Star Wars Battlefront 2 Class Guide for Beginners

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Class Guide
A few tips for newcomers looking to try out Battlefront 2's new update.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Class Guide

Multiplayer games in general can be hard for new people to get in to and Star Wars Battlefront 2 is no exception. This guide will explain how to use all of the major classes you will be playing as in Battlefront 2 and offer tips to help you kick butt. Here are a few general tips to get started.

  • Dodging is the best way to consistently avoid damage. Switch to the alternate control scheme to maximize your dodging potential.
  • Stick with squad mates when possible to increase point accumulation and general survivability. 
  • Go for objectives rather than just kills to ensure huge point bonuses and overall victory.


The Assault Trooper is lightly armored and meant for close-range combat. This class’s Vanguard ability arms you with what amounts to a shotgun for a limited time. True Beginners should find this class the easiest to use.

If you want to survive you have to get in close. Trying to use this class at long range may get you picked off by more superior long-range classes. Plan your loadout to meet your objective. The Thermal Detonator will clear a room but the Acid Launcher will keep it that way.

  • The CR-2 will take some effort to earn but will give you the highest damage per second this class has to offer.
  • Use Vanguard only if the enemy is less than 15ft away, preferably when you have the element of surprise. 
  • Focus on using Ability cards rather than Boost cards for the greatest success with this class.


The Heavy Trooper is slow but makes up for it by (you guessed it) having heavy weapons and armor. The Sentry ability arms you with a minigun and gives you and anyone near you reduced explosive damage for a limited time. This class requires a bit of investment but pays off fairly quick.

The main purpose of this class is to meet the enemy with a wall of bullets. Use Sentry to lay down suppressive fire to let your Assault classes move in close. Heavy can also do serious damage to enemy vehicles especially with Explosive Sentry.

  • The TL-50 with secondary fire is the hardest thing to earn for this class but the ability to fire concussion grenades will change the flow of an entire match.
  • This class receives the best benefits from boost cards. Bodyguard and Survivalist cards can turn this class into a damage eating tank.
  • The range on the Ion turret is insanely far and crushes AT-STs. This is where you put your first Skill point.


The Officer is a lightly armored support class capable of engagement at any range with a variety of weapons. This class’s special ability is Battle Command which heals teammates in front of you. You may find it hard to improve this class with it’s weak starter weapon but it’s worth it for the most versatile class in the game.

A leveled-up officer is good for any occasion but until then you will need to avoid direct combat and focus on protecting teammates. Use the Blaster Turret as your primary weapon until you unlock the S-5. With the Officer you will need to out think your opponent rather than use brute force.

  • The Blurrg-1120 is the most well-rounded weapon in the game.
  • Squad Shield captures objectives, Blaster Turret protects objectives.
  • Always save a card slot for your Battle Command ability so you can get a boost too.


The Specialist is lightly armored sniper class. The Infiltrator ability will arm you with an SMG, hide you from enemy radar, and reveal locations of near by enemies. This class is hard to use at low levels and doesn’t get easier unless you put in the practice. This class is the game on hard mode.

It’s important to stay away from the frontline and use Infiltrator to help you move. It’s easier to pick off weak, distracted enemies rather than going after anybody at full health. Stay calm and be patient or just get really good at head shots.

  • The NT-242 will take a ton of effort to obtain but is bar none the best sniper rifle in the game.
  • Always use the Stealth card. Your enemy will never find you until it’s too late.
  • If you really want to use an Ability card, Scrambler Infiltration or Personal Shield would be your best options.


Starfighters come in 3 classes with slight variation depending on the army you play as. Unless you’re playing Starfighter Assault these aircraft classes are only available under specific conditions.

I would not recommend using them in Galactic Assault. Some maps are just completely incompatible with flying. Even an ace would have trouble shooting through a canopy of trees or tall buildings. Starfighter Assault is where you should do your flying. Pay attention to orange arrows, stick with your teammates, and you should do fine.

  • All of the Starfighters do a decent job at taking down other fighters but the Bomber does the most damage to large objectives.
  • Avoid the Millennium Falcon. It’s speed and maneuverability are terrible compared to other Starfighters and it’s a massive target.
  • Don’t lose focus on the objective. Destroying bombers is one of the most consistent ways to drain enemy reinforcements.


Heroes become available to any player who has earned enough Battle Points to purchase them or to anyone playing a Hero game mode. Choose between any of the 16 iconic Star Wars Heroes and 11 Hero Starfighters each with unique abilities. Each Hero has a completely different strategy for success but here are a few things that have worked for me.

  • Sometimes a dash attack can be better than a block or a dodge. 
  • Switch Heroes if you keep dying. Sometimes you just need a new perspective.
  • Heroes are strong but not invincible. Stick with teammates and don’t push too far ahead.
  • Never underestimate an enemy. Even the lowest level stormtrooper can kill a complacent Hero.
  • Know your abilities before jumping in.  Press F1 or up on the d-pad as a reminder.
  • Don’t turn your back to a lightsaber. Keep fighting till the bitter end and you might just survive.
  • You can never go wrong with heath, healing, or damage reducing Star Cards.

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