[Top 11] Warframe Best Bows And How To Get Them

Best Warframe Bows
Legolas has nothing on a space ninja

Whether you want to be the space ninja Legolas, like being stealthy with your headshots or simply just enjoy the mechanics of Bow combat Warframe has the arsenal to cover all your cravings.

With more options to choose from than ever before, primed, light but fast, heavy but devastating etc.. The pantheon of arches and arrows in Warframe is vast and it can be a little daunting to take your pick. So in this article we’ll cover the current best 11 Bows in Warframe and why each of them deserves its spot (in no particular order!)

11. Dread

Ah, let's talk about the infamous Dread, the Stalker's go-to weapon. This bad boy is a sleek hunting bow that fires bladed arrows, perfect for catching your enemies off guard and leaving them with a nasty surprise.

What Dread is Best at:

  • Slash and Thrash:

Get ready for some serious slicing action, my friend! Dread deals glorious slash damage, which happens to be my personal favorite. And here's the best part—it bypasses enemy armor like a hot knife through butter, making it perfect for wreaking havoc on their precious health pools. Talk about getting straight to the point.

  • Critical Hits to the Max:

Hold onto your quiver because Dread is all about the critical hits! When it comes to Warframe's bows, Dread proudly boasts the highest critical chance of them all, sitting at a jaw-dropping 50%. So, every shot you take has a solid chance of delivering a devastating blow that'll make your enemies' heads spin. Get ready to hit those bullseyes like a true sharpshooting legend!

  • Status Ailments on Fleek:

But wait, there's more! Dread isn't just about slicing and dicing. It also excels at inflicting status effects with its wickedly high status chance. Get ready to watch your enemies squirm as they suffer from the dreaded bleed status. It's like adding insult to injury in the most satisfying way possible.

So, my fellow archer extraordinaire, embrace the dark power of Dread and let your arrows fly with deadly precision. Slash through enemy ranks, land critical hits like a seasoned pro, and enjoy the satisfying sight of status effects wreaking havoc on your foes.

How to Get Dread:

Dread's blueprint is dropped by the Stalker at a 37.94% chance. It is also included in the What Stalker? bundle for [Platinum64] 800 in the market.

Dread Specs:

  • Total Damage: 168 (80.00% [DmgSlashSmall64] Slash)
  • Ammo Cost: 1
  • Crit Chance: 50.00%
  • Crit Multiplier: 2.0x
  • Fire Rate: 1.00 attacks/sec
  • Multishot: 1 (168.00 damage per projectile)
  • Noise Level: Silent
  • Punch Through: 0.0 m
  • Spread: 6.00° (0.00° min, 12.00° max)
  • Status Chance: 20.00%

10. Zhuge Prime

Zhuge Prime, the snazzy crossbow that made its grand entrance alongside Wukong Prime. This Mastery Rank 14 weapon is the primed version of the Zhuge, and boy, does it pack a punch!

What the Zhuge Prime is Best at:

  • Rapid-Fire Fun:

Say goodbye to endless waiting for reloads, my friend! Zhuge Prime boasts the second-highest fire rate among all fully automatic weapons in Warframe. That means you can keep those bolts flying without missing a beat. Rapid fire? Check. Nonstop action? You got it!

  • Aim True, Hit Hard:

When it comes to accuracy, critical chance, and status chance, the Zhuge Prime is top-notch. It's like having an arrow-straight aimbot that guarantees you hit your targets with precision. And let's not forget the joy of landing those critical hits and inflicting status effects. It's a one-two punch that'll make your enemies regret ever crossing paths with your crossbow.

  • Slash 'n' Thrash:

What's better than dealing primary slash damage, you ask? The Zhuge Prime is all about slashing and dicing through enemies' health pools like a seasoned chef. And here's the cherry on top: when your bolt finds its mark, it explodes, unleashing even more damage. Not only that, but it drags along any unfortunate souls who've met their demise, dealing damage to enemies behind them. Talk about a fireworks show of destruction!

Modding with Style:

Here's a nifty surprise: despite being a crossbow, the Zhuge Prime can benefit from certain rifle mods. That means you have more flexibility in your modding choices, making the process easier and more effective. It's like giving your crossbow a fashionable makeover that amps up its performance. Mod it up and let the customization begin!

So, my fellow bolt-slinging Tenno, grab hold of the Zhuge Prime and unleash a storm of rapid-fire chaos. Take aim with unwavering accuracy, watch your bolts explode in a dazzling display, and revel in the modding freedom that this versatile crossbow offers. It's time to show the Origin System what you're made of, one bolt at a time!

How to Get Zhuge Prime


Zhuge Prime Specs:

  • Total Damage: 50 (45.00% [DmgPunctureSmall64] Puncture)
  • Ammo Cost: 1
  • Crit Chance: 26.00%
  • Crit Multiplier: 2.0x
  • Fire Rate: 5.50 attacks/sec
  • Multishot: 1 (50.00 damage per projectile)
  • Noise Level: Silent
  • Punch Through: 0.0 m
  • Spread: 2.50° (0.00° min, 5.00° max)
  • Status Chance: 30.00%

9. Kuva Bramma

Ah, let's talk about the Kuva Bramma, the Grineer's explosive masterpiece in the form of a bow. Brace yourself for a fireworks display of vengeance.

What the Kuva Bramma is Best at:

  • Boom-tastic Arrows:

When you draw that string and release, get ready for some explosive mayhem! The arrows fired from the Kuva Bramma pack a punch with cluster bomb tips that can turn your enemies into fireworks. They explode on impact or can be manually detonated in mid-air, giving you full control over the chaos. Talk about adding an explosive touch to your archery skills!

  • One Blast, One Demise:

Sure, it might have a limited ammo capacity, but don't let that fool you. The Kuva Bramma makes up for it with a heavy explosion that can obliterate most enemies with a single blast. It's like delivering a swift and explosive dose of justice right to their faces. Bye-bye, baddies!

  • Powerhouse Stats:

When it comes to base damage, critical chance, critical multiplier, and status chance, the Kuva Bramma doesn't disappoint. It's the heavyweight champion of bows, ready to unleash devastating blows with every shot. And let's not forget about its innate blast damage, perfect for sending fossilized enemies and machinery flying. Boom goes the enemy!

  • Rank it Up:

The Kuva Bramma isn't satisfied with the standard rank 30. Oh no! This bow can be polarized to max out at rank 40, giving you even more power to rain down explosive justice upon your foes. It's like cranking up the volume to the maximum level of destruction!

  • Personalized Vengeance:

Depending on the Kuva Lich that bestowed the Kuva Bramma upon you, you can enjoy an increased status effect of up to 60%. It's like having a personal touch of vengeance tailored to your taste. Customization at its explosive best!

So, my fellow explosive archer, grab that Kuva Bramma and rain down a symphony of explosions. Detonate those arrows with precision, watch enemies crumble under the explosive onslaught, and revel in the sheer power that this bow brings to the battlefield. It's time to become the explosive virtuoso the Origin System never saw coming!

How to get Kuva Bramma:

Kuva Bramma is obtained by vanquishing a Kuva Lich who generated with one equipped. After the Lich is vanquished it will be in the player's Foundry ready to claim.

Kuva Bramma Specs:

  • Total Damage: 187 (100.00% [DmgImpactSmall64] Impact)
  • Ammo Cost: 1
  • Charge Time: 0.4 s
  • Crit Chance: 35.00%
  • Crit Multiplier: 2.1x
  • Fire Rate: 0.67 attacks/sec
  • Multishot: 1 (187.00 damage per projectile)
  • Noise Level: Alarming
  • Punch Through: 0.0 m
  • Status Chance: 21.00%


8. Cernos Prime

Ah, let's talk about the Cernos Prime, the bow that brings a triple threat to the battlefield. It's time to amp up your archery game with this stylish and deadly weapon!

What the Cernos Prime is Best at:

  • Damage Galore:

When it comes to base damage, the Cernos Prime knows how to deliver a solid punch. It's like having a powerhouse in your hands, ready to dish out some serious pain. Get ready to make your enemies feel the sting!

  • Critical and Status Mastery:

If there's one thing the Cernos Prime excels at, it's making those crits and status effects count. With a sky-high critical chance and status chance, you'll be leaving a trail of chaos in your wake. It's like adding a little extra spice to your arrows, ensuring every shot counts.

  • Triple Trouble:

Forget about shooting just one arrow at a time. The Cernos Prime takes it up a notch with its multishot capability, firing not one, not two, but three arrows simultaneously. It's like a triple threat of destruction raining down on your foes. And hey, why settle for one explosion when you can have three? With the Thunderbolt mod, those arrows have a chance to explode on impact, adding a boom to your shots. It's an explosive party, my friend.

  • Headshots for Days:

But wait, there's more! The Cernos Prime boasts an alternate firing mode that allows you to shoot arrows vertically rather than horizontally. It's like changing the game and giving you the upper hand. Why settle for body shots when you can aim for the head? And let's not forget the increased headshot damage this bow offers. It's a deadly combination that guarantees you'll be scoring headshots for days. Heads will roll, my friend!

So, my sharp-eyed archer, grab hold of the Cernos Prime and unleash a storm of arrows. Embrace the triple threat of damage, watch explosions light up the battlefield, and make those headshots count. It's time to show the Origin System what you're made of with your lethal precision and stylish flair. Let the arrows fly, and let the enemies fall!

How to Get Cernos Prime

Cernos Prime Specs:

  • Total Damage: 276 (90.00% [DmgImpactSmall64] Impact)
  • Ammo Cost: 1
  • Crit Chance: 35.00%
  • Crit Multiplier: 2.0x
  • Fire Rate: 1.00 attacks/sec
  • Multishot: 3 (92.00 damage per projectile)
  • Noise Level: Silent
  • Punch Through: 0.0 m
  • Spread: 6.00° (0.00° min, 12.00° max)
  • Status Chance: 30.00%

7. Daikyu

The Daikyu, the bow that may not have all the bells and whistles, but boy, does it pack a punch! Let's take a closer look at what makes this unassuming bow a force to be reckoned with.

The Daikyu may not be the flashiest bow in the arsenal, but it makes up for it with some serious firepower.

What the Daikyu is best at:

  • Raw Damage Delight:

When it comes to base damage, the Daikyu reigns supreme among all the bows in the Warframe universe. It's like bringing a heavy-hitting wrecking ball to the party. No matter the faction, sentients, or even the notorious stalker, this bow delivers a hefty dose of pain. Prepare for some serious impact!

  • Critical Hits and Status Mayhem:

Don't let its unassuming appearance fool you. The Daikyu boasts an impressive critical chance, ensuring that your arrows find their mark with devastating precision. And when it comes to status effects, it's no slouch either, coming in second only to the Mutalist Cernos. Get ready to unleash a barrage of critical hits and watch the enemies squirm under the weight of status afflictions.

  • Need for Speed:

One of the standout features of the Daikyu is its blistering projectile speed. Among all primary weapons, and especially among Warframe's bows, it takes the crown for its lightning-fast arrows. Say goodbye to those lofty arcs and hello to pinpoint accuracy. It's like shooting arrows with the speed of a lightning bolt, leaving your enemies in awe.

  • Exclusive Mod Mayhem:

The Daikyu comes with its own bag of tricks in the form of exclusive mods. The Spring-Loaded Broadhead mod is a game-changer, granting a whopping 40% damage increase when your target is more than 15 meters away. Talk about reaching out and touching someone! 

And let's not forget the Amalgam Daikyu Target Acquired mod, which enhances your headshot game with a +75% headshot multiplier and even grants you some life steal on nikanas. Oh, and did I mention the 60% chance to pick up used arrows? It's like being the ultimate archer with some extra tricks up your sleeve.

Embrace its raw power, critical finesse, lightning-fast arrows, and exclusive mods. With this bow in your hands, you'll be dealing heavy blows, striking fear into the hearts of your enemies, and leaving a trail of devastation in your wake. Get ready to unleash your inner archer extraordinaire.

How to Get Daikyu:

The Daikyu's blueprint can be researched from the Tenno Lab in the dojo.

Daikyu Specs:

  • Total Damage: 700 (40.00% [DmgPunctureSmall64] Puncture)
  • Ammo Cost: 1
  • Charge Time: 1.0 s
  • Crit Chance: 34.00%
  • Crit Multiplier: 2.0x
  • Fire Rate: 1.00 attacks/sec
  • Forced Procs: Impact
  • Multishot: 1 (700.00 damage per projectile)
  • Noise Level: Silent
  • Punch Through: 3.0 m
  • Spread: 6.00° (0.00° min, 12.00° max)
  • Status Chance: 46.00%

6. Lenz

Get ready to experience the chilling thrill of the Lenz, a Corpus bow that knows how to make an explosive entrance. Brace yourself for a one-two punch of icy pulses and fiery detonations. But hey, who needs safety protocols when you've got a prototype like this?

Let's dive into what makes the Lenz a real blast to use:

  • Power Packed Punch:

Don't let its Corpus origins fool you. The Lenz boasts the second highest base damage among all the bows in the Warframe universe, right behind its explosive sibling, the Kuva Bramma. And with its blast damage, it's like having the perfect weapon to take on those pesky machinery and fossilized foes. Get ready to blow them away!

  • Critical Mayhem:

When it comes to critical hits, the Lenz takes the crown among all Warframe bows. It's like having a natural talent for landing those sweet spot shots. Get your aim on point, and watch those critical numbers soar!

  • Explosive Impact:

Every arrow fired from the Lenz carries the potential for explosive mayhem. Upon impact, each arrow detonates in a spectacular display of destruction. But here's the twist: a direct hit on an enemy has the chance to not only deal impact damage but also stagger them. And with the initial explosion dealing cold damage and the second explosion packing a powerful blast, you've got the perfect recipe for chaos.

  • Arrow Mutation Marvel:

The Lenz comes with a nifty little trick up its explosive sleeve. Thanks to its innate Arrow Mutation effect, any excess ammo you pick up for other weapons is magically converted into extra charges for this bow. It's like turning spare ammo into pure bow-powered awesomeness. Who needs to worry about running out of arrows when you've got this nifty feature?

So, fellow tenno, get ready to unleash the chilling and explosive might of the Lenz. Embrace its power-packed punch, revel in its critical mayhem, and witness the explosive impact it delivers with every shot. Just remember, this baby is a prototype, so safety protocols are but a distant memory. It's time to break the rules and let loose with the Lenz. Prepare for a frosty blast of epic proportions!

How to get Lenz:

The Lenz Blueprint can be researched in the energy lab in your dojo.

Lenz Specs:

  • Total Damage. 10 (100.00% Cold)
  • Charge Time. 1.2 s.
  • Crit Chance. 50.00%
  • Crit Multiplier. 2.0x.
  • Damage Falloff. 0.0 m (100%) - 7.2 m (30.00%)
  • Fire Rate. 1.00 attacks/sec.
  • Forced Procs. Cold.
  • Multishot. 1 (10.00 damage per projectile)


5. Rakta Cernos

The Rakta Cernos, a bow worthy of admiration in the Cernos family. Let me break down why this beauty is a force to be reckoned with.

First and foremost, being a syndicate weapon, the Rakta Cernos brings the Blight effect to the party. Picture this: while using the Rakta Cernos, every time you gain affinity, nearby enemies get smacked with a whopping 1,000 viral damage. Talk about a nasty surprise! But wait, there's more! You also regain a chunk of your base energy and enjoy a sprightly 10% boost to your movement speed for a glorious 30 seconds. Now that's what I call a sweet deal.

  • What's that you say? Silence is golden? Well, the Rakta Cernos knows all about it. This bow is so hush-hush that it won't make a peep. Perfect for those sneaky spy missions or daring rescue operations. Silence is key, my friend.
  • Now, let's talk damage. Brace yourself for some serious numbers. The Rakta Cernos packs a punch, dealing a hefty 235 damage per uncharged shot and a jaw-dropping 470 damage per charged shot. And guess what? It's mostly impact damage, perfect for knocking foes off their feet.
  • Oh, did I mention the cherry on top? The Rakta Cernos boasts the fastest charge time among all bows. That means you can rain down destruction with swift precision, unleashing a barrage of high-damage arrows in no time.

So, take your time to acquire this magnificent weapon, for the Rakta Cernos is a true force of nature, delivering devastation with style and finesse.

How to Get Rakta Cernos:

The Rakta Cernos can be acquired by reaching the Rank of Exalted with the Red Veil, and spending 125,000 to purchase. As with all Syndicate Weapons, the Rakta Cernos cannot be chosen as the free offering upon ranking up to Exalted rank.

Syndicate weapons can also be acquired via Trading, but only for unranked copies without Forma and Orokin Catalyst installed.

Players must have a Mastery Rank of at least 12 to acquire the Rakta Cernos, either through trading or through the Syndicates themselves

Rakta Cernos Specs:

  • Total Damage: 470 (90.00% [DmgImpactSmall64] Impact)
  • Ammo Cost: 1
  • Charge Time: 0.2 s
  • Crit Chance: 35.00%
  • Crit Multiplier: 2.0x
  • Fire Rate: 1.00 attacks/sec
  • Multishot: 1 (470.00 damage per projectile)
  • Noise Level: Silent
  • Punch Through: 1.0 m
  • Status Chance: 15.00%

4. Mutalist Cernos

Alright, let's talk about the Mutalist Cernos, the bow that knows how to make an entrance! This bad boy is all about impact, packing a punch that will knock down enemies' shields like a champ. Pair it up with a trusty slash weapon, and you've got yourself a winning combo!

  • Now, what makes the Mutalist Cernos truly special is its status-inflicting prowess. This bow is a status machine, coating your enemies in all sorts of unpleasant surprises. Each arrow is like a toxic gift that keeps on giving, releasing spore clouds on impact that spread toxins like a party in the air. And let me tell you, its status chance is off the charts, surpassing every other bow in Warframe. Talk about spreading the love, or should I say, the poison!
  • Oh, and did I mention this bow is as quiet as a ninja sneaking through a library? That's right, complete silence. Perfect for those stealthy missions when you want to take down enemies without raising a single eyebrow. And let's not forget about its stellar accuracy. You can hit targets dead-on with precision and style.

So, if you're looking to make a statement with your bow skills while showering enemies in toxic love, the Mutalist Cernos is your go-to weapon. Get ready to unleash the status mayhem and leave a trail of spore-infested chaos in your wake!

How to Get Mutalist Cernos:

The Mutalist Cernos's blueprint can be purchased from the Market.

Mutalist Cernos Specs:

  • Total Damage: 410 (90.00% [DmgImpactSmall64] Impact)
  • Ammo Cost: 1
  • Charge Time: 0.5 s
  • Crit Chance: 15.00%
  • Crit Multiplier: 2.0x
  • Fire Rate: 1.00 attacks/sec
  • Multishot: 1 (410.00 damage per projectile)
  • Noise Level: Alarming
  • Punch Through: 1.0 m
  • Status Chance: 49.00%

3. Nataruk

Ah, the Nataruk, a bow that holds the power of infinite ammunition, making it the eternal companion of any marksman. You'll never have to worry about running dry in the midst of battle.

  • What makes the Nataruk truly remarkable is its mastery of the perfect shot. By firing the bow at precisely two-thirds of its full charge, you unleash devastating damage upon your targets. It's a delicate balance, but once mastered, the results are truly awe-inspiring.
  • But that's not all. The Nataruk boasts an impressive arsenal of attributes. It boasts an insanely high status chance, allowing you to afflict your enemies with a plethora of debilitating effects. Its critical chance ensures that every well-placed shot has the potential to be a game-changer. And let's not forget about its swift reload speed, allowing you to maintain a relentless barrage of arrows.
  • Oh, and did I mention the base damage? It's truly formidable, ensuring that each arrow finds its mark with uncompromising force.
  • And let's not overlook the incredible feature of infinite body punchthrough. With the Nataruk, obstacles are nothing but mere illusions, as your arrows pass through them effortlessly, striking your foes with precision and grace.

So, if you seek a bow that combines infinite ammunition, devastating power, and unrivaled precision, the Nataruk is your weapon of choice. Get ready to unleash a storm of arrows that will leave your enemies quivering in fear.

How to get Nataruk:

Nataruk is given upon completion of The New War, complete with a free weapon slot and a pre-installed Orokin Catalyst.

Nataruk Specs:

  • Total Damage: 900 (72.00% [DmgPunctureSmall64] Puncture)
  • Ammo Cost: 1
  • Charge Time: 1.0 s
  • Crit Chance: 50.00%
  • Crit Multiplier: 2.2x
  • Fire Rate: 0.67 attacks/sec
  • Multishot: 1 (900.00 damage per projectile)
  • Noise Level: Alarming
  • Punch Through: 0.0 m
  • Status Chance: 50.00%


2. Nagantaka

When it comes to unconventional weaponry, the Nagantaka takes the spotlight. This unique crossbow blurs the line between a traditional bow and an automatic rifle, packing a punch unlike any other.

Garuda, the master of bloodshed, wields the Nagantaka with deadly precision. As her signature weapon, this crossbow gains an extra touch of power, enhancing its punchthrough capabilities.

What sets the Nagantaka apart is its remarkable status potential. Among semi-automatic rifles, it boasts the highest status chance, making it a formidable choice for inflicting debilitating effects on your foes. Even among bows, it holds its ground with an impressive standing as the third-highest status chance.

But that's not all. The Nagantaka rewards skilled marksmanship. Land a bolt with precision, delivering a lethal headshot, and you'll be rewarded with a 50% increase in reload speed. It's a sweet incentive that keeps you in the rhythm of swift, calculated strikes.

So, if you're seeking a blend of crossbow finesse and automatic firepower, look no further than the Nagantaka. Unleash its deadly bolts, embrace the status havoc, and let your enemies tremble in the face of your relentless onslaught.

How to Get Nagantaka:

The Nagantaka's blueprint can be purchased from the Market.

Nagantaka Specs:

  • Total Damage: 159 (90.00% [DmgSlashSmall64] Slash)
  • Accuracy: 40
  • Ammo Cost: 1
  • Crit Chance: 15.00%
  • Crit Multiplier: 2.3x
  • Fire Rate: 2.50 attacks/sec
  • Forced Procs: Impact
  • Multishot: 1 (159.00 damage per projectile)
  • Noise Level: Silent
  • Punch Through: 0.0 m
  • Spread: 2.50° (0.00° min, 5.00° max)
  • Status Chance: 39.00%

1. Proboscis Cernos

Behold the Proboscis Cernos, the evolutionary upgrade of the Mutalist Cernos, boasting not only the power of Viral damage but also a devious trap-like nature.

With its deadly combination of Viral and Slash damage, the Proboscis Cernos becomes a formidable weapon against a wide range of foes. The Viral damage pierces through shields and armor, while the relentless Slash damage tears through enemy health.

Enhancing the explosive prowess of its arrow detonations, the Proboscis Cernos thrives with the addition of the Firestorm and Cautious Shot mods, unleashing devastation and calculated precision.

How to Get Proboscis Cernos:

The Proboscis Cernos's blueprint can be purchased from the Market.

Proboscis Cernos Specs:

  • Total Damage: 1,003 (100.00% [DmgViralSmall64] Viral)
  • Charge Time: 0.7 s
  • Crit Chance: 7.00%
  • Crit Multiplier: 1.9x
  • Damage Falloff: 0.0 m (100%) - 7.0 m (50.00%)
  • Explosion Delay: 1.7 s
  • Fire Rate: 1.00 attacks/sec
  • Multishot: 1 (1003.00 damage per projectile)
  • Noise Level: Silent
  • Punch Through: 0.0 m
  • Range: 7.0 m
  • Status Chance: 43.00%


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