Warframe: Best Kitgun Builds For Every Activity

Warframe Best Kitgun Builds
Rude Zuud's crude cannons exude attitude and magnitudes of power, dude.

Just like their melee counterparts back in Cetus, Kitguns are among the best (if not THE best) secondary weapons in Warframes, hence why they aren’t typically included in ‘TOP SECONDARIES’ lists. Kitguns are a monster all their own.

Really! You really can’t go wrong with these weapons, and even the most unoptimized weapon combination can serve you well, and the type of weapon you want is up to the user themselves. Thus, ‘best’ Kitguns are truly subjective like most things in Warframe. However, one way we can objectively see where each Kitgun shines is in the various murder-hobo-space-ninja activities Tenno will be doing on a daily basis.

Keep in mind, this article will name the Kitguns based upon the Chamber part they use.

So, visit Rude Zuud’s Murderizers and get ready to construct the monument to your enemy’s demise! (She could’ve been an architect, you know!)

1. Gaze (best for Starchart/casual play)

warframe kitgun gaze catchmoon tombfinger rattleguts build best

Used to make a beam weapon.

Considered the weakest Kitgun Zuud can provide you, and also commonly called a ‘squirtgun’ by many Tenno who have experienced this weapon firsthand, it is nonetheless a squirtgun that’s filled with plasma instead of water.

It may not ruthlessly outclass every other secondary like the other Kitguns, but a Kitgun armed with Gaze can melt down anything you put in front of it and is the most balanced of the Kitguns.


  • Lovetap: Grip for a measured killer indeed. Slower rate of fire and shorter beam may sound like bad choices for the weapon, but as there are two damage ticks per ammo used, and most areas are pretty enclosed, the greater damage it provides more than makes up for it.
  • Thunderdrum: Decent Critical Chance, Status Chance, as well as the highest magazine capacity for more chances to ramp up the damage on your beam weapon.


  • 19 Damage (11.5 Radiation, 7.5 Puncture)
  • 100 Accuracy
  • 21% Critical Chance
  • 1.9x Critical Multiplier
  • 32% Status Chance

2. Catchmoon (Best For AoE Damage, End Game, Pax Seeker)

warframe kitgun gaze catchmoon tombfinger rattleguts best build

The Catchmoon is the shotgun pistol of the Kitguns.

Except it’s less of a ‘shower an area in pellets’ type of shotgun and more intent on blanketing an area with a literal wave or pulse of plasma. It’s pretty, and pretty dangerous. In fact, the Catchmoon is considered one of the highest damaging Kitguns of the bunch, and it certainly shows.

Not to mention, headshots are surprisingly easy with this thing, and when used in conjunction with Pax Seeker, it can obliterate anything and everything in it’s smoldering wake.


  • Haymaker: Minimum rate-of-fire, maximum damage. The Catchmoon is a semi-automatic weapon, so that part’s pretty straight forward, isn’t it? Not like the slower firing rate harms the weapon that much either.
  • Splat: Like the Thunderdrum, except it allows for a larger magazine size and increased critical chance.


  • 460 Damage (269 Heat, 191 Impact)
  • 5.9 Accuracy
  • 24% Critical Chance
  • 2.3x Critical Multiplier
  • 2% Status Chance

See kitgun in action by QuiteShallow

3. Tombfinger (Best for Single Targets, Elite Grineer)

warframe kitgun gaze catchmoon tombfinger rattleguts best build

Up there with the Catchmoon in terms of damage-per-shot, this semi-automatic hand cannon is best used when facing off against single targets, especially Alloy Armored enemies such as Elite Grineer. It has a strange mechanic in which it has an odd projectile capability, dealing extra damage in a backwards cone from its impact site.

Thus, it is important to aim for the enemies in the back row with this weapon, to maximize the damage output.


  • Haymaker: For the same reasons it is used on the Catchmoon above.
  • Splat: For the same reasons it’s used on the Catchmoon, except in this case it’s pretty good for the fact you can mod it to the point of going above 100% critical chance.


  • 180 Damage (32 Impact, 25 Puncture, 123 Radiation)
  • 50 Accuracy
  • 38% Critical Chance
  • 2.3x Critical Multiplier
  • 16% Status Chance

See kitgun in action by QuiteShallow

4. RATTLEGUTS (Best for High Level Content)

 warframe kitgun gaze catchmoon tombfinger rattleguts best build

Rattleguts. The rapid-fire machine gun of the Kitguns and a terror to behold on the battlefield. While it perhaps does not do as much damage as the Catchmoon or the Tombfinger, it can certainly dish out similar hits in rapid succession, where you might not even notice.

Surprisingly, it’s a hitscan weapon despite the energy effects, which means whatever you point it at will instantly hit it’s target and deal damage. In this case, one can realize performs similarly to the Akstiletto, if not outclassing it totally.


  • Lovetap: I personally find the Lovetap to be a welcome addition to this horrifyingly blazing weapon. Slower rate-of-fire on an automatic weapon is certainly an unwelcome thing, but the greater damage more than makes up for that shortcoming, and has the added benefit of using less ammo to kill something.
  • Sparkfire: Greater ammo capacity and status chance for sacrificing a longer reload time and a little bit of critical chance. A welcome trade, especially considering the critical chance is still quite available in case you wish to delve into a hybrid of crits and status effects.


  • 52 Damage (6.8 Impact, 14.7 Puncture, 12.8 Slash, 17.8 Radiation)
  • 20 Accuracy
  • 15% Critical Chance
  • 1.9x Crit Multiplier
  • 26% Status Chance

See weapon in action here by QuiteShallow

 warframe kitgun gaze catchmoon tombfinger rattleguts best build

Got a Kitgun on the brain, Tenno? Visit your freaky friend down in Solaris and get crackin’ constructin’ a crushin’ Kitgun! If you already have one, leave a comment and share what your favorite Kitgun is!

See you on Venus, Tenno!

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