[Top 10] Warframe Best Tenet Weapons

Warframe Best Tenet Weapons
The Sisters of Parvos ready to take up your challenge.

With the New War on the horizon, you’re going to want some of the new Tenet weapons but you may not know what ones are worth using and which ones aren’t. Thankfully, this article will go over what the top 10 Tenet weapons are and how you can get them! While reading this article, remember that all of these weapons can be good or better than each other given your mod setup.

Before we get into the list, all weapons, except for the melee weapons, can be obtained by defeating a Sister of Parvos who has that weapon while the melee weapons can all be purchased from Ergo Glast in any relay.

Video showing how to summon a sister of parvos: 

How to Get Tenet Melee Weapons: 

#10. Tenet Envoy Best for Mid to Long Range Crow Control

#10. Tenet EnvoyEveryone's favorite briefcase rocket launcher.

The number 10 spot on this list is the Tenet Envoy for its mid to long range crowd control ability. This weapon is known mostly as the briefcase rocket launcher as, when held, it is held by the silver handle and folds up into a small briefcase-like shape. Unlike most other Tenet weapons, this briefcase is unique in that it has no standard Corpus counterpart and for being the only rocket launcher with an automatic trigger type meaning you can hold down the fire button and it will keep firing.

As this weapon is a rocket launcher, it naturally excels at crowd controlling and can easily be made to have a larger blast radius or proc other status effects to deal even more damage to multiple enemies. Since Tenet weapons are the same as Kuva weapons, along with the standard damage this weapon does, it can have another element in it, depending on the warframe you used to spawn the Sister carrying it.

Base Weapon Stats: 

Magazine size: 8        Max ammo: 24        Damage: 125 - 160 grenade impact; 800 - 1,024 explosion

Weapon Wiki Here.

#9. Tenet Detron Best for Single Targets

#9. Tenet DetronRhino ready to blast some enemies.

The number 9 spot on this list is the Tenet Detron for damaging single targets. The Tenet Detron is a secondary shotgun that has a high multishot stat making it have high chances to proc its status effects if they hit a single target. This weapon also has a unique ability to burst-fire all of its clip at one time with the secondary fire making it deal even more damage to a single target.

Being a shotgun, each pellet has a chance to proc status effects and crits, independently and with a base multishot of 10, you are more likely to crit or proc a status with less shots than other weapons! This weapon already has innate radiation damage and, when combined with a good innate element, can deal surprising amounts of damage.

Base Weapon Stats:

Magazine Size: 6        Max ammo: 210        Damage: 325 - 416

Weapon Wiki Here.

#8. Tenet Exec Best for Critical Chance

#8. Tenet ExecThe Tenet Exec, ready to be purchased.

The number 8 weapon is the Tenet Exec for its critical chance. Critical hits in warframe are how you deal the highest amounts of damage and this weapon has a base critical chance of 38% making it excel \at dealing red damage numbers. This weapon even has a unique ability to send out 3 shockwaves at enemies for high damage!

This weapon is a heavy blade which means high damage and even higher crits and with its high crit chance, this weapon benefits even more than most from crit increasing mods. The shockwave attack explodes three separate times as it travels with a chance to crit or proc statuses each time making it even better at critting consistently. 

Base Weapon Stats:

Attack Speed: 1        Range: 2.8 meters        Damage: 237.5 - 304 normal attack/ normal shockwave; 1187.5 - 1520 heavy shockwave

Weapon Wiki Here.

#7. Tenet Flux Rifle Best for Sustained DPS

#7. Tenet Flux RifleExcalibur sizing up enemies with his new rifle.

The number 7 weapon on this list is the Tenet Flux Rifle for its high sustained DPS abilities. Despite it not actually being a beam rifle, like its standard counterpart, it benefits greatly from the unique mods of the flux rifle making it have an even higher sustained DPS ratio than its normal counterpart. This weapon also has one of the highest magazine capacities as well as an extremely high ammo reserve making it the best at sustained DPS.

This weapon is a rifle, but has access to beam rifle mods due to its original version being a beam rifle and sharing the same name. Thanks to this fact, the Tenet Flux Rifle can use the Flux Overdrive mod to increase its status chance as you mag dump into a crowd of enemies. From being in the beam rifle category, this weapon also has access to the Combustion Beam mod making you able to use this weapon as a crowd clearing weapon.

Base Weapon Stats:

Magazine Size: 120        Max Ammo: 1,200        Damage: 27.5 - 35.2 per shot

Weapon Wiki Here.

#6. Tenet Livia Best for Blocking

#6. Tenet LiviaExcalibur posing with his new beam katana.

The number 6 spot on this list goes to the Tenet Livia for its unique blocking ability. This weapon has a unique ability to increase its blocking angle for every attack blocked while using it and doubles as a cool plasma katana. Like all Nikana, this weapon has a fast attack speed and can easily be as good as other Nikana in terms of damage.

Each melee weapon has a blocking angle and this weapon starts out at 55 degrees in front of the player but can increase the more shots you block from enemy weapons! Not only is this weapon good at blocking but it also benefits from all the great Nikana stance mods making it a ruthless melee weapon able to close the gap between you and an enemy as before you slice them to bits.

Base Weapon Stats:

Attack Speed: 1.08        Range: 2.5 meters        Damage: 247.5 - 316.8 normal attack

Weapon Wiki Here.

#5. Tenet Arca Plasmor Best for Damage in Enclosed Spaces

#5. Tenet Arca PlasmorExcalibur with the new Arca Plasmor variant.

The Number 5 weapon on this list is the Tenet Arca Plasmor for its possibility of damage in enclosed spaces. This shotgun has a unique ability with its projectiles to bounce off of surfaces and enemies and when in small rooms, this weapon's shots can hit the same target multiple times for amazing damage! When pairing this weapon with multishot mods, you’ll be able to clear out rooms just by firing blindly into the doorway and letting the ricochets take care of the rest.

Since this weapon is a shotgun, it already has innate multishot allowing it to benefit more than most weapons when adding multishot mods! This weapon has less damage falloff from range than its original counterpart and a higher crit multiplier as well as more status chance giving it the extra edge when clearing buildings and small rooms. Next time you have to go to an enclosed map, make sure to carry this weapon with you to show those grineer or corpus that “it do go down.”

Base Weapon Stats: 

Magazine Size: 10        Max Ammo: 40        Damage: 950 - 1216

Weapon Wiki Here.

#4. Tenet Grigori Best for Status Chance

#4. Tenet GrigoriThe Tenet Grigori, a neat new sycthe.

The number 4 spot on this list is held by the Tenet Grigori for its high status chance. Of the weapon stats, status chance is one you will always want to see when deciding what weapon to use and this weapon is boasting a high value of 38%, the highest of all scythe weapons! This makes every attack have a chance to proc a status effect, including its unique ability to send out a flying disk when using a slide attack!

The status chance on this weapon makes this scythe worth using whenever you wanna feel like a techno grim reaper and it can easily make it to the top of your own personal favorite weapons list. This weapon also boasts a high attack speed as well as a high critical chance making it a go-to weapon for players looking to deal out high damage.

Base Weapon Stats:

Attack Speed: 1.08        Range: 2.5 meters     Damage: 285 - 364.8 normal attack; 5,100 - 6,528 energy disk

Weapon Wiki Here.

#3. Tenet Tetra Best for Burst Damage

#3. Tenet TetraThe new Tetra.

The number 3 spot on this list is the Tenet Tetra for its insane burst damage capabilities. This weapon boasts higher damage than its standard variant with a unique ability to fire a grenade dealing massive damage to targets! This ability makes it not only a great choice for taking on smaller opponents but when you’re facing a larger enemy or a horde of enemies, the grenade blast can easily take care of them in an instant.

This weapon is both a rifle and grenade launcher benefiting from using the standard rifle ammunition type instead of the sniper ammo type that most grenade or rocket launchers use. The grenade launcher is only one shot but it can easily take care of most enemies in a single shot or heavily damage some of the tankier enemies to easily take them out by swapping back to the normal firing mode of this weapon. This weapon easily is one of the best rocket launcher type weapons while also being a decent choice to use as a rifle.

Base Weapon Stats: 

Magazine Size: 80        Max Ammo: 480        Damage: 75 - 96 normal shot; 1,250 - 1,600 grenade AoE

Weapon Wiki Here.

#2. Tenet Cycron Best for Reliability

#2. Tenet CycronAn amazing secondary Cycron.

The number 2 spot on this list is the Tenet Cycron for its reliability in a prolonged map or boss fight. This weapon runs off of a rechargeable battery so it has an endless supply of ammo in case you find yourself against bosses or enemies who won’t drop any ammo pickups for you or the weapons you have. This weapon can also chain to hit multiple enemies at one making you not need as much ammo to begin with!

The reliability of this weapon is in its never ending ammo supply as well as its pure ability to do damage to enemies. This weapon is good for general use cases and can be included in almost any loadout for quick and easy maps without having to waste mod space to increase the maximum ammo or pickup more ammo drops like most other guns suffer from.

Base Weapon Stats: 

Magazine Size: 40        Max Ammo: infinite        Damage: 27.5 - 35.2

Weapon Wiki Here.

#1. Tenet Agendus Best for General Use

#1. Tenet AgendusExcalibur feeling cool with his new shield and mace.

Finally, the number one weapon on this list is the Tenet Agendus in general. This weapon has high damage and a unique ability to shoot out a disk of energy dealing heavy damage to enemies making this weapon good for any application with good stats across the board and its ability for different combinations for different types of applications.

This weapon has very high critical chance and two separate elements, not including the innate element from Ergo Glast’s shop. The blocking angle of this weapon is also the highest of all sword and shield weapons making it easy to close that gap between you and an enemy. This is by far the most practical and all around best Tenet weapon you can get!

Base Weapon Stats:

Attack Speed:  0.917        Range: 2.6 meters            Damage: 325 - 416 normal attack; 3600 - 4608 energy disk

Weapon Wiki Here.

This list has went over the best Tenet weapons and what they were good at and I hope to see you in game tearing up those grineer with these new and exciting weapons!

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