Star Wars Battlefront 2: Best Weapons for Heavy Class

best weapons for heavy class in swbf2
"Somebody has to save our skins" - Leia Organa

So What are the Best Weapons for Heavy Class?

When You are facing a horde of bogeys in a narrow corridor. Don’t let that single person in your team Without Armor go under fire. Pick someone else.

But who? 

Me. Me. Me.

Hey, we have a volunteer … Heavy, is that you? (Not a fan of heavy, sorry) Anyone else? Silence. 

Crap. Why did I even mention Armor!

Aaaanyway. What’ve you got to offer? ...

To unlock the answer, pay a low monthly fee and read this article. 

Just kidding. You don’t have to read the article.

5. Ion Turret (best against vehicles)

I dare you to come out!

You just install it and it keeps firing. And it auto-locks too? Perfection. 

Wait a minute. Why do you only attack vehicles? Damn it. That small detail cost me my virtual life.

And it cost the Ion Turret a place on my list. 

Even if it doesn’t target soldiers, it can still earn you a ton of battle points. Especially on maps where taking out a vehicle is a MUST. Hoth. Geonosis. Naboo. 

Wow. I just got a hero thanks to this thing. You are back in line, trooper!

Weapon Stats: 

  • Heavy damage to vehicles
  • Each upgrade reduces recharge time

Why great:

  • Auto-locks on vehicles
  • Can self-destruct

How to get:

  • Available for Heavy Level 25

4. T-21 (best for sniping)

Heavies don't have friends! Especially Sniper Heavies.

Who said Heavies can’t be Snipers?

Me, sucker!

(takes out T-21 and hits a target a mile away) 

Heeeey. We are friends, right?

(Moves his T-21. Shoots him in the head) 

Heavies don’t have friends!

It might have a slow rate of fire, but it does a heck of a lot of damage. If you wanna keep it that way, You will not use any add-ons. 

I will not use any add-ons.

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage 65
  • Rate of Fire 180

Why great:

  • High damage 
  • One shot kill (if headshot) / two shot body

How to get: 

  • 50 kills with Heavy in Co-Op

3. Barrage (best against groups of enemies)

More grenades coming up!

It’s better to have more of something than less. Except for TIE-s on your tail. A life lesson.

And it certainly applies to grenades. Or any explosives for that matter. Barrage provides just that.

On default, Heavy only has one grenade to blow stuff up. Barrage-equipped? 

Now he has four.

Sorry, but you would have to give up your shield. No problem, eh? 

That’s when I found a mob, staring at me. Aaaaangrily. 

No one wants to give up their shields. A life lesson.

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage 55
  • Fuse 1-1.5s
  • Radius 5m

Why great:

  • Gets four grenades instead of one
  • Deals damage to multiple enemies

How to get:

  • Unlocked at rank 24

2. Z-6 Sentry Rotary Blaster (best against groups of enemies)

Enemies, beware! I am going hot!

That ability deals more damage than a normal machine gun. So you really don’t need a Supercharged or an Explosive sentry.

(I say ability but honestly, it’s another gun. Just like Vanguard for the assault class.)

While the ability is active, you and your allies get reduced damage from explosions. Amazing.

But, that myriad of bullets attract attention. The wrong kind of attention. 


To avoid being headshot, you’ve gotta keep moving. 

And what better way to do that than to have a Mobile Sentry. 

It also ups your health regeneration.

What else can you wish for!

Weapon Stats:

  • A lot of damage to enemies quickly
  • But need time to set up 
  • Limits mobility

Why great:

  • Reduced damage from explosions for you and allies
  • Pin-point accuracy 
  • Increased health regen (mobile sentry)

How to get:

  • Default ability
  • Mobile Sentry available at level 15

1. TL-50 (best in corridors and closed maps)

Empire sends its regards!

As Iden main, I couldn’t help but place it in the first place.

TL-50. Not a gun but a Dream. 

High rate of fire. Low heat build-up. But mediocre damage to enemies.

Come on, it doesn’t matter with so MANY bullets flying their way.

If you wanna wield this masterpiece like a pro, you’ve gotta equip the secondary shot. 

That ion blast is gonna be the difference between life and death. Between being recognized a true BF2 fan. Or remaining mediocre. Just like the writer of this article.

(I was hacked, I swear. Who in their right mind would reveal that?

No. I didn’t admit it. No.

Damn you, Battlefront. I am so much better in FIFA!)

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage 15-11
  • Rate of fire 700

Why great:

  • Low heat build-up (can shoot for longer)
  • Low damage, but climbs higher with every shot (and there are shots)
  • Secondary fire allows an ion shot 

How to get:

  • 500 enemy kills with heavy

Remember. Don’t you dare use any of these Super Amazing Weapons without first screaming:

“Say hello to my little friend!”

Make ol’ Montana proud.

Wait. You still didn’t pay the monthly fee?


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