest of the frame? these y-wings used to have so much more to it.

Hello, I hope everyone's Easter was good. Today we will be talking about Star Wars Battlefront 2. Now this is by far a fan favorite for anyone who's really invested in star wars as a whole. despite EA’s problems with pay to play.(that problem being fixed now)Their servers to this day are still active but not at the frequency it first was at launch. Hopefully this article will help bring the servers up a bit.

The guide I'll be sharing with you is on all the classes and which one you should choose, ranking from weakest to strongest. For those who never played the game there are 4 different specialized classes that provide a variety of roles in battle. These classes being Assault, Heavy, Officer, and Specialist. You also have three starfighter classes: Fighter, Interceptor, and Bomber which I will be discussing in detail. 

#7 Specialist 

The Specialist, their role is primarily the sniper for battlefront 2. They come equipped with a long-range blaster and three class abilities. Shock grenade, infiltration and thermal binoculars.

In my opinion the power this build has is powerful, being able to take down enemies at a distance and survive most of the game untouched makes this class scary to go up against. The abilities your equipped with do give you an edge on the battlefield though because of the slow rate of fire on the blasters, it not ideal for close quarters

Some advice I would give anyone who wants to use this class? Try to use stealth as much as possible. Also use the infiltration skill whenever you get into close quarters as that comes with a mini blaster. Stay away from combat long as you can and support your team.(Don't be that sniper who just wants to quick scope all match on random enemies) 

What The Specialist Excels in : 

  • Tagging enemies and revealing their location. Using the thermal binoculars allows you to see every person on the map even through walls. 
  • Long-range Combat. The specialist has mods that can be equipped on their sniper for more zoom. (Meaning you can be away from combat and deal damage)
  • Defense on a small scale. This class has an ability that lets you use a personal shield to absorb blaster fire.(The only downside is that you can't fire your weapon while the shield is active)
  • Stealth. The infiltration skill doesn't just give you a mini blaster but also jams the enemies radar and stops you from showing up on their map.(The only downside with this is it last a short time)
  • Traps. One of the star cards(ability cards) the specialist has is a trip mine.This can be used to set up a defensive position or to cover your back while you snipe darth vader from across the map. 

Pick The Specialist If : 

  • You like playing in a support role. This class is really meant to be used as support while your team captures whatever they need to. 
  • Being away from the battle and calling shots. Along with sniping you can use the abilities I've mentioned to oversee the battlefield and communicate strategies to your squadmates. 
  • You like using long range blasters. This class comes with 6 different blasters. The Valken-38X ,the E-5s,the DLT-20A,the DLT-19X,the A180 Sniper, and the DLT-19D. 

Specialist details :


#6. Interceptor 

The interceptor is a class starfighter whose role is primarily dogfighting. It has the highest maneuverability of the starfighter classes and does good damage for what it comes with. 

In my opinion the interceptor class is great! Though it's not the best starfighter I'd use, it still comes with abilities that make this a go to when in dogfights or supporting bombers during on ground matches. 

Some advice I'd give players who want to use this class? Be careful with how hard you turn your craft!(having high maneuverability also means you have a higher risk of crashing) when chasing an enemy don't deplete all your speed going in circles. Instead match their speed using full throttle or half and stay behind them as much as you can. 

What The Interceptor Excels In : 

  • Maneuverability. This is by far the most agile starship out of the options you have.(It can get you out of a tight spot for sure!) 
  • Teamplay. This starship is great for helping your teammates in situations when they have an enemy on their back.
  • Firepower. It takes 8 seconds for you to take down an enemy making short work of anything that gets in its path.
  • Speed. WIth the afterburners this is the fastest in its class. It can outfly a fighter everytime.
  • Targeting. With the hardlock skill this ship can stay locked on your target for as long as they're alive.

Pick The Interceptor If You Like : 

  • High speed. As already mentioned this is the fastest ship in its class.
  • Dogfighting and supporting your teammates. The interceptor is the second best at saving others during combat.
  • Smaller ships. This is a compact ship that is fast and able to fly its way out of most situations.

Interceptor Details : 


#5. Fighter

The fighter is the starship for basic dogfighting. The role is the same equivalent to infantry. Being balanced in just about every aspect this is a go to for most players. 

In my opinion the skills this class has are great. For example having the ability to heal mid battle. (now you have normal health regeneration on but some fighters can do it on command before a cool down period) 

My advice for anyone who wants to give this a try would be this. For fighters that have an astromech it's best to use it right when you're being attacked. That way it will kind of negate the damage being done. My last piece of advice would be to use first person mode to get full aim on anything you're firing at.

The Fighter Excels In : 

  • Medium fire power. Because the fighter is balanced, it is capable of taking out bombers and interceptors in the right situation. (Key word right situation as any fighter can gain an advantage is good enough)
  • High health. The fighter has significantly higher health then the interceptors allowing it to take more damage in a one on one.
  • Weapon efficiency. With abilities like hink sink the fighter can fire without cooling down allowing for high damage output on structures or fighters.
  • Repairs. Most fighters come with an astro mech that repairs the damaged ship, but at a slow pace.(it's good for making a comeback but is not a crutch to lean on) 
  • Teamplay. There have been countless times when I've saved teammates just because I had a fighter. It was a combination of everything  discussed that allowed for savior points.

Pick The Fighter Class If : 

  • You like taking charge on the battlefield. This ship is called a fighter for a reason, being able to handle tough engagements with bombers or heavy turrets. 
  • Your player likes engaging in dogfights more than the objective. The fighter is balanced as mentioned but its primary purpose is dogfighting. 
  • The classic Starship fighter variants they have for each era. Every era has their own fighter class but the same abilities.

Fighter Details-


#4 Bomber 

The Bomber is the big boy on campus. Having higher health then any starship the role of this starfighter is to attack the objective with any means necessary.

As you can see from the picture there are 3 main abilities the bomber has. The best one in my opinion is the Ion cannon turret. It is automated and will fire at anything in its vicinity for a short period of time. 

My advice for players wanting to play as a bomber? Use the turret as much as you can everytime you're surrounded. The added fire will wave off other fighters who are aiming for you. My last piece of advice would be to focus on the objective over getting into dogfights. (Yes this class has high health but low maneuverability making it an easy target)

The Bomber Excels In : 

  • Damage output. The bomber has the highest damage per hit out of all the starships making it a menace when firing at its objective. 
  • Very high health. The bomber also has the highest hit points out of all of them as well making it tough to take down head on. 
  • Auto repair. Like the fighter the bomber also has an astro mech that repairs any damage in the same way. 
  • Support. Because of the high health and fire power this class is one of the best support units to use. 
  • Missiles. Every bomber gets 2 missiles per shot meaning instead of one firing like the other Starships this one shoots 2. 

Pick The Bomber If : 

  • You're a player who always goes for the objective. This class is the main reason starship assaults are either won or lost. With everything already said it is easy to see why.
  • You like using team support. The ion turrets some bombers have are great for support. What's also good are the counter measures some have too.(creative tip for counter measures: use them on missiles following your teammates to save them)
  • You like dealing high damage in a short time. It only takes 5 to 6 shots to bring a fighter down making it the second highest in damage next to the hero fighters.

Bomber Details:


#3. Assault 

The assault class. Now don't count this one out as it's one of the best classes to play and for good reason. The role of this class is pretty straight forward, they assault objectives using aggressive means with weapons like the vanguard blaster and more. 

In my opinion this is not the first class I go to when I jump into a game. That said there are still advantages to this class that make it worth using.(It just doesn't have the abilities im looking for)

The toughen up skill is always useful during combat when I need to regret my health and get right back into battle. 

Some advice I would give to anyone who wants to play as this class would be this. Use the vanguard skill only when you're close enough to hit them  

The Assault Class Excels In:

  •  Assault weapons. Equipped with only assault blasters this class is great at medium and close range. Though I'm never a stranger at going long distances as that works too. (i've tested that theory myself and it for sure works) 
  • Close quarters combat. As you can see in the picture above the class comes with what's called a vanguard. Now this is basically the star wars version of a shotgun being lethal at short range, no other class has this. (like no joke no other class) 
  • Killstreaks. Like already mentioned with close quarters you get the vanguard. There's a Star card that lets you keep the vanguard out longer which is good for killstreaks. The added abilities lets you gain killstreaks easier.(to a degree)
  • Capturing command posts. The reason they excel in this is because of what they're equipped with. Having thermal detonators and other equipment at their disposal lets them capture command posts almost every time.
  • Teamplay. This class is great at supporting other aggressive roles in battle. For example helping a heavy with covering fire because his heavy blaster overheated. 

Pick The Assault Class If:

  • You're just starting out. This is the best class to pick if you're new and want a basic feel of combat.
  • You want a balanced class. This class is good against everything except armored vehicles because of the lack of anti-armor equipment. (though it can still take out armor with a bit of work and skill)
  • You like to run around the map and attack more than support. Not going to lie, this class is primarily for Attacking the enemy, so that being said, if you like to run and gun, this is for you!

Assault Class Details: 


#2. Heavy 

The Heavy class is a straight up tank for the regular classes. The role for this one is to overwhelm an enemy position with tons of firepower. By far one of the best classes to play as out the rest, I've seen many battles change just by the number of heavys in the fight alone. 

In my opinion this has its pros and cons like any other class. For starters It's very slow and not as agile as the rest. On the good side of things The sentry skill is great for raining down fire or when you need to clear a door of enemies trying to stop you from getting through. 

My advice for anyone who wants to play as heavy or already does but maybe needs a little trick or two is this. Stay with your team and any class like you as much as possible. Having a team of 4 sentries 2 with the explosive skill and 2 with the base one, you can really gain an advantage in terms of firepower and overrun their position. 

The Heavy Class Excels In:

  • Defense. The heavy class is great when it comes to this, Having a personal shield that can be equipped on your blaster makes for solid protection in front.(Only downside is that you can not run and you move a lot slower making you vulnerable to attacks from the side or back)
  • Firepower. This excels in firepower because of the heavy weapons and sentry skill. Most of the heavy weapons deal more damage. For example using the barrage ability card that shoots out 3 grenades in sequence. 
  • Detonite Charge. This ability card is a mini charge mine that can be detonated by the player at any time once thrown. You'd want to use it to defend yourself or set traps for unsuspecting enemies. 
  • Melee combat. The heavy has star cards that help out with melee. For example there's a card that recharges your blaster after every elimination and a card that replenishes your health in small bits also.
  • Explosives. The heavy class is all about it. Being the number one go to for taking out armor it's easy to see why explosives make the list. What you probably didn't know was that the secondary role of this class is being an explosives expert. 

Pick The Heavy Class If: 

  • You need to capture a command post. Like mentioned, the heavy weapons allow you to fire at a faster rate than the rest of the classes. Why is this important? Because the more you can fire at an enemy position and stop them from firing back means you have more time for your team to capture. 
  • You're the player who values defense over speed. Now this class is the slowest but for good reason.(mainly to imitate real weight, but let's be real it's so the class isn't overpowered) 
  • You Like explosives. Not really covered but this class is the anti armor go to! Having skills like missile barrage and Ion torpedo tanks and other vehicles are scared of this class. 

Heavy Class details:


#1 Officer 

Saving the best for last right? The officer class has many roles if I'm being honest, and the number one role of them all is support. Coming equipped with blaster pistols only officers mainly take cover and insure their teammates get a fighting chance. 

In my opinion the capabilities of this class outshine the rest why? Because of the star cards you can use of course. The officer has abilities such as a team shield, a blaster turret for regular fire or Ion fire, and a diffuser for getting rid of any explosive thrown their way. I've played many games where using the officers skills won the match alone,like one or two officers can change the tide in a large scale battle.(Hard to believe but when I give you my advice you'll know why)

My advice for any new players or anyone wanting to be a better officer in this game would be this. Travel with the majority of your team as much as possible. Use your blaster turret every time you have to defend and put it in the direction you're not looking. My personal advice on how I win battles almost every time? Use the blast command skill but the skill that recharges your blaster giving you unlimited firing time for a short period.

The Officer Excels In : 

  • Support. This class is number 1 when it comes to this, all of the equipment he has is solely geared towards helping his team. A good example of this is the flash grenade ability card.
  • Disruption. This is another ability card that releases a wave of energy upon activation. This wave disables enemy blasters (including that of enemy heroes),droids, turrets and certain vehicle weapons by causing them to overheat. 
  • Gaining battle points. With the ability card bounty hunter the officer gains more battle points than usual allowing you to use unlockable heroes.
  • Their unique ability card Officer's Presence. This lowers the delay before health regeneration starts for nearby allies and grants Battle Points. (I use this all the time 10/10)
  • Using homing missiles. Another ability card called homing shot, does exactly as the name suggests. It locks on to anything it considers a target and fires. (overlooked by many, this is very fun to use!)

Pick The Officer Class If : 

  • If you want to lead your team, rather than do all the shooting. This class uses its skills to benefit the soldiers around them. Making you run around and help out more than shooting.
  • You're a fan of blaster pistols. Having every era of pistol, this class is great for those gunslingers out there who wanna go rogue sorta speak.
  • You need to win a game of supremacy. Why? Because of this one advantage, you come with a shield bubble that you can put over your engines. (This is when and if they break through your ships doors)

Officer Class details


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