SWBF2 Best Star Cards Guide

Iden Versio and Inferno Squad
Iden Versio and her Inferno Squad blast through rebel defenses

How should you be using all of those Star Cards?

Some of the most epic moments in Star Wars: Battlefront 2 are had while playing as one of the many famous heroes, so when you get the chance to step into the boots of one of these characters, you’ll want to make the most of your time. However, with so many options to choose from, it can be hard to determine what your ideal load-out should be. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of our favorite (and most powerful) Star Card builds for each of them, so that you can make the most of their deadly abilities.

Boba Fett

Nororitous Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Boba Fett is highly mobile... and deadly.

He’s the fastest hero in the game, and the key to racking up the highest kill count with this notorious bounty hunter is to not let anyone catch you. To make sure you can keep moving and keep the high ground, grab that Fuel Efficiency card so that his jetpack takes longer to deplete, letting you spend more time soaring over the heads of your enemies. To compliment this, Quick Refill will help it recharge faster, maximizing your mobility. Finally, his Intense Barrage card upgrades your rocket barrage from three to seven rockets, allowing you to unleash fiery devastation on any rebel scum unfortunate enough to cross your path. For a Heroes v Villains match, we advise you to swap out that Quick Refill for the Anti-Hero Rocket; it will add 20 bonus damage against heroes per rocket fired, allowing you to wreak havoc on even the most resilient adversaries.


Ferocious as he is cunning, Trandoshan Bounty hunter Bossk thrives while on the hunt.

Bossk is a man (lizard?) of many talents, but our favorite use of this scaly chap is for complete area denial: built right, you can easily become an impenetrable one-lizard fortress on any position you want to control. First off, grab that Multi-Trap card to upgrade your proximity mines from three to five, increasing both the potential damage, and the explosion radius. His Spreading the Disease card will increase the cloud size of his deadly dioxis grenades, allowing them to more easily spread through large areas and walls, both deterring your foes and marking the affected ones on your HUD, making them easy to track down. To bolster this, Lingering Dioxis will add around six seconds to the effective time of the gas clouds, giving you precious time to recharge them for another volley. For Heroes vs. Villains, we’d recommend a switch of the Lingering Dioxis for Trap Arming Speed; it’ll shave the arming time of your mines down to a mere second, giving you the ever-so-satisfying ability to send a charging Jedi cartwheeling across the room with a quick drop of your mines in front of them.

Captain Phasma

Highly trained leader of the First Order stormtroopers, Captain Phasma takes no prisoners.

The infamous commander of the First Order Stormtrooper Legion, Phasma is tough as nails. Use her already powerful Survivor ability with Safety First to gain a 260hp health boost, and bolster it farther with Not Hard Enough to enable a whopping 50% reduction to incoming damage. Once fully armored, you’ll have no issues cutting through ranks of resistance soldiers and heroes as you soak up damage like a chrome sponge. We also recommend upgrading her ever useful First Order Sentry Droid with Come Closer, increasing the proximity shock radius by 50% after three kills, making it a perfect tool for single-handedly stopping a flow of enemies or holding a key position.


Warrior, mechanic, and loyal friend Chewbacca is a furry juggernaut in combat.

Everyone’s favorite wookie does not disappoint on the front lines, with his devastating bowcaster, massive health reserves, and legendary arm-pulling abilities making him a formidable foe. For maximum efficiency against enemy infantry, beef up that bowcaster: start with Furious Roar to extend the Furious Bowcaster ability’s duration by 40% for every enemy killed while its active. On top of this, Furious Resilience will give you a 20% resistance to blaster fire while Furious Bowcaster is active. Add Bonus Health to the mix for a 150hp bonus, and you’ve got yourself an incredibly difficult to kill walking carpet. For Heroes vs Villains matches, we find it’s best to switch your bowcaster bonuses for shock grenade ones. Extended Shock will give you a 40% shock duration increase, and Shocked and Vulnerable makes incapacitated enemies take 12% extra damage. This means you can immobilize even the most fearsome adversaries of the rebellion and blast them to pieces before they have a chance to attack.

Darth Vader

Who's your daddy?

The fearsome, unmistakable face of the far reaching Galactic Empire, Darth Vader may be slow, but he is as unrelenting as he is powerful, and is also amazingly absorbent for someone covered in so much leather. That is, absorbent in a blaster fire sense (water has yet to be tested), and Bonus Health is a great way to increase that, with a flat 150hp boost. Use his Dark Lord card as well, and get 20hp back for every trooper and 100hp for every hero that falls beneath your crimson blade. To top it off, Furious Resilience will grant a 25% resistance to all damage during his already hp bloated Focused Rage ability, and you’ll have the biggest, blackest tank on the battlefield.

Emperor Palpatine

Intelligent as he is evil, Lord Sideous and his force lightning are not to be trifled with.

He may be an ugly old man, but the Senate is surprisingly quick on those wrinkly toes of his. Designed as a hit and run lightning dispenser, he is a master of quickly dealing high voltage death. Start by upgrading his lightning range across the board with Lightning Reach, and put a little something in there for yourself with Lightning Absorption, granting you a 25 point health boost for every target hit with your chain lightning. Top off the build with Amplified Aura to add 70% damage to your Dark Aura ability, and watch any rebel foolish enough to come close to you perish immediately. And yes, the robes are Versace.


Brave, resiliant, and dedicated, Finn is a shining beacon of hope for the Resistance.

Finn seems destined to simply help greater heroes, but at least in Battlefront, he does a magnificent job of it. His insanely powerful Big Deal ability, which gives a 120hp boost, 50% damage reduction, and cooldown reduction to nearby allies, can be made even more effective with Beacon of Hope, which increases the radius by 40% when two or more people are around him. Gather a large group around you, and the First Order will be facing down a nearly unstoppable force. For quick squad mobility, his Undercover Team ability paired with the 20% radius increase of All Together makes claiming objectives and moving silently across the map a breeze. Once you make it to combat, bolster the glorified aim-bot that is Deadeye with Raised to do One Thing for a 25% larger lock on radius, and watch you enemies drop like shiny white flies… especially the flying ones.

Han Solo

Dashing captain of the Millenium Falcon and key member of the Rebellion, Han's trigger finger is almost as fast as his wit.

This Corellian rogue’s biggest strength is his trademark DL-44 blaster, so it’s best to maximize its abilities with your star card load-out. Because of how quickly it overheats, use Heavily Modified Blaster to slow that built up by 25%. Paired with Sharpshooter’s Calm to reduce the time penalty from each shot during his Sharpshooter ability, you can melt everything from Stormtroopers to Vader himself into slag. Finally, his Airburst card increases the Detonite Charge damage by 20% if triggered while in the air, giving you the ability to dispatch heroes and heavy units with ease. It’s also useful for knocking potential melee threats back into a safe firing distance, as with his Shoulder Charge.

Iden Versio

Leader of the Empire's deadly Inferno Squad, Iden Versio and her stun droid are tough as nails.

While she’s unfortunately one of the weaker villains, Iden excels when used as a long distance support class, whether sniping rebels with the pulse rifle or sending out her stun droid to incapacitate potential threats. You can make the most of that little droid by using the Acquiring Targets card to boost its search radius by 40%, and adding Friend in Battle to give you health bonuses for every enemy it shocks: 20hp for an infantry stun, and 70hp for a hero. Once you have your enemies trapped and stunned by the droid, Cooled Blaster will allow your TL50 to simultaneously fire faster and overheat slower so you can shred them with ease.

Kylo Ren

Self proclaimed heir to the legacy of Darth Vader, Kylo is a deadly foe.

The new primary antagonist the movies, Kylo Ren has been made into unstoppable melee combat machine in game. The Solid Freeze and Power Reach cards add 30% area of effect bonuses to his Freeze and Pull abilities, making it easy to incapacitate groups of enemies before cutting them to pieces with his wicked cross-guard lightsaber. Follow it up with Bloodlust to give him four additional strikes to his un-blockable Frenzy ability, and watch him brutally dispatch mobs of enemy infantry or any heroes that dare to get close. We personally think the most effective strategy is a mix of all three abilities, pulling in and freezing any troops or long range heroes, then unleashing a deadly Frenzy on your hapless foes.

Lando Calrissian

Smuggler, gambler, criminal, and professional lady's man Lando always has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Suave and sophisticated, Lando is more a lover than a fighter, but he has a few tricks up his sleeves that make him a helpful asset on the battlefield. Start out with the Hot and Cold card to boost his total health by 150hp and keep him in the fight that much longer. Next, upgrade his multi-targeting Sharp Shot ability with Wide Eyed to add 40% to it’s effective range, making him a dangerous opponent for quick moving enemies like Fett, Darth Maul, and jump troopers that rely on evading enemy fire to survive. Finally, Quick Shock upgrades your target-marking, enemy shocking Disabler by increasing shock duration by 30% if activated within 5 seconds, giving you precious seconds to unload into them while they’re incapacitated. Classic Lando.

Leia Organa

Leia is fiercly dedicated to her Rebel allies and will stop at nothing to defeat the Empire.

A princess, a warrior, and somebody’s sister, Leia Organa essentially plays as Rambo with daintier bone structure: impossible to kill, and fond of massive amounts of automatic fire. Her High Spirit Card will allow you to regenerate 100 extra health on top of the typical 200, and For the Rebellion will give you back 20hp for every trooper and 100hp for every villain slain. As if that wasn’t enough, Rebel Heart grants a 25% damage resistance during her E-11 Rapid Fire ability, meaning you’ll be able to stand your ground against a charging Sith and still come out on top.

Luke Skywalker

Possibly the last Jedi that the galaxy will ever see, Luke is courageous and highly skilled.

Everyone’s favorite Skywalker from the original trilogy, Luke is a master swordsman and is best used as a melee hit-and-run fast attacker. Most effective is the Rush Immunity card, letting him take 15% less damage for a few seconds after using his Rush ability, which means you have a little extra time to cut down Stormtroopers or Rush out of harms way before soaking up too much blaster fire. His Jedi Fighter card reduces stamina usage for both attacking and blocking, meaning you can stay in the fight that much longer before needing to retreat and regenerate. Cleansing the Darkness is a great all-around health boost that awards 20hp for a trooper kill and 100hp for a hero kill, lengthening your coveted play time as the galaxy’s last Jedi Master.

Darth Maul

Lord Sideous's malevolent apprentice, Darth Maul and his signature dual-bladed lightsaber are a sight to be feared.

A criminally underused badass in the films, Darth Maul is back in Battlefront 2 to wreak havoc on the enemies of the Sith with his trademark dual-blade lightsaber. His main drawback is his inability to block incoming blaster fire, but Lightsaber Defense compensates for that by making you take 16% less damage from blasters. A hit and run expert, his Spin Attack ability allows you to lunge in close to deliver a flurry of blows, and quickly bail when things get hot. Bolster this with the Flow Motion card to be able to use three spin attacks in a row, which is awesome, but also increases its recharge time. Counter this with Fool Me Once to gain a 10% faster recharge on all abilities, and become the hyper mobile horned death tornado you always wanted to be.


Rey is immensely powerful and true of heart, and shows much promise for the future.

Ever the lovable hero and noble warrior, Rey’s power in The Last Jedi pales in comparison to her abilities here, if played right. Her Insight ability marks nearby enemies on your teammates HUD while making you vanish from the minimap, and with the addition of Far Sight to add 40% range, and Focused Sight to add seven seconds of duration, you can single-handedly turn the tide of a firefight. To maximize your play time as her, take Survivor to gain 20hp for every trooper and 60hp for every villain you slay. In a Heroes vs Villains match, we recommend dropping one of those cards for Opportunist, which allows you to deal bonus damage to anyone stunned or mind tricked, a common occurrence in hero matches that it’s best to make the most of.


One of the oldest and wisest Jedi Masters to ever live, Yoda is formidable on the battlefield as well.

A true team player, Yoda is. His already powerful Presence ability can be upgraded with Feel the Force to provide a ridiculous 260hp buff to anyone near him, and Enduring Presence will add five seconds to its duration. This means that you and your rebel allies can overcome equal or greater imperial forces with ease, especially in narrow firefights and choke points. Add Jedi Mentor to the mix for an 8% overall damage reduction, and keep bouncing around as your little green friend for as long as possible.








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