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SWBF2 - Stormtrooper on Sullust
Battle your way across the Galaxy in EA's Battlefront 2

Having trouble figuring out all those different currencies and classes? Let us help you out.

Whether you’re a complete newbie, fan of the earlier Battlefront games, or a seasoned veteran of Star Wars Battlefront EA, there’s a lot of information to take in on the mechanics of Battlefront 2. With new leveling systems, star cards, game modes, classes, and loot boxes, you’re sure to have some questions, and luckily, we’re here to help.


Loot crates are dead, credits are far from it.

First off, let’s talk about how to get you some fat virtual money stacks.

How battle points work:

Battle points are the match-to-match points that you earn by killing or damaging enemies, buffing teammates, completing game-mode objectives, and getting killed (yeah, you get pity points from dying).

How to spend battle points

You can spend those hard earned points on extra fun special classes and heroes, such as wookie warriors, flame-troopers, the Fett boys, or Lord Vader himself. You can also pick up cool looking skins to embellish your already bad self.

How to get battle points fast

Kill, baby, kill. The more damage you do, the more you’ll earn. It can also be quite lucrative to focus on the match objective, and earn points just for capturing locations or damaging enemy resources in Galactic Assault. Pro tip: use the Officer class with the Bounty Hunter card for a free boost to your battle point accumulation rate.

How to get credits fast

Nothing to be done here except play the game fair and square. The campaign milestones will award you some credits, so it’s definitely worth a play through to maximize your income, but just like real life, there are no shortcuts here.

How to spend credits

Your only options here are for unlocking heroes and buying cool skins or emotes to customize your classes. We recommend unlocking all the heroes first, and then saving up for whatever snazzy armor variants catch your eye.

How to get emotes

Credits, my friend. Cold, hard, currency has no substitutes.

How to get crafting parts

Bad news, these are now extinct from the game, just like their loot crate relatives.

How to get crates

Daily credit crates and “crate” shaped packaging for skin unlocks are the only crates that remain in the game. The Loot Crates present at launch are now all but extinct, not unlike the Jedi circa Episode Four.


Unlocks and Leveling Up

Get bigger guns, better heroes, and shinier armor with just a little elbow grease.

Like most video games in the history of ever, leveling up is a key element of the game, and will land you better weapons, cooler armor, and bad-ass new characters to play as. Here’s how you’re gonna do it:

How to level up heroes

Much like muscles and brain cells in real life, if you want your galactic heroes to to get stronger, you gotta use them. You can maximize your play time as them by focusing on Heroes vs Villains match types.

How to level up classes

Same as the heroes, muscles, and Pokemon, bud. You want em stronger, you put in the time to train them. The fastest route here is playing Galactic Assault and focusing on the mission objectives to maximize your score.

How to unlock guns

To earn more gun types, you’ll need to rack up kills with their respective classes; You’ll be awarded a shiny new blaster at 50, 200, and 400 dead enemies. You can then unlock attachments for specific guns by getting kills with those same specific guns, this time at piles of 25, 75, and 150 bad guy corpses. The fastest way you’ll be able to rack these up is in Blast or Extraction modes, as they’re essentially a close-quarters team deathmatch bloodbath.

How to unlock heroes

Remember those credits from before? Yup, that’s the way… the only way.


Sometimes one lightsaber just doesn't cut it.

More civilized weapons from a bygone era, knowing how to properly wield a lightsaber is critical to your success if you choose to play as one of the games many heroes. And let’s be honest, there’s no way you aren’t going to try your hand at carving your way through a few Stormtroopers at some point, so let’s get to it.

How to block

A critical function of the weapon, hold the aim button to deflect incoming blaster fire and saber attacks.

How to block break

Not many things can get through a Jedi or Sith’s defenses, but the new blocking system means that blocking drains the users stamina very quickly. With that in mind, you can either wait for them to lower their defense, use explosives on them, or counter with hero abilities such as Kylo Ren’s Frenzy or Rey’s Dash. Rey also can briefly avoid the block limit by using her Insight ability, which gives her unlimited stamina for it’s duration.

How to turn off lightsaber

If you want to deactivate your lightsaber mid battle for some reason (style points?), press the Y or Triangle button on your controller, or whatever your fourth card slot is on PC (default F1).

Mini Strategy Guide

Left, right, left, up, down... no... damn it! How do I roll?

We’ve included a small strategy guide for you on some of the more misunderstood hero characters, along with some timeless tips and tricks.

How to roll

One of the most Googled questions about Battlefront, the answer is as simple as pressing Alt, or double tapping crouch while strafing left or right. This is a great way to avoid enemy fire, especially at close range.

How to add bots

If you need some practice before heading out into the dangerous online world, you can use arcade mode to hone your skills, try out new weapons, and experiment with unfamiliar hero abilities. While no bots are present in online modes, you can edit the amount of computer players in an arcade Team Battle match using the Player Team Size and Enemy Team Size settings.

How to play Bossk

Possibly one of the most overpowered heroes in the game, our scaly friend truly shines when used defensively, and for complete area denial. You can protect yourself or critical objectives with his trusty proximity mines, and wipe out entire squads of enemy troopers (or blocking heroes) with his Predator Instinct’s Micro-Grenade Launcher. At range, flush your enemies out of cover with Dioxis grenades, and pick them off with his sniper’s deadly one-hitter charge shot.

How to play Palpatine

He might be chock full of all kinds of evil lightning, but this wrinkly old sith lord won’t last long against a barrage of blaster bolts. As such, hit and run tactics are essential to maximizing his efficiency, and we suggest the following formula for you to get the most out of him:
Activate his Dark Aura ability, Dash into the combat zone, use Electrocute to stun enemies before finishing off groups of them with his Chain Lightning, then Dash out of harms way to recharge your abilities. Rinse and repeat, and don’t be afraid to pepper in liberal amounts of rolling to minimize the damage you take. Pro Tip: Grab the Lightning Absorption star card to recover heath from enemies with your chain lighting, allowing you to go on even longer streaks! For more star card breakdowns, you can check out this article.



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