[Top 15] Warframe Best Melee Weapons (And How to Get Them)

Limbo Prime using Stropha in Lua.
It's a gun with a blade, what else would you want?

Melee weapons are overpowered and reign supreme over Warframe's content, especially the harder missions. There are many viable options, with a wide variety to cater to everyone's playstyle or aesthetic choice. With so many great options, what usually sets one weapon higher than the other is minor optimizations. With that out the way, here are the top 15 melee weapons in the game: 

15) Destreza Prime (Rapier)

A gentleman's weapon, the Destreza Prime is the primed variant of the original Destreza rapier. Users will most likely spam its heavy thrusting attack, piercing holes into opponents with style and elegance. Though it is undoubtedly strong when it works, what holds it back is its inconsistent hitbox. 

  • Highest critical chance and critical multiplier of all rapiers.
  • High riven disposition.
  • Starts off with two Madurai (V) polarities.

Destreza Prime's blueprint and components are acquired from opening Void Relics that contain them. The parts can also be traded between players. As there are a few primes in this list, it is important to know to avoid redundancy.

  • Very high riven disposition.
  • High base damage that deals slash.

Acquired through opening Void Relics and trading between players. 

The Rakta Dark Dagger is the Syndicate version of the regular Dark Dagger. It is a weapon loaded with features; the best one is the ability to restore shields and grant overshields on your Warframe. It is also for optimal for stealth missions since wielding the weapon activates "Mind Haze," reducing the range enemies can spot your Warframe.

  • Innate radiation damage.
  • Highest status chance and attack speed of all daggers.

The Rakta Dark Dagger can be bought from Red Veil after reaching Exalted status for 125,000 standing. The weapon can also be traded between players.

Xaku's signature warfan, the Quassus throws daggers when using its heavy attack. These deal 190 damage per projectile and scale with mods that increase heavy attack damage like Killing Blow. It also has an innate punch that creates satisfying moments as the burst of daggers cleave through everything in its path.

  • The first heavy attack throws twelve daggers; each subsequent heavy attack throws six daggers, each with a 5x damage multiplier.
  • Daggers proc slash.
  • Daggers are more accurate when Xaku uses the weapon.

The Quassus blueprint is a potential reward from tier 5 Cambion Drift Bounties. Digital Extreme's official drop table lists a possible drop chance of 22.22% in stage 4 and 43.48% in stage 5.

If you ever had specific dreams of using a heavy warhammer boosted by rockets, then look no further than the Kuva Shildegg. A monument to Grineer ruthlessness, this Kuva weapon boasts impressive stats across the board, including a high critical chance at 31%. In addition, there's no problem crushing enemies since it has a long-range of 3 meters.

  • High puncture and impact damage.
  • Good status chance at 27%.
  • Powerful slam attack.

The Kuva Shildegg is acquired by defeating a Kuva Lich that generated the weapon. Its bonus element depends on your progenitor Warframe. Other plays can also trade the Lich with the weapon at the Dojo's Crimson Room.

Between the Stropha and Redeemer Prime, both are equally good that it comes down to preference. However, even though the Redeemer excels at taking down single targets with its unmatched heavy attacks, the Stropha's better stats, area-of-effect, and ease of use make it the winner of their rivalry. Additionally, the Stropha rewards Tenno, who loves to jump straight into the fray, with its wide cleave.

  • Highest base damage, critical chance, and multiplier for all Gunblades.
  • Shoots a single devastating shockwave that deals impact damage.

The Stropha's components are acquired inside the Granum Void; the Blade and Barrel from the Rotation C of the lowest tier, Receiver from rotation C of the extended Granum Void, and the stock from rotation C from nightmare Granum Void. The blueprint is gained from defeating Jackal on Fossa, Venus. All components can be traded between players, except the blueprint.

The Venka Prime is the primed version of the Venka, their base counterpart. It possesses insane stats across the board, and it is the only weapon with a combo counter of 13. Additionally, it can inflict decent status damage too, with its high status chance of 24%

  • Fastest attack speed of all claws. Highest critical chance and critical multiplier.
  • Warframe abilities that scale from combo counters such as Atlas' Landslide or Khora's Whipclaw will benefit from Venka's additional combo counter.

The Venka Prime is acquired through opening Void Relics with its components or traded between players. Since update 29.10, Venka Prime's relics have been permanently unvaulted and are now always attainable from Abandoned Derelict Caches during Corpus Railjack missions.

The Nami & Skyla is the primed variant of the base Nami & Skyla dual swords. It matches its high-status chance with its fast attack speed to glide through the battlefield. Additionally, dual swords enjoy varied stances, they're all viable, and it primarily comes down to preference.

  • Good stats all around, especially its status chance and base damage.
  • Decent riven disposition.

As with any prime, it is acquired through cracking open Void Relics or through trade.

Cleave your way through space with the Reaper Prime, a beast of a scythe genuinely deserving of its name. Unfortunately, there are no fantastic scythe stances, and they're awkward at best, so expect to launch an onslaught of heavy attacks. The rare enemy who your initial hit will quickly succumb to slash procs. 

  • Highest critical chance of all scythes at 35%.
  • High critical multiplier at 2.5x, yet it also has a decent status chance at 25%

The Reaper Prime's blueprint and components are acquired through opening Void Relics or traded between players.

Though there were many great melee weapons released in the recent Sisters of Parvos update, the Tenet Livia stood out amongst them all. It's a great hybrid weapon due to its balanced critical chance and status chance. You also don't need to commit to a Naramon build to take advantage of this weapon since it pauses combo duration when holstered.

  • It has a unique mechanic where blocking attacks increases blocking angle.
  • Balanced critical chance and status chance, both at 28%.

Melee tenet weapons are bought from Ergo Glast in any relay for 40 Corrupted Holokeys. The intrinsic element depends on his stock which is refreshed every four days.

Glaives received significant buffs and quality-of-life improvements that improved their viability. Additionally, mods like Volatile Return and Volatile Rebound cemented their power and usefulness. King of the glaives is the aptly named Glaive Prime. It may not have the unique effects other glaives have, but it makes up for it with its raw damage output and guaranteed slash procs.

  • Fastest flight speed of all glaives.
  • Detonating the weapon mid-air guarantees impact, slash, and blast procs.

The Glaive Prime is acquired by opening Void Relics containing its blueprint and components. It can also be traded between players.

The Lesion is an infected polearm that can quickly stack status to overwhelm your enemies. Inflicting a status effect on a target grants the weapon bonus attack speed and toxin damage which synergizes amazingly with its high slash. 

  • Highest status chance of all polearms at 37%.
  • Toxin buff increases viral, corrosive, or gas mods.

The Lesion's blueprint is bought at the Market. It requires a fully built Tipedo to build it.

Heavy Blades are in a good spot currently, and most of the weapons in that class are viable. The Gram Prime has long been a popular and reliable choice since it offers a balanced hybrid build, making it great for all missions. Furthermore, it's offensive stats more than compensates for its slow attack speed.

  • Second highest critical chance and status chance of all heavy blades.
  • Regular slam radial damage can crit.

The Gram Prime is acquired through cracking open Void Relics. It can also be traded between players.

Most zaws overshadow their weapon class in terms of power and efficiency. The Sepfahn nikana eclipses almost all other melee weapons due to how strong and consistent it performs. On top of that, it can even equip Exodia mods such as the ever-useful Exodia Force.

  • Peye + Ekwana II Jai turns the weapon into a status monster.
  • Its fast attack speed synergizes well with the aforementioned Exodia Force.

The Sepfahn blueprint can be bought from Hok in Cetus for 1,000 standing. It can be accessed after reaching the Rank of Neutral with the Ostrons.

Tonfas became absurdly strong after the melee rework, and the Kronen Prime is the testament to that. This weapon took the community by storm. What was once an obscure weapon used by almost no one immediately became the game's most potent weapon. Its high critical chance and attack speed applies so much slash procs that it melts through all enemies even in the longest of endurance runs.

  • Decent status chance at 22%.
  • Grants at 10% boost to bullet jump.

The Kronen Prime is acquired through opening Void Relics containing its blueprint or components. It can also be traded between players, expect a high price due to its popular status.

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