SWBF2 Best Loadouts for Every Class

SWBF2 Best Loadouts
Use these loadouts before your enemy uses them on you.

The Best SWBF2 Loadouts For Defeating Your Enemies

As Star Wars Battlefront 2 passes its first birthday, the developers have worked tirelessly to develop the metagame and balance across all multiplayer classes. Here is the list of the most powerful Star Card loadouts, broken down by class. These loadouts maximize the abilities and playability of each unit.

SWBF2 Officer Best Loadout

Imperial Officer

Officers are the “classic” support role for multiplayer games. The class is geared toward buffing teammates or helping to secure map chokepoints. Their concussion grenade is particulary useful for blunting enemy assaults.

SWBF2 Officer Weapon Loadout: Go with the RK-3 as the primary weapon as it packs a big punch in a tiny package.

SWBF2 Best Officer Star Cards:

  • Bodyguard – This Card offers extra protection from explosions – and there are lot in the game. Paired with the officer’s buffs, it causes what is known as a “win-win” combination
  • Officer’s Presence – This is the card that provides a buff for nearby teammates, as it speeds up the time for health regen. Vital in the thick of combat
  • Improved Battle Command – The ultimate upgrade for the default Battle Command upgrade, which vastly improves the ability, providing a higher effectiveness overall

This loadout is built toward offering the greatest amount of support for the team, alongside keeping yourself in the fight. The ability to keep the team on the offensive is especially important when taking objectives.

SWBF2 Assault Best Loadout

Platoon of Battle droids

The Assault class is the “grunt” in the Star Wars universe. These units are your basic troops, such as stormtroopers or battle droids. It is well-rounded and should definitely be picked for a team-based match to rush and secure objectives.

SWBF2 Assault Weapon Loadout: Be sure to pick the A280 for your weapon. It has the best balance of fire rate and damage.

SWBF2 Assault Best Star Cards:

  • Assault Training – This is the Star Card which gives a health boost when making takedowns. The extra “oomph” granted by killing enemies can be the key to snatching victory from the jaws of defeat
  • Survivalist – This Card reduces the delay before starting health regen
  • Acid Launcher – A powerful area of effect attack. More firepower is always a good thing

This is the perfect build for players who like to lead the charge. The health benefits coupled with direct offensive firepower is a hard combination to beat.

SWBF2 Best Heavy Loadout

Rebel Heavy soldier

The Heavy is able to single-handedly hold down a chokepoint with its awesome firepower. By carrying a heavy machine gun and a deployable shield, this class creates an immovable wall.

SWBF2 Heavy Weapon Loadout: Go with the DLT-19 for a high rate of fire.

SWBF2 Heavy Best Star Cards:

  • Improved Shield – The upgraded version of the default ability. The Shield is part of the cornerstone of Heavy tactics. Taking the improved card creates an almost over-powered unit
  • Survivalist – Same as the assault version. Reduces the delay before health regen. Helps stay in the fight
  • Bodyguard – Reduces damage taken from explosives

This build is all about becoming the center point of a defensive action, or turning the tide at a crucial moment. The damage reduction as well as the upgraded shield creates a unit that can stand alone.

SWBF2 Specialist Best Loadout

Republic Clone sniper

One shot, one kill. The specialist is the sniper class in the game and should be included in every lineup and called upon when a target absolutely needs to go down. With its infiltration abilities, it can also stand up to frontline combat.

SWBF2 Specialist Weapon Loadout: The preferred weapon is the NT-242. Deadly in the right hands, it can help control the battlefield.

SWBF2 Specialist Best Star Cards:

  • Stealth - This Star Card hides the player from the minimap. On the battlefield, intelligence is crucial. By allowing the Specialist to cloak himself from the map, this Star Card is a powerful tool
  • Bodyguard – Again, it is about reducing damage taken. This is more important for front-line players
  • Trip Mine – This Card adds a powerful explosive charge to the loadout. A specialist needs something to watch their back when holding a position

This loadout is geared toward players who like to join in the front-line action and assist the team directly in taking objectives. Stealth helps get them there, and paired with the health benefits from Bodyguard keeps them in the fight.


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