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Warframe Best Companion
It always feels good to spend some time with your buddy.

Companions are the loyal assistants that help you in battles with their unique abilities. There’s a wide variety of companions to choose from, ranging from a special breed of animals to flying bots. Each companion has its own abilities that work great in specific situations. Currently, there are 4 classes of companions in the game.

Kubrows are the canine class companions that stay within proximity of the player. They can be revived like any other Tenno when they’re down. There are currently 6 species of Kubrows you can keep.

Kavats are the feline class companions that behave very similar to the Kubrows. They can also be revived. There are currently 3 species of Kavats.

Sentinels are the robot companions that hover around the player. Sentinels can be programmed with mods and precepts that change the way it functions. There are currently 10 types of Sentinels.

MOA’s are the sentinel version of tameable beasts. They share the same traits as animals and robotic structures as sentinels. They can be equipped with sentinel weapons and use mods from both beasts and sentinels.

Here’s the list of best companions in 2021.


10. Venari

Venari is the only exclusive companion in-game.

Venari is an exclusive companion of the warframe Khora and becomes available by default when Khora is equipped. Venari doesn’t occupy space in the Incubator and doesn’t require DNA stabilizers. However, she still behaves like a regular Kavat.

Unlike other companions, Venari and her abilities are fully controlled by Khora.

  • Khora’s third ability, Venari, causes the kavat Venari to target an enemy.
  • Holding Khora’s third ability cycles between the battle posture of Venari.
  • If Venari dies, she will either respawn after 45 seconds beside Khora or be revived with Khora’s third ability.

What it’s good at:

  • Venari passively provides movement speed multiplier to Khora when she’s alive.
  • She can respawn again and again, which makes her good in the long run.
  • She doesn’t occupy slots in the incubator that can be used to store other companions.


Venari is unlocked automatically when you obtain the Khora warframe.

Venari details: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Venari

Khora details: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Khora/Abilities


9. Wyrm Prime

Wyrm is named after a mythological dragon.

Wyrm Prime is a sentinel companion that resembles a dragon-like creature. It is an offensive-type sentinel that comes with a pre-equipped laser rifle. It is also the first Prime sentinel in the game, a sentinel with additional stats and refined looks of the Wyrm sentinel.

 Exclusive Precept Mods:

  • Assault Mode: Sentinel will target the first enemy visible in range. The range increases with mod level.
  • Crowd Dispersion: Stuns and deals damage when multiple enemies are nearby.
  • Negate: Applies a buff to the player that resists status effect every few seconds.

What it’s good at:

  • Wyrm is very effective at crowd control with stun abilities.
  • Despite being an offensive-type sentinel, it creates a reliable defense for the warframe.
  • There’s a significant difference in defense stats between the default and the Prime version.


Wyrm Prime can be vaulted from the following void relics:

Wyrm Prime details: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Wyrm#Prime


8. Nautilus

Nautilus is named after a sea creature with a spiral shell.

Nautilus is a Railjack support type sentinel with Verglas equipped as a default weapon. Its primary objective is to repair the Railjack and control fire-hazards. Besides protecting the ship, it is also a good crowd controller and deals a decent amount of damage to enemies.

Exclusive Precept Mods:

  • Auto-Omni: Repairs nearby Railjack hull damages and controls fire spread.
  • Cordon: Tethers nearby enemies to form a cluster for easy targeting.

What it’s good at:

  • Despite being a support class, it’s equipped with the weapon having the highest fire rate among sentinel weapons and fairly decent base damage and status chance.
  • It protects and repairs the Railjack.
  • It has a good crowd control ability.


Here’s how you can get Nautilus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yB75h8GlJ8g

Nautilus details: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Nautilus


7. Prisma Shade

Shade is named after a spirit of the dead in Greek mythology.

Prisma Shade is a stealth-based sentinel that is equipped with Burst Laser as a primary weapon. It provides invisibility to the player when near enemies and grants bonus damage when the invisibility is broken.

Exclusive Precept Mods:

  • Revenge: Attacks the first enemy that deals damage to the player in a certain range.
  • Ghost: Grants invisibility to itself and player when near enemies. Breaks invisibility if player attacks.
  • Ambush: Grants bonus damage to the player after breaking invisibility.

What’s it good at:

  • It is good at stealth missions like Sabotage, where you need to escape the enemy’s line of sight.
  • It is equipped with a pistol with high armor penetration, faster reload and pinpoint accuracy.


You can buy Shade and Prisma Shade blueprints from Baro Ki’Teer or just buy them from the market.

Prisma Shade details: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Shade#Prisma


6. Carrier

Carrier lives up to its name by carrying extra ammo for its master.

Carrier is a utility-based companion that is equipped with Sweeper as a primary weapon. This companion is mainly used while gathering loots and resources. It also converts unused ammo to primary weapon ammo.

Exclusive Precept Mods:

  • Assault Mode: Sentinel will target the first enemy visible in range. The range increases with mod level.
  • Ammo case: Increases ammo reserve and converts unused ammo to primary weapon ammo.
  • Looter: Breaks nearby crates and objects for easy loot pickups.

What’s it good at:

  • Looter is very good for collecting loots and resources since it breaks open the crates and objects for easy pickups.
  • You won’t have to worry about getting low on ammo with the Ammo case.
  • It comes equipped with Sweeper that has the third-highest base damage among the sentinel weapons.


Blueprint for Carrier is obtained by completing missions in the void, The plains of Eidolon or Orb Vallis. Additionally, you can get the blueprints from the market too.

Carrier details: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Carrier


5. Adarza Kavat

Adarza is a cunning and ferocious Kavat beast.

Adarza Kavat is a companion that is best suited for chaotic missions where you might need extra damage while taking less damage. This companion is known for its critical chance enhancer. Occasionally, it also reflects damage incoming damage that provides a bit more survivability.

Exclusive Precept Mods:

  • Cat’s Eye: Grants increased critical chance to nearby warframes for a certain time.
  • Reflect: Occasionally, reflects and amplifies incoming damage to enemies.

What’s it good at:

  • It temporarily buffs the critical rate that allows you to quickly clear an area.
  • It reflects and amplifies damage dealt by enemies.


Here’s how you can get Adarza Kavat (This applies to all Kavats):


Adarza Kavat details: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Adarza_Kavat


4. Djinn

Djinn is named after Jinn/genie from Arabian folklore.

Djinn is an Infested sentinel that is equipped with Stinger as a default weapon. It is used to provide invincibility to both itself and its warframe by combining Sacrifice and Reawaken mods. It is also great at crowd control.

Exclusive Precept mods:

  • Thumper: Attacks first enemy visible in range. Range increases with level.
  • Fatal Attraction: Attracts enemies in range and explodes when they come close enough.
  • Reawaken: Revives itself after a certain amount of time.

What’s it good at:

  • Its pre-equipped weapon deals toxin damage which is excellent for dealing with the Infested.
  • Sacrifice, and Reawaken when used together, can provide invincibility to the player.


You can get blueprints for Djinn by researching it in the Bio-lab in clan Dojo.

Djinn details: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Djinn


3. Helios

Helios is named after the God of Sun in Greek mythology.

Helios is an Orokin support sentinel that comes equipped with an exclusive weapon, Deconstructor. Deconstructor allows Helios to hurl its 3 body parts, each having different damage types. It can also scan enemies while consuming a Codex Scanner.

Exclusive Precept mods:

  • Assault Mode: Sentinel will target the first enemy visible in range. The range increases with mod level.
  • Investigator: Allows sentinel to scan enemies and objects over 2 seconds.
  • Detect Vulnerability: Detects a weak spot on enemies that have been previously scanned.

What’s it good at:

  • Helios is great for scanning codex while in the middle of combat.
  • Its Detect Vulnerability mod acts as a damage enhancer that deals critical damage on marked areas.


You can get blueprints for Helios by researching it in the Bio-lab in clan Dojo.

Helios details: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Helios


2. Panzer Vulpaphyla

A Kavat that spreads spores.

Panzer Vulpaphyla is an evolved Kavat companion which is very similar to Saryn warframe. It spreads stackable viral infections and spores onto enemies. This ability, when used with the Hunter Recovery mod, can heal a large portion of health.

Exclusive Precept Mods:

  • Viral Quills: Throws 6 quills at nearby enemies that deal viral damage. It adds a spore to enemies currently infected by the quill. 
  • Panzer Devolution: Throws Viral Quills at enemies upon death. It respawns after a certain time in its devolved form.

What’s it good at:

  • Viral Quills, when combined with Hunter Recovery, can heal a large amount of health for a portion of damage dealt by the companion.
  • Overall deals heavy damage to enemies provided that there are enough enemies for the spores to spread.


How you can get Panzer Vulpaphyla: https://youtu.be/gV5zAvWFOf8?t=7

Panzer Vulpaphyla details: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Panzer_Vulpaphyla


1. Smeeta Kavat

Smeeta is like a fortune cat for a Tenno.

Smeeta Kavat is comparable to the Fortune cat for a warframe as it provides random buffs to the player and each one of them is valuable. It also cloaks itself while deploying a decoy Kavat that draws aggro.

Exclusive Precept Mods:

  • Mischief: Becomes invisible while deploying a decoy that tanks hits. Decoy also has an evasion bonus.
  • Charm: Has a chance to provide random buffs to the player.

What’s it good at:

  • With buffs that include a whole lot of things, Smeeta is good at all kinds of situations.
  • It also renders itself invisible once in a while that increases its survivability.


How to get Smeeta Kavat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MT17QqAcq0

Smeeta Kavat details: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Smeeta_Kavat

Charm details: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Charm


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