[Top 3] SWBF2 Best Heavy Builds

SWBF2 Best Heavy Builds
Good Soldiers Follow Orders

    Any trooper based classes will depend on your style of gameplay. Whether you fight up close or at a distance, or you focus on defense rather than offense, the star cards have something for you. The heavy class can be extremely resourceful in every kind of map. You can even take down heroes pretty easily with the right card stack.

3) Offense Build:

The Fighter

Come at me!

    This build consists of a card stack of Barrage, Supercharged Sentry, and Resourceful. This stack works great for players who prefer to go on the attack against their enemies. They can be extremely effective against enemies in large groups, making you a one-man army.

    What’s good about this build:

  • Barrage gives you three grenade launchers to use in large groups or on vehicles.
  • Resourceful reduces recharge time on all abilities.
  • Supercharged Sentry has a small explosive blast which works well in close ranges.
  • Supercharged Sentry also reduces explosive damage taken.

Full build details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0583p3ofT0

2) Defense Build:

The Savior

Keep 'em comin'

    This build has the stack of Improved Impact Grenade, Mobile Sentry, and Improved Combat shields. This build is for the defenders and protectors. It’s most effective when defending command posts in-game modes like assault or co-op or working with the offensive players.

    Why this build is good:

  • Impact Grenade can do lots of damage
  • Mobile Sentry can be great at maneuvering through enemy fire.
  • Combat Shield can protect the entirety of your upper body.
  • Improved Combat Shield can last longer.
  • Improved Impact Grenade has a bigger blast radius.

Full build details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNlVtXw6RLo

1) Point Gather Build:

The Collector

I'll run this point!

     Most players just want to build as many points as possible to play as heroes, which is understandable. This build’s stack has Survivalist, Bounty Hunter, and Mobile Sentry. You can use them in any situation, and it’s effective for building up battle points.

Why this build is good:

  • Bounty Hunter helps gather battle points faster.
  • Survivalist reduces health regeneration delays.
  • Mobile Sentry works in close and long ranges.
  • Will stay alive longer to gather more points.

Full build details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0tiqNTp_eI&t=480s

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