[Top 5] Warframe Best Auto Rifles (And How To Get Them)

Warframe Best Auto Rifles
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What Are The Best Auto Rifles In Warframe?

Warframe is home to hundreds of weapons and thousands of mods, resulting in about… a lot of combinations.

Weapons that fire beams of energy, globs of infested goo, and even ones that can be thrown! If you’ve found this list, it means you’re interested in the most regular kind of weapons.

But as you’re about to read, this isn’t a bad thing. Even the most basic of guns can still be potent against the enemies you face.Weirdos.

5. Braton Prime (Best for Status Bursting)

The Braton is the oldest gun to date in Warframe, though it wasn't the first primed weapon

The old faithful of Warframe! If you haven’t heard of the Braton, then I question the fact that you even played the tutorial. The primed version of the Braton is a direct upgrade to the normal Braton. Fans of this gun will be happy to know that the primed variant is still a good all-round tool of destruction.

  • The Braton P. has a very high status chance
  • It sports a high magazine size and a large ammo pool
  • Accuracy is high, recoil is low. Point this at your enemies and down they go


  • Accuracy: 28.6
  • Critical Chance: 12.0%
  • Critical Multiplier: 2.0x
  • Fire Rate: 9.58 rounds per second
  • Magazine: 75
  • Reload: 2.2 seconds
  • Status: 26.0%
  • Damage: 35.1

How To Get The Braton Prime: 

Braton Prime Guide

4. Supra Vandal (Best for Sustained Fire)

The Supra's light will dim when the player reloads the gun

Ever met a Corpus Tech in a tight corridor? Noticed your health was missing faster than you could blink? Blame the Supra, but don’t worry! You can get your hands on an upgraded version of this weapon thanks to Baro Ki’Teer! And if you’re unlucky, the normal Supra is good too.

  • Very high status chance! Has potential to reach 100% status
  • Largest magazine size in all of Warframe
  • High accuracy to better land your shots


  • Accuracy: 28.6
  • Critical Chance: 16.0%
  • Critical Multiplier: 2.0x
  • Fire Rate: 12.50 rounds per second
  • Magazine: 300
  • Reload: 3.0 seconds
  • Status: 30.0%
  • Damage: 40.0

How To Get The Supra Vandal: 

Supra Vandal Guide

3. Telos Boltor (Best for telling the Truth)

Boltor's bolts will stagger enemies; useful for crowd control

“The truth hurts” has never been taken literally before the Telos Boltor. As the primary weapon of the Arbiters of Hexis, the Telos Boltor procs the factions Truth effect which already makes it superior when compared to the normal and primed variants of this weapon. On top of sporting a heightened critical chance, not many come close to the destructive power of this weapon.

  • This version of the boltor has an above average critical multiplier
  • The bolts it fires will pin bodies to walls. Any enemy caught in the path will be damaged.
  • Has the Truth effect from the Hexis faction. Truth dispenses a cloud of gas, regains 25% of health, and buffs your parkour options.


  • Accuracy: 25.0
  • Critical Chance: 30.0%
  • Critical Multiplier: 2.4x
  • Fire Rate: 9.33 rounds per second
  • Magazine: 90
  • Reload: 2.4 seconds
  • Status: 16.0%
  • Damage: 30.0

How To Get The Telos Boltor: 

Telos Boltor Guide

2. Tenora (Best for Orchestral Destruction)

When the Tenora is in the hands of Octavia, headshot kills have a chance to replenish the magazine

Music, as it’s been recorded in history, can be known for being used in various battles in some form. The same is true for Warframe, but we actually turned music into a gatling gun. Enter the Tenora! It’s a primary rifle with two firing modes: Full auto and a powerful cannon blast. No wall can stay standing when this weapon starts yelling.

  • Fire Rate and Accuracy increase as the trigger as held down
  • The charge shot is pinpoint accurate
  • Charge shot as an innate 1 meter punch through.


  • Accuracy: 12.5
  • Critical Chance: 28.0%
  • Critical Multiplier: 2.0x
  • Fire Rate: 11.67 rounds per second
  • Magazine: 150
  • Reload: 2.5 seconds
  • Status: 16.0%
  • Damage: 24.0

How To Get The Tenora: 

1. Tiberon Prime (Best for being flexible)

Tiberon Prime is the first to have three seperate firing modes

Finally, we have the Tiberon. This weapon very quickly stole weapon slots for many a Warframe player. Why, I hear you ask? Well, it’s because of its ability to switch between three different firing modes. Along with that, each firing mode has its own stats which make it perfect for every situation you could encounter. Need Status? Not an issue! Crits? No problem! The Tiberon Prime has you covered.

  • Full auto firing mode can reach up to 100% status chance
  • Very low recoil and high accuracy
  • It’s ability to switch between three firing modes


  • Accuracy: 33.3
  • Critical Chance: 16.0%
  • Critical Multiplier: 2.8x
  • Fire Rate: 8.33 rounds per second
  • Magazine: 42
  • Reload: 2.0 seconds
  • Status: 32.0%
  • Damage: 46.0

How To Get The Tiberon Prime: 

Tiberon Prime Guide

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