Star Wars Battlefront 2 Best Cards for Every Class

 Star Wars Battlefront 2 Best Cards
Upping the stakes.

Now that you’ve picked your class, you need to take advantage of each of their special skills.

Each of the four core classes has each of their own star cards. Star cards allow you to boost and modify your abilities for your class.

Which cards are the best cards for your class you say? Keep reading and I’ll tell you.

4. Officer Class

The officer class offers a couple of abilities. They provide an extra boost to keep the troops going and fighting. They can also repair damages. Although not the best class to use in the front lines, what the officer class lacks in combat, makes up for it by boosting your allies.

Best card for Officer: Battle Command

Battle Command inspires your soldiers to keep fighting. When it seems like there is dismay and disorganization, Battle Command gives your soldiers that extra push.

Why it’s the best card for the Officer:

  • Your allies will withstand more damage.
  • You can decrease blaster cooling times for your allies.
  • You can also achieve greater healing effects.

Second best card for Officer: Blaster Turret

The blaster turret will eliminate your enemy soldiers and vehicles. Use it at the right moment and you’ll create a lot of damage to your enemies. When the turret is damaged by the enemy, you can repair it.

Why it’s the second-best card for the Officer:

  • Destroys not only enemy soldiers but vehicles as well.
  • The turret doesn’t have to stay in a spot and can be placed someplace else.
  • As an officer, you can repair the turret if it’s damaged.

3. Specialist

The specialist is your sniper. When you need long-distance attacks or stealth, these are your guys. While they’re not the go-to for close-range attacks, they have other abilities that will help you in the battlefield.

Best card for Specialist: Thermal Binoculars

With Thermal Binoculars, you become an even deadlier sniper on the outskirts. With these digital binoculars, you’ll see the heat signatures of your enemies, even through walls.

Why it’s the best card for the Specialist.

  • You’ll see the heat waves signatures of your enemies, even through walls.
  • It gives you a better ability to pinpoint enemies.
  • You can also improve the range and effectiveness if you want to get closer to the battlefield.

The second best card for Specialist: Infiltration

If you get tired of the outskirts and want to get closer to the enemy without being detected, this card is your best bet. You’ll be stealthier, and be able to rush into enemy territory.

Why it’s the second-best card for Specialist.

  • You’re undetectable by enemy scanners.
  • You’ll be able to mark enemies nearby.
  • Your resilience is also boosted.

2. Heavy

The Heavy is the big tank on the field when you don’t have a vehicle at your dispose. You’ll wield a large blaster machine gun. Already making you a deadly force on the field, these cards will make you even deadlier.

Best card for Heavy: Sentry

When you need that little extra something for your blaster machine gun, Sentry is your best bet. Giving you more power to destroy your enemies while protecting your allies at the same time.

What it’s the best card for Heavy.

  • You have faster movement.
  • You add more explosive rounds.
  • It also gives you boosted health regeneration.

Second best card for Heavy: Combat Shield

The Heavy class's main weakness is its mobility. They’re not fast, which means it doesn’t give you a lot of time to strike back right away. With Combat Shield you’ll have some protection against enemy fire.

Why it’s the second-best card for Heavy.

  • Protects you when you’re on the front lines.
  • It protects you and your allies in narrow pathways when facing the enemy head-on.
  • It gives you extra time to attack your enemies with your weapon.

1. Assault

The classic choice. The assault class is the soldiers on the front line, destroying the enemy as quickly as possible. While their gun is the most effective weapon, there are some other ways to eliminate the enemy.

The best card for Assault: Vanguard

When your standard weapon isn’t enough, Vanguard gives you more power to eliminate the enemy. It’s a powerful short-range weapon but use it wisely. When you’re in a tight spot, Vanguard will help you shoot your enemies fast and precise.

Why it’s the best card for Assault.

  • Deals massive damage at close range to your enemies.
  • It improves your accuracy.
  • You can also decrease cooldown time with it.

The second best card for Assault: Thermal Detonator

The default for most Assaults, it is a grenade. Throw this bad boy whenever necessary. It packs quite the punch to your enemies.

Why it’s the second-best card for Assault.

  • It’s always good to have a grenade when you need it in tight spots
  • You can upgrade it to deal higher damage.
  • It will destroy your enemies in the surrounding radius in the spot you throw it in.




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