[Top 5] Warframe Best Farming Warframes (As Of Veilbreaker)

[Top 5] Warframe Best Farming Warframes (As Of Veilbreaker)-1
Gotta sniff out all that sweet sweet loot!

Farming is one of the most important things to do in Warframe. Heck, some go as far as to say it’s the only thing to do in the game. Saying you do anything more than farming is cope. 

Kidding aside, farming is a big deal in the game. So, of course, Warframes that excel at farming are some of the most useful in the game.

Now, if you’re wondering “What would even make a Warframe good at looting?” Some certain abilities and mods force enemies to drop additional loot from their drop tables.

Say, for example, if a Grineer Lancer is killed by Hydroid’s Tentacle Swarm ability with a maxed Pilfering Swarm mod, the Lancer will drop two items from its drop table rather than just one. 

I’ve also included how to collect the blueprints for each Warframe in this list. However, if you want their prime versions their main and component blueprints are obtainable by cracking Void Relics or trading them with other players. A list of the Void Relics containing a Warframe’s blueprints and parts can be found on their Wikia pages.

Without further ado, here are the 5 best Warframe to help you reap more than you’ve sown.

5. Atlas

Turn enemies into rocks and mine them like ore-rich sediments they are

Atlas is a Warframe that people often forget is actually a pretty good farming Warframe. Admittedly, it’s because the other Warframes on this list simply farm better and easier. But if you currently don’t have the other Warframe, or their playstyle isn’t to your liking, give this stone giant a shot!

Why Atlas is great for farming:

  • Once maxed, the Petrify (3rd skill) Augment Mod: “Ore Gaze” gives you a 25% chance of additional loot for killing enemies that are affected by the ability.

How to get Atlas:

Atlas’ main blueprint is rewarded to you for completing The Jordas Precept quest

The component blueprints are dropped from the Jordas Golem fight which is the same boss you fight in The Jordas Precept. You will unlock the node to fight him on Eris once done with the quest. Here are the drop chances for each component blueprint:

  • Atlas Systems Blueprint - 22.56%
  • Atlas Neuroptics Blueprint - 38.72%
  • Atlas Chassis Blueprint - 38.72%

Atlas Full Details:

  • Armor - 450
  • Energy - 150
  • Health - 100
  • Shield - 100
  • Sprint Speed - 0.90

Atlas Wikia

4. Ivara

Peak hunter-gatherer

Ivara is the ultimate stealth huntress, with an ability set that allows her to snipe enemies, pillage, and, move around, all while undetected.

In addition to all that, Ivara is special among the Warframes in this list because she also specializes in a more niche type of farming. She is the best Warframe to use if you’re farming for open-world activities like mining, fishing, and preservation.

Why Ivara is great for farming:

  • Ivara’s Prowl (3rd ability) will turn you invisible while slowly draining your energy. This allows you to passively pickpocket enemies by standing next to them. They are guaranteed to drop an item from their drop table as long as you keep your ability strength above 100%.
  • Ivara’s Prowl will also allow you to perform open-world farms without anyone disturbing you. 

Her sleep arrow from her Quiver (1st ability) will even allow you to capture wild animals much easier because it has an area of effect (AoE) and you don’t have to aim for an animal’s weak points if it has one (i.e. a Bolarola that needs to be tranquilized in the belly, the sleep arrow bypasses this).

How to get Ivara:

You obtain Ivara’s main and component blueprints from spy missions. You will have a chance to get them only when all three data vaults are successfully completed. Different Spy Mission Tiers and locations reward different Ivara blueprints. 

Here’s where you can find which nodes belong to which Spy Tiers

Here’re the drop chance percentages for each Ivara blueprint in their respective missions.

  • Ivara Blueprint - Tier 3 Spy - 7.52% / Veil Proxima Spy - 12%
  • Ivara Systems Blueprint - Tier 1 Spy - 10% / Venus Proxima Spy - 12%
  • Ivara Neuroptics Blueprint - Tier 3 Spy - 7.52% / Pluto Proxima Spy - 12%
  • Ivara Chassis Blueprint - Tier 2 Spy - 5.64% / Neptune Proxima Spy - 12% / Lua Spy - 7.37%

Ivara Full Details:

  • Armor - 100
  • Energy - 175
  • Health - 75
  • Shield - 100
  • Sprint Speed - 1.15

Ivara Wikia

3. Hydroid

Using tentacles to get what you want always works

Hydroid is great for farming in survival missions if you have a squad that agrees to camp in a room for the mission. A lot of players criticize this Warframe for being bad overall, but he really really is great at farming for rare stuff.

Why Hydroid is great for farming:

  • Once maxed, the Tentacle Swarm (4th ability) Augment Mod “Pilfering Swarm” gives a  100% chance to get additional loot from enemies killed by this ability.

How to get Hydroid:

You can simply buy Hydroid’s blueprint from the in-game market. You can access the market from the console across the console where you access your quests.

The component blueprints are dropped from the Councilor Vay Hek fight on Oro, Earth. Here are the drop chances for each component blueprint:

  • Hydroid Systems Blueprint - 22.56%
  • Hydroid Neuroptics Blueprint - 38.72%
  • Hydroid Chassis Blueprint - 38.72%

Hydroid Full Details:

  • Armor - 225
  • Energy - 125
  • Health - 100
  • Shield - 125
  • Sprint Speed - 1.05

Hydroid Wikia

2. Khora

The cat burglar

In terms of farming, Khora may sound more inefficient than Hydroid because her farming method doesn’t guarantee drops. Pilfering Stangledome only has a 65% chance of giving you additional loot rather than a maxed-out Pilfering Swarm which has a 100% chance.

But hear me out. 

The reason why I ranked Khora higher on the list is because she’s a fantastic partner to the number 1 on this list, Nekros.

Plus, she’s just generally better than Hydroid. Which, I know isn’t the point of the article, but it’s worth mentioning.

Why Khora is great for farming:

  • Once maxed, the Strangledome Augment Mod “Pilfering Strangledome” gives a 65%  chance to get additional loot from enemies killed by this ability.
  • Khora is an excellent farming partner to Nekros. Enemies killed by her Stangledome are dismembered. This will cause even more loot to drop with Nekros’ Desecrate.

How to get Khora:

You obtain Khora’s main and component blueprints from Sanctuary Onslaught (Note: NOT ELITE SANCTUARY ONSLAUGHT). Each rotation has a chance to drop a specific blueprint. A rotation is two stages in this mode. They follow the pattern A-A-B-C.

So, you get a reward from rotation A after stage 2, another rotation A after stage 4, rotation B after stage 6, and rotation C after stage 8. And then, the A-A-B-C pattern goes back to the start so you’ll get a rotation A reward at stage 10.

Here’re the drop chances for each Khora Blueprint and from which rotations they drop.

  • Khora Blueprint - Rotation C 11.28%
  • Khora Systems Blueprint - Rotation C 11.28%
  • Khora Neuroptics Blueprint - Rotation B 9.09%
  • Khora Chassis Blueprint - Rotation A 8.33%

Khora Full Details:

  • Armor - 275
  • Energy - 125
  • Health - 125
  • Shield - 100
  • Sprint Speed - 1.05

Khora Wikia

1. Nekros

I receive: amputated bodies. You receive: booty (not that kind of booty)

In Greek mythology, there were some magical warriors called the Spartoi. They were given rise to by a person named Cadmus by sowing dragon teeth in the ground and growing them.

The point I’m trying to make is that Necromancers make for excellent farmers. Nekros can attest to that by having an amazing and easy farming method.

Why Nekros is great for farming:

  • Once reaching max level, Desecrate (3rd ability) gives a 54% chance of additional loot from enemies killed. This means all enemies killed. Whether it be by your abilities, weapons, or even your allies’ abilities and weapons.
  • Desecrate also counts dismembered body parts as separate bodies. So an enemy that’s been cut in half can spawn two additional loot, one for each half. Body parts can get dismembered if an enemy is killed by slash damage from a weapon or ability.

The body parts do need to be of a certain size though, individual limbs will not count as a separate body.

  • Compared to Hydroid and Khora, Nekros’ farming method is mobile so it works well even in missions where you’re constantly on the move. Atlas and Ivara have mobile farming methods too but theirs is a lot more slow and tedious.

How to get Nekros:

You can simply buy Nekros’ blueprint from the in-game market. You can access the market from the console across the console where you access your quests. It costs 100,000 credits.

The component blueprints are dropped from the Lephantis fight on Magnacidium, Deimos. Here are the drop chances for each component blueprint:

  • Nekros Systems Blueprint - 33.33%
  • Nekros Neuroptics Blueprint - 33.33%
  • Nekros Chassis Blueprint - 33.33%

Nekros Full Details:

  • Armor - 100
  • Energy - 100
  • Health - 100
  • Shield - 90
  • Sprint Speed - 1.10

Nekros Wikia


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