[Top 10] Warframe Best Zaw That Wreck Hard!

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So many combos!

The ultimate melee weapon is within your grasp!

What if you wanted to take your melee game to the next level? To customize it even more and make the ultimate weapon for yourself.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? You’re in luck, Tenno! Zaws are fully modular melee weapons that can be easily crafted from Hok in Cetus! 

    Zaws consist of three components:

  • Strike: Dictates the melee weapon type of the Zaw, as well as damage distribution. Critical and status chances are also affected by the Strike;
  • Grip: Dictates whether the Zaw will be one-handed or two-handed, the type of melee weapon it’ll be (depending on which Strike you pair it with), and damage and attack speed;
  • Link: Largely dictates the overall critical and status chances of the Zaw (more so than the Strike), as well as attack speed.


The many combinations of Zaws out there mean that a lot of it comes down to preference. Some may prefer more attack speed over base damage, or vice versa. In short, there are no wrong choices when it comes to constructing your Zaw.

If you’re unsure of what to make exactly, fear not! We’re bringing you the top 10 best Zaws in Warframe, for a variety of playstyles!

Note that we’ll be referencing the gilded versions of each Zaw!

10. Sepfahn Strike, Korb Grip, Jai Link

Nikanas for life!

Everybody loves themselves a good Nikana blade. After all, they do exude the most badass ninja aura.

This is a one handed blade, with good critical and status chances (20% each), that only lacks in attack speed. However, the speed can be easily remedied with “Primed Fury” or “Berserker.”

 What makes this Zaw awesome:

  • High slash damage;
  • 20% critical and status chances, which opens up your options for builds;
  • Good critical multiplier (2x);
  • Some Nikana stance mods inflict bonus slash procs.


9. Dehtat Strike, Kwath Grip, Vargeet II Jai Link



Rapiers rule!

Perhaps you prefer a Zaw that can destroy a single target at a time, with a high degree of efficiency? Or maybe you’re an SAO fan who wants to let out their inner Asuna?

This rapier style Zaw delivers on all of that. With a whopping 32% critical chance, and high puncture damage, this weapon is a nightmare for anyone who crosses your path. 

 What makes this Zaw awesome:

  • High puncture damage;
  • Decent slash damage;
  • Very high critical chance at 32%;
  • Good critical multiplier (2x);
  • Good attack speed.


8. Ooltha Strike, Seekalla Grip, Ekwana Jai



I love myself a good staff!

Staff-lovers, rejoice. We haven’t forgotten about you. We have an awesome staff style Zaw to suit your fancy.


This Zaw will enable you to unleash your true Tenno power, with its incredible status chance and decent critical chance! The slash damage it possesses makes it a force to be reckoned with!


What makes this Zaw awesome:

  • High slash damage;
  • Very high-status chance at 25%, which makes this a very status build friendly weapon;
  • Decent critical chance at 14%;
  • Good critical multiplier (2x);
  • Good attack speed.


7. Plague Kripath Strike, Plague Bokwin Grip, Ekwanna II Jai Link

Another staff!

What’s that? The last staff entry wasn’t quite cutting it for you? What if I told you, we have a polearm that can be built to attain 100% status chance?

Sounds like quite the weapon! This Zaw is guaranteed to satisfy your needs, with its incredibly high-status chance! If you were able to snag the Zaw components from “Operation: Plague Star,” then do not sleep on this weapon!


What makes this Zaw awesome:

  • Insanely high-status chance (32%);
  • Perfect for “Condition Overload”;
  • Decent critical chance (14%);
  • Good critical multiplier (2.2x);
  • Innate viral damage;
  • Good slash damage.


(Side note: The “Plague” components can be obtained whenever “Operation: Plague Star resumes or sometimes “Hok” sells pre-crafted Zaws that contain said components!)


6. Rabvee Strike, Seekalla Grip, Ekwana Jai II Link



Stop! Hammer time.

Ever feel like those pesky Infested just don’t quit coming at you, even when you repeatedly stomp on’em and destroy’em? Would you like to hammer your message home to them?

This hammer Zaw sensed your distress, and is has come to relieve you of it. If you’ll excuse my pun, and direct your attention to the Zaw’s monstrous status chance, you’ll see why it took a spot on this list. 


What makes this Zaw awesome:

  • Decent attack speed;
  • Decent critical chance (14%);
  • Decent critical multiplier (2x);
  • Awesome status chance (25%);
  • Good impact damage;


5. Plague Keewar Strike, Plague Bokwin Grip, Jai II Link



More staves!

The staves simply don’t stop coming! After all, why wouldn’t they? I, personally, would not object to a good staff when I see one.

A bit of a hybrid weapon, this Zaw is. Hybrid weapons tend to be my favorites, simply because of the amount of build variety they come with. Love seeing red crits occupy most of your screen? Slap on a “Blood Rush” and start slashing! You prefer procing more statuses than you can count? Say hello to “Weeping Wounds,” because you best believe your foes will weep after they taste your blade.


What makes this Zaw awesome:

  • Decent attack speed;
  • Great critical chance (18%);
  • Decent critical multiplier (2x):
  • Great status chance (22%);
  • Innate viral damage;
  • High slash damage.


4. Dokrahm Strike, Seekalla Grip, Ekwana II Ruhang



We haven't forgotten about these puppies! 

Heavy blade fans, I know you’ve been feeling left out, thus far. However, the sun now shines on you!

We bring you one of the finest Zaws there is, and it’s a heavy blade Zaw! Awesome base damage? Check. Ridiculous amount of status chance? Check. Slash damage galore? Check!


What makes this Zaw awesome:


  • Decent attack speed;
  • Sky-high status chance (32%);
  • High base damage;
  • High slash damage;
  • Good puncture damage;


3. Balla Strike, Plague Akwin Grip, Vargeet Jai II Link



Crits for all!

It’s about time we shone some light on a critical-based weapon, wouldn’t you agree? Furthermore, it’s time to show some love to daggers.

Daggers tend to be looked down upon by a good portion of the community. Sure, their attack range isn’t anything special, but I’d argue a pinch of “Primed Reach” does the trick. This Zaw is actually one of the higher attack speed weapons on this list!


What makes this Zaw awesome:


  • High attack speed would benefit greatly from “Fury,” “Primed Fury,” and especially “Berserker”;
  • Amazing critical chance (25%);
  • Decent critical multiplier (2x);
  • Decent status chance (14%);
  • High puncture damage;
  • Good slash damage;


2. Cyath Strike, Shtung Grip, Ekwana II Jai Link



Slash everything!

Some Tenno couldn’t care less about what they’re wielding as long as it delivers enough slash procs. I can sympathize with this crowd, as slash procs really are incredible. They literally ignore enemy armor and inflict a bleed-out effect directly on their health. So, yeah, they’re no joke.

Therefore, we bring you a Zaw that’ll spoon-feed any enemy all the slash procs in the world. Another polearm! Yeah, that’s right. Polearms are making one last comeback!


What makes this Zaw awesome:


  • High base damage;
  • Super high-status chance (32%);
  • Super high slash damage;
  • “Weeping Wounds” and “Condition Overload” basically murder enemies when paired with the slash on this weapon.


1. Mewan Strike, Plague Akwin Grip, Vargeet II Jai Link



Critical super-sword!

Last but not least, we bring you… a sword. A critical-based monster of a sword. It’s itching to deliver those red crits for you, on the double!

 This Zaw demands to be paired with “Blood Rush” and any critical damage mods65 you’ve got. 


What makes this Zaw awesome:

  • Super high critical chance (32%);
  • Decent critical multiplier (2x);
  • Decent attack speed;
  • Good base damage;
  • High slash damage (if you wish to attempt to make use of the status on the weapon).


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