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Best warframe companions 2019
A Warframes best friend

What are companions?

Companions in Warframe come in many different forms, ranging from animals to floating robots. There are many types of companions that come with specific abilities that allow them to excel in certain situations.

Kubrows are animal companions that are similar to canines. There are 6 different types of Kubrows, each with their own abilities and mods.

Kavats are animal companions that have feline traits. There are only 2 types of Kavats which focus more on utility for players as opposed to Kubrows.

Sentinels are robotic companions that float and follow the player around in missions. There are 9 types of sentinels, each with unique abilities, mods, and weapons to supplement their use.

Finally, MOA’s are new types of companions that were released alongside Fortuna. They combine the traits of both animal companions and robotic companions. They are able to use mods from both animal companions and sentinels.

With many companions to choose from, here are the 10 best companions that will be useful to many players.

10) Sahasa Kubrow

This type of Kubrow is more about finding loot and items for its master. For general missions, this could be very useful as this includes ammo, energy, and health orbs.


  • Dig: This ability allows the Kubrow to sniff out and find items buried in the ground. This is what allows the Kubrow to retrieve additional loot.
  • Ferocity: This allows the Kubrow to perform finishers on enemies.

What this companion is great for:

  • Survival missions because the Kubrow can dig up life support capsules
  • Those who have trouble recovering health or use a lot of energy and ammo in missions. Dig prioritizes the type of loot based on what the owner needs
  • Acquiring mods as Dig will occasionally generate them alongside other loot.

How to get the Sahasa Kubrow: (Note: This is applicable to all Kubrow types.)

Getting your own Space Doggy.

You will need the following before breeding any type of Kubrow:

  • Incubator Power Core
  • Kubrow Egg
  • Completion of the “Howl of the Kubrow” quest

9) Sunika Kubrow

This Kubrow breed behaves much like a K9 police dog. This could be fun for those who like a police dog to accompany them during missions.


  • Unleashed: Enables the Kubrow to knockdown a VIP such as Capture Targets.
  • Savagery: Allows the Kubrow to perform finishers on enemies.

What this companion is great for:

  • Capture missions because the Kubrow is able to pin down a capture target so that they cannot escape
  • Capturing Simaris Synthesis Targets because Unleashed will also work on them.
  • Distracting tough, troublesome enemies via Unleashed

How to get a Sunika Kubrow: 

One step closer to getting your own personal K9 unit.

8) Huras Kubrow

A Kubrow breed that specializes more in sneaking up on unsuspecting enemies. A great companion for stealth-oriented playstyles.


  • Stalk: Allows the Kubrow to make itself and its owner invisible.
  • Hunt: The Kubrow performs lunging attacks at enemies.

What this companion is great for:

  • Stealth-oriented missions such as Spy.
  • Those looking for an alternative to Shade.
  • Engaging enemies with the element of surprise.

How to get a Huras Kubrow:

Get your sneaky best friend today!

7) Taxon

This is the first sentinel that players get as they progress through the game. It comes with the Artax, a sentinel weapon that slows enemies down with its cold attack.


  • Molecular Conversion: Blasts enemies and converts damage done into shields for the Warframe.
  • Retarget: Allows the sentinel to fire its weapon at enemies within range.

What this companion is good for:

  • Newer players who are just getting into the game. It does not need much investment in order to be useful.
  • Those who use Condition Overload on their melee weapons. The Artax will apply a Cold status effect on enemies.
  • Regenerating shields due to Molecular Conversion.

How to get Taxon:

Acquiring your very first sentinel.

6) Shade

A sentinel that has a theme centered around invisibility. It comes with the Burst Laser sentinel weapon that fires in bursts of three rounds.


  • Ghost: Renders both the owner and sentinel invisible when nearby enemies. Very similar to the Huras Kubrow’s Stalk.
  • Revenge: Allows the sentinel to attack enemies that are attacking its owner.
  • Ambush: Increases the owner’s damage when they attack an enemy that breaks the invisibility provided by Ghost.

What this companion is good for:

  • Those who want a stealth-oriented playstyle.
  • Those looking for an alternative to the Huras Kubrow.
  • Doing surprised ambushes on unsuspecting enemies.

How to get Shade:

Lets get shady...

5) Helios

This sentinel is more about analyzing and scanning enemies. It comes with the Deconstructor sentinel weapon that uses melee mods.


  • Investigator: Allows the sentinel to scan enemies for Codex entries.
  • Targeting Receptor: Allows the sentinel to attack enemies in range with its weapon.
  • Detect Vulnerability: Helios will reveal weak points of enemies with completed Codex entries.

What this companion is good for:

  • Completing the Codex entry.
  • Those that want a sentinel weapon that utilizes melee mods.
  • Exposing weak points of enemies with the use of Detect Vulnerability. This will multiply damage dealt if the enemy is hit in its weak spot.

How to get Helios:

Getting this analyzing scanner to complete the Codex for you

4) Carrier

Considered one of the most useful sentinels in the game. It comes with the Sweeper sentinel weapon which functions like a shotgun. It provides more ammo for weapons.


  • Ammo Case: Increases ammo capacity of weapons and converts unused ammo types into ammo for the equipped weapon.
  • Striker: Allows the sentinel to fire its weapon at enemies within range.
  • Looter: Allows the sentinel to open all containers in range.

What this companion is good for:

  • Weapons that burn through ammo really fast because of Ammo Case.
  • Collecting loot as Looter will allow Carrier to open containers for you.
  • Those wanting a sentinel weapon with high stopping power.

How to get Carrier (applicable mainly for the Prime variant):

Never run out of ammo again by acquiring this ammo converting sentinel at its prime.

You can acquire the normal version of Carrier through the in-game market.

3) Adarza Kavat

One of the two types of Kavats available in the game. This Kavat provides increased critical stats to its allies.


  • Cat’s Eye: Provides a flat critical chance bonus to nearby allies.
  • Reflect: Allows the Kavat to reflect damage back at enemies.

What this companion is good for:

  • Fighting against tough enemies or bosses where the critical chance will provide higher damage output.
  • Those who want to stack as much critical stats as possible.
  • Mitigating and reflecting enemy damage back.

How to get a Kavat (Applicable to both Adarza and Smeeta Kavat):

Breeding your own Space Cat.

2) Smeeta Kavat

The second type of Kavat available in the game is the Smeeta Kavat. This Kavat provides a variety of buffs including double affinity/resources for a few minutes and even a buff to critical stats like the Adarza Kavat does.


  • Charm: Allows the Kavat a chance to give a random buff to its owner. Some buffs include double Affinity and Resouces, increased critical chance, and instant reload.
  • Mischief: Allows the Kavat to become invisible and create a decoy that draws enemy fire.

What this companion is good for:

  • Those who need to farm resources as the Kavat may give the buff that doubles resources earned. It is also stackable with a resource booster for 4 times the amount.
  • Those who are feeling lucky as the buffs that this Kavat provides are very random.
  • Those that want to level frames/weapons quicker due to the chance of acquiring the double Affinity/Resource buff.

How to get a Kavat:

You gotta be kitten me. More breeding and incubating?

1) MOA

MOA’s are new types of companions that were introduced with Fortuna. They are built from 4 different parts that slightly affects their base stats and appearance.


  • Stasis Field: This allows the MOA to deploy a small bubble that reduces the damage and slows flight speed of projectiles in the bubble. This comes with the Lambeo model.
  • Shockwave Actuators: The MOA will perform a shockwave stomp that knocks down nearby enemies. This comes with the Lambeo model.
  • Tractor Beam: Increases the aim glide duration and reduces the gravity during the aim glide. This comes with the Oloro model.
  • Security Override: This allows the MOA to hack consoles such as in Spy missions. This comes with the Oloro model.
  • Whiplash Mine: Allows the MOA to deploy a mine that pulls enemies together towards its location. This comes with the Para model.
  • Anti-grav Grenade: Reverses the effects of gravity in an area, causing enemies to float upward. This comes with the Para model.

Note: There are 3 types of MOA's with 2 abilities each. All MOA models can use abilities from other models once you acquire all 3.

What this companion is good for:

  • High customization as to how the MOA looks.
  • A plethora of abilities to choose from for specific needs.
  • Those that want a compromise between sentinels and animal companions.
  • Has access to both animal companion and sentinel mods, including sentinel weapons.

How to get a MOA companion:

MOA life, MOA choices

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