[Top 10] Warframe Best Melee Weapons In The Game

Yeah, Mesa's using pistols, she doesn't like melee much.

Do you like melee weapons in games? Things like swords and warfans? Gunblades? Gigantic rocket-propelled hammers? Well then it’s a good thing Warframe offers over 200 melee weapons for the Tenno to choose from! In this article I’m gonna list the top ten weapons currently in the melee category to help you, my lovely Tenno, make the best choice for what to farm next. (This list is in no particular order and doesn’t include Zaws).


10. Nepheri


Use the Archon’s might against them!

 Nepheri! A vicious pair of dual daggers with their own unique combo that allows your Warframe to spit fire! 

The Nepheri is a slow but devastating Heat based melee weapon that excels at completely deleting grouped up enemies. Nepheri also has great base puncture and slash stats with innate Heat damage that makes these daggers an effective option against heavily armored enemies like the Grineer. Nepheri also has decent range and verticality as the third stage in its neutral combo sees your Warframe breathing fire in a continuous projectile that follows the crosshair.

Nepheri excels in:

  • Armor penetration through puncture and innate heat.
  • Killing grouped enemies with its fire breath.
  • Decent hybrid build capability with a slight lean towards status.
  • 5% movement bonus when held.

Nepheri base stats:

  • Impact: 21
  • Puncture: 63
  • Slash: 85
  • Heat (Innate): 92
  • Critical Chance: 21%
  • Critical Damage: 2.3x
  • Status Chance: 33%
  • Fire Rate: 1.000 attacks per/sec
  • Range: 1.90m (fire breath has a 19m range).
  • Heavy attack multiplier: 5x

The Nepheri blueprint can be farmed through Narmer bounties on Cetus (during the day cycle on the Plains of Eidolon) or Narmer bounties on Fortuna (during the night cycle on the Plains of Eidolon) after the New War quest.


9. Innodem


That is a wicked looking dagger.

 Innodem, a ceremonial Orokin dagger awakened by Void energy! One of the earliest Incarnon weapons available through Cavalero.

One of the coveted transforming Incarnon weapons, Innodem is a powerful and versatile single dagger that can transform for a limited time with a heavy attack after getting a 5x combo, it boasts incredible range in Incarnon form and can fire projectiles while in the air. I consider Innodem a jack-of-all-trades melee, great in most content but outshined by more specialized weapons. That being said, being viable in almost any mission in Warframe is nothing to scoff at, versatility is a great trait to have considering limited Weapon slots.

Innodem excels in:

  • Passive buffs through Incarnon evolutions (particularly 30% sprint speed).
  • Exceptional melee range and access to projectile attacks through Incarnon form.
  • Finishers performed with Innodem in incarnon form provide 10% damage resistance stacking up to four times.
  • Great stats for hybrid status/crit builds.
  • 50% base slash weight (meaning slash has a greater chance to proc).

Innodem base stats:

  • Melee damage:
  • Impact: 36
  • Puncture: 144
  • Slash: 180
  • Incarnon projectile damage:
  • Radiation:360
  • Critical Chance: 22%
  • Critical Damage: 2x
  • Status Chance: 22%
  • Fire Rate: 0.750 attacks per/sec
  • Range: 1.80m +3m in incarnon form (projectiles fired while aim gliding have a 21m range).
  • Incarnon projectile range: 21m
  • Heavy attack multiplier: 5x

The Innodem blueprint can be purchased from Cavalero at Rank 1 with 5,500 standing after the Angels of the Zariman questline.


8. Vastilok


Yes, that is a triple bladed shotgun (it can still shoot).

A marvel of Grineer engineering, the Vastilok is a gunblade renowned for its capability to completely strip enemy armor with little investment.

The Vastilok performs best as a Primary or Secondary weapon complement due to being able to fully strip enemy armor with a single mod (Shattering Impact). It’s not that it isn't usable on its own, Vastilok just falls drastically behind in crit and status compared to other melees. That being said, with high stats in Slash damage and infinite ammo the Vastilok can still perform well clearing squishier enemies. Just make sure that it isn’t your only damage source in missions.

Vastilok excels in: 

  • Fully armor stripping priority targets in conjunction with Shattering Impact.
  • Shots fired by Vastilok are completely silent (despite game audio).
  • Vastilok does not consume ammo.

Vastilok base stats:

  • Melee damage:
  • Impact: 19.53
  • Puncture: 25.11
  • Slash: 234.36
  •  Ranged Damage:
  • Impact: 8.97
  • Puncture: 10.35
  • Slash: 49.68

 (IPS damage is calculated per pellet, Vastilok fires 9 pellets so the damage is the total value of IPS: 69 x 9 pellets = 621).

  • Critical Chance: 19%
  • Critical Damage: 1.7x
  • Status Chance: 10.33%
  • Fire Rate: 1.000 attacks per/sec (both melee and ranged).
  • Melee range: 1m
  • Projectile range: 23m with damage falling off drastically from 100% up to 49m.
  • Heavy attack multiplier: 5x

Vastilok can be sold by Baro Ki’teer when he appears in relays every two weeks for 325,000 Credits and 550 Ducats.


7. Gunsen Prime


Wisp Prime’s signature Melee Weapon.

Wisp’s Signature pair of Warfans: Gunsen Prime, is a strong Slash focused melee weapon that also comes with one of the best Stance mods in the game (Votive Onslaught). Gunsen Prime is a really comfortable weapon to run in missions as it isn’t as input or mechanic intensive as other melee weapons on this list, it’s simply strong as it is. That isn’t to say however that the new melee Arcanes or Tennokai aren’t as useful on Gunsen Prime, they are, in fact they’re useful on all melees; It’ just that Gunsen Prime is so fundamentally strong (with its base stats and easy to use stance mods) that it can dominate all on its own just spamming light attacks.

Gunsen Prime excels at:

  • 90% base Slash weight.
  • Slash procs deal True damage (ignoring damage resistance).
  • Forced slash procs with Votive Onslaught neutral combo.
  • Faster than average attack speed.
  • Great stats for hybrid crit/status or even pure crit builds.

Gunsen Prime base stats:

  • Impact: 9
  • Puncture: 13.5
  • Slash: 202.5
  • Critical Chance: 20%
  • Critical Damage: 2x
  • Status Chance: 34%
  • Fire Rate:  1.170 attacks/sec
  • Range: 1.90m
  • Heavy attack multiplier: 5x

The Gunsen prime parts and blueprint can be farmed by opening certain Void Relics in Void Fissure missions. These Relics are:

Handle, uncommon drop for:

Neo K7 

Neo T7 

Blueprint, common drop for:

Lith C11 

Neo Z10

Neo C4 

Blade (you will need two), rare drop for:

Lith G10 

Meso G5

Tenno can also purchase a full Gunsen Prime set (of either the parts themselves or relics) from other Tenno through trading with Platinum.


6. Azothane


One of the Drifters own!

Azothane is a massive two-handed Nikana that specializes in consistent forced slash procs through heavy attacks. Azothane is a heavier weapon compared to things like Gunsen Prime or even Nepheri but, with the right build, Stance mods, and the innate damage boosts that come with heavy attacks, Azothane can and will mow down swathes of enemies with ease. 

Azothane also comes with a special attack (attack and block at the same time) that slams the blade down while emitting a shockwave of Heat damage that burns enemies. The Drifter also has access to this weapon in the Duviri paradox and has their own combos along with a Cold damage projectile version of the special attack.

Azothane excels at:

  • Crowd control through Heat procs and mass Slash status application.
  • Wise Razor (Stance mod) has forced Slash procs on heavy attack.
  • Special attack shockwave generates 4 combo for every enemy hit.
  • Slash true damage and Crit plus heavy attack multipliers melt heavier enemies.
  • Amazing stats for crit focused heavy attack builds.
  • Great range on both slam and heavy attacks.
  • Benefits heavily from the new Tennokai mechanics for hybrid light/heavy attack builds.

Azothane base stats:

  • Impact: 51
  • Puncture: 34
  • Slash: 85
  • Critical Chance: 34%
  • Critical Damage: 3x
  • Status Chance: 22%
  • Fire Rate: 1.170 attacks/sec
  • Range: 3.20m (10m on Special attack shockwave)
  • Heavy attack multiplier: 6x
  • Formula for heavy attack damage:

 (Total weapon damage) x (Innate weapon heavy attack multiplier) x (Combo multiplier)

For an unmodded Azothane this would be:

170 x 6 x 12 (for this example we are at max combo) = 12,240

After each Heavy attack without Heavy attack efficiency the Combo counter is then reset to zero. Heavy attacks can crit and will then also be multiplied by crit damage multipliers.

The Azothane blueprint can be purchased on display, inside Teshin’s Cave to the right of the portal into the Duviri Paradox, for 50 Pathos clamps. Buying it with Pathos Clamps will also fully unlock the weapon for the Drifter. 

Building the Warframe’s version of Azothane can be skipped by purchasing it at Teshin’s Cave for 250 Platinum. This will give the Tenno a fully built Azothane along with the one that the Drifter uses.


5. Glaive Prime


Good luck getting your hands on this one Tenno!

Glaive Prime is just honestly ridiculous, ridiculously strong and exceedingly rare. Originally Glaive Prime was included in Ember Prime’s Prime Access back in 2013 which was subsequently vaulted in 2015. Ember Prime and also her signature weapons Sicarius Prime and the infamous Glaive Prime have not been un-vaulted since 2022 as of writing this article. 

Some Tenno speculate this is because the developers know the strength of Glaive Prime and are reluctant to give out access to new copies of this weapon. Currently the only way to actually get Glaive prime is through player trading at exorbitant prices (380 Platinum was the lowest listed price for a full set on Warframe.market on March 31 2024). 

Now, you might be asking, what's the big deal? Well, Glaive prime is an AOE Slash damage monster of a weapon, just don’t actually melee with it. It’s a Glaive so the weapon can be thrown at groups of enemies rivaling even Primary weapons in clear potential. The weapon doesn’t use ammo when thrown either and the explosion from detonating the Glaive mid-air spreads guaranteed Slash procs. All of these factors combine into what is possibly one of the best weapons in the game.

Glaive Prime excels at:

  • Clearing huge groups of any enemy type at range.
  • Can easily carry Tenno through almost any mission on its own.
  • Glaive explosions can damage enemies through walls.
  • Zero damage fall-off on the explosion.
  • Glaive explosion is silent.

Glaive Prime base stats:

  • Melee damage:
  • Impact: 24.6
  • Puncture: 24.6
  • Slash: 114.8
  • Throw damage (Glaive portion):
  • Impact: 27
  • Puncture: 27
  • Slash: 126
  • Throw bounce explosion damage:
  • Blast: 296
  • Throw Manual detonation damage:
  • Blast: 592
  • Charged throw damage (Glaive portion):
  • Impact: 54
  • Puncture: 54
  • Slash: 252
  • Charged throw bounce explosion damage:
  • Blast: 592
  • Charged throw manual detonation damage:
  • Blast: 1,184
  • Critical Chance: 22% (for normal throw: 24% for charged throw: 26%)
  • Critical Damage: 2.20x (same for normal throw, for charged throw it’s: 2.40x)
  • Status Chance: 30% (for normal throw: 32% for charged throw 34%)
  • Fire Rate: 1.250 attacks/sec (0.833 attacks per/sec for charged throw)
  • Throw Charge time: 1.2 seconds
  • Melee Range: 1.25m
  • Charged and uncharged throw range: 50m
  • Charged and uncharged explosion radius: 4.8m
  • Heavy attack multiplier: 2x
  • Thrown Glaive detonations (both charged and uncharged) count as Heavy attacks and receive the same bonuses.

The Glaive Prime parts and blueprint can be farmed from opening Void Relics in Void Fissure missions. These Relics are:

Blade (you will need two), uncommon drop for:

Axi E1 

Axi L1 

Blueprint, rare drop for:

Lith G1

Lith G2 

Disc, uncommon drop for:

Meso F3 

Meso S5 

Tenno can also Trade for Glaive Prime sets and relics with Platinum or purchase the weapon from Prime Resurgence when it becomes available with Regal aya.


4. Guandao Prime


Speak softly and carry a big… staff?

Guandao Prime! A simpler weapon compared to some of the weapons on this list, but just as powerful. Guandao Prime is a polearm type weapon geared mainly towards mobile light attack builds. With a good amount of range and quick attacks Guandao is a great crowd-blender with a specific stance (Shimmering Blight) that twirls the weapon around while still allowing your Warframe to move.

Guandao Prime excels at:

  • Being mobile while also inflicting damage.
  • Great reach with certain combos.
  • Verticality with certain combos.
  • Exceptional stats for crit focused builds.
  • 70% Slash weight.

Guandao Prime base stats:

  • Impact: 60
  • Puncture: 12
  • Slash: 168
  • Critical Chance: 32%
  • Critical Damage: 2.40x
  • Status Chance: 20%
  • Fire Rate: 1.000 attacks per/sec
  • Range: 3m
  • Heavy attack multiplier: 6x

The Guandao Prime parts and blueprint can be farmed from opening Void Relics in Void Fissure missions. These Relics are:

Handle, rare drop for:

Lith G3

Lith G4

Lith G7

Meso G2

Meso G4

Blueprint, rare drop for: 

Lith K9

Lith P5

Meso B5

Meso I2

Meso P7

Meso Z5

Neo T4

Blade (you will need two), common drop for:

Axi S10

Axi S9

Lith K7

Lith O3

Meso H2

Neo P2

Neo V10

Neo Z6

Tenno can also Trade for Guandao Prime sets and relics with Platinum or purchase the weapon from Prime Resurgence when it becomes available with Regal aya.


3. Ceramic Dagger (Incarnon)


A Khora main’s best friend!

Weird thing, the base Ceramic Dagger isn’t actually all that good at being a melee weapon. So, why is it on this list? Through its Incarnon form and specific modding paths this weapon becomes, by far, the strongest and most versatile “Stat-Stick” for Pseudo-Exalted abilities in the game. In the Hands of Warframes like Khora or Atlas the stat-boosting capabilities of the Ceramic Dagger’s Incarnon form alone can buff certain abilities to the point that your Warframe doesn’t even need to use their Primary or Secondary weapons anymore. 

The Incarnon adapter for the Ceramic Dagger (available to earn in the Steel Path version of The Circuit gamemode) enables the Dagger to transform with a heavy attack at 6x combo into its Incarnon form for 180 seconds. While the Ceramic Dagger is in Incarnon form every heavy attack launches a projectile towards where the Tenno is aiming. Builds do exist that make use of this unique mechanic behind the weapon; However, most Tenno you see with the Ceramic Dagger equipped are probably only using it as a Stat-Stick.

Ceramic Dagger excels at:

  • Buffing the damage and capability of Pseudo-Exalted abilities.
  • 10% move speed bonus when held (base form).
  • Passive Warframe buffs while in Incarnon form.
  • Reliable Combo generation through Incarnon evolutions.
  • Can increase its own base crit or status chance with Incarnon evolutions.

Ceramic Dagger base stats:

  • Melee Damage:
  • Impact: 14
  • Puncture: 126
  • Slash: 0
  • Incarnon projectile damage:
  • Impact: 35
  • Puncture: 116.655
  • Slash: 198.345
  • Incarnon projectile explosion damage:
  • Heat: 350
  • Critical Chance: 10% (+30% with one of the fourth Incarnon evolutions.)
  • Critical Damage: 1.50x
  • Status Chance: 20% (+30% with one of the fourth Incarnon evolutions.)
  • Fire Rate: 1.000 attacks per/sec
  • Range: 1.80m
  • Projectile explosion range: 5m
  • Heavy attack multiplier: 5x

The base Ceramic dagger blueprint can be acquired from the Nightwave Offerings shop aboard the Orbiter. 

The Ceramic Dagger Incarnon adapter on the other hand can be farmed through Steel Path Duviri Circuit if it is chosen as a reward for the rotation on the week it is available. The adapter is then installed by Cavalero aboard the Zariman for Pathos Clamps and Open-world Duviri resources.


2. Paracesis


“Take this… the idea of it… it is the only way your war can end.” -Ballas

The Paracesis, the “Sentient-Slayer”, this blade once belonged to Ballas, now it is yours, Tenno. The Paracesis is a heavy blade type weapon with the highest crit chance in its class and one of the highest crit damage multipliers tied with War and Gram Prime. The thing that sets Paracesis apart from its heavy weapon brethren is the fact that you can Forma Paracesis up to level 40 (adding two levels every forma, with a Catalyst installed this is 40 more mod capacity at 5 forma), this gives Paracesis users great mod flexibility. It also has great stances and the blueprint for it is given to the Tenno for free!.

Paracesis excels at:

  • Wide sweeping attacks that cleave through enemies.
  • 70% slash weight.
  • Highest critical chance in its class of weapon.
  • Far reaching attacks to really dig into crowds.
  • Build flexibility.

Paracesis base stats:

  • Impact: 48.8
  • Puncture: 17.8
  • Slash: 155.4
  • Critical Chance: 31%
  • Critical Damage: 2.60x
  • Status Chance: 22%
  • Fire Rate: 0.917 attacks/sec
  • Range: 2.9m
  • Heavy attack multiplier: 6x

The Paracesis blueprint is gifted to the Tenno after completing the Chimera Prologue quest.


1. Dakra Prime


Mag Prime’s signature melee weapon.

Dakra Prime, we’re closing out this list with another strong but simple weapon. Dakra prime is a single sword that boasts the highest crit chance in its class, a great crit damage multiplier, and access to some real flashy Stance mods like Vengeful Revenant and Crimson Dervish.

Dakra Prime excels at:

  • Crit builds due to having the highest crit chance in class.
  • Mobile stance combos that still do great damage.
  • 80% Slash weight.
  • Good range with its attacks.

Dakra Prime base stats:

  • Impact: 17
  • Puncture: 17
  • Slash: 136
  • Critical Chance: 36%
  • Critical Damage: 2.40x
  • Status Chance: 18%
  • Fire Rate: 1.000 attacks per/sec
  • Range: 2.50m
  • Heavy attack multiplier: 5x

The Dakra Prime parts and blueprint can be farmed from opening Void Relics in Void Fissure missions. These Relics are:

Handle, common drop for:

Lith M2

Lith M8

Meso B1

Meso M1

Neo N9

Blueprint, uncommon drop for:

Axi R1

Lith M1

Meso B3

Neo B8

Blade, rare drop for:

Axi D4

Axi S4

Neo B3

Neo D1

Tenno can also trade for Dakra Prime sets and relics with Platinum or purchase the weapon from Prime Resurgence when it becomes available with Regal aya.


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