[Top 3] Warframe Best Sentinels 2019 (And How to Get Them)

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Exuinox the fearsome warframe ready to end her enemies with Helios as her support

Here Are The Best Warframe Sentinels

Companions are some of the best in-game features, although when you have such a wide array to choose from they can interfere with gameplay.

Warframe Sentinels are no different, they all have unique characteristics that can either make them useful for heavy damage, or for defense.

This list encompasses the top three all-around Sentinels and what playstyle they complement the most.

1. Carrier Prime (Best For Utility)

Carrier Prime in the Arsenal, with change colors this sentinel can give you the best gameplay

Carrier Prime, the upgraded version of the Carrier Sentinel is a utility Sentinel. This companion can convert and increase ammo capacity. With an enhanced weapon the Sweeper Prime, this Sentinel features increased health and armor, with a heavy damage boost.

Weapon Stats (Base)

  • Health: 400
  • Shield: 100
  • Armor: 150
  • EHP: 600
  • EHP + Shields: 700
  • Range: 5.8

Weapon Stats (Max)

  • Health: 1280
  • Shield: 375
  • Armor: 315
  • EHP: 2624
  • EHP + Shields: 2999
  • Range: 10

Carrier Prime Specialty

  • Percept Mod Striker: Carrier will attack the first visible enemy. Increases level increase range
  • Percept Mod Ammo Case: Increase ammunition capacity and converts ammo pickups into ammo for equipped weapon
  • Percept Mod Looter: Carrier can break nearby containers by shooting

Want to get Carrier Prime?

Carrier Prime acquisition video

2. Helios Prime (Best For Support)

Helios Prime, the companion with the best scanning mechanism in the whole game

Helios Prime, the upgraded version of the Helios Sentinel is a Corpus Support Sentinel. Pre-Equipped with the Deconstructor Prime as its primary weapon and the Investigator, which assist players with Codex scans.  This Sentinel includes double the health of its downgraded version.

Weapon Stats (Base)

  • Health: 250
  • Shield: 100
  • Armor: 100
  • EHP: 333.3
  • EHP + Shields: 433.3
  • Range: 10

Weapon Stats (Max)

  • Health: 800
  • Shield: 375
  • Armor: 210
  • EHP: 1360
  • EHP + Shields: 1735
  • Range: 10

Helios Prime Specialty

  • Percept Mod Targeting Receptor: Sentinel attacks the first visible enemy in range
  • Percept Mod Investigator: Helios Sentinel scans objects and enemies. Consumes Codex Scanner charges
  • Percept Mod Detect Vulnerability: Sentinel reveals weak points on enemies that have completed Codex Scans

Want to get Helios Prime?

Helios Prime acquisition video

3. Shade Prisma (Best For Stealth)

Shade Primsa, the sentinel specialed in stealth

Shade Prisma, the upgraded version of the Shade Sentinel is a stealth Sentinel. This sentinel comes equipped with the Prisma Burst Laser. It was the first Sentinel to be given a Prisma counterpart.

Weapon Stats (Base)

  • Health: 350
  • Shield: 100
  • Armor: 175
  • EHP: 437.5
  • EHP + Shields: 537.5
  • Range: 17.5

Weapon Stats (Max)

  • Health: 1120
  • Shield: 375
  • Armor: 157.5
  • EHP: 1708
  • EHP + Shields: 2083
  • Range: 30

Shade Prisma Specialty

  • Percept Mod Ghost: Cloaks the owner and sentinel when enemies are close. Disrupted if the owner attacks
  • Percept Mod Revenge: Sentinel will not attack an enemy unless the enemy has attacked the master
  • Percept Mod Ambush: Increases owners damage after breaking Ghost invisibility

Want to get Shade Prisma?

Shade Prisma Acquisition video

Shade Prisma, acquisition isn't the easiest but definitely worth it.

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