[Top 10] GTA Online Best Duo Missions to Do

Best Duo Missions
Best Duo Missions to Do

What is a Duo Mission?

A Duo Mission, a subset of Contact Missions, necessitates the collaboration of at least two players for completion. These missions typically involve confronting formidable NPCs, prompting Rockstar Games (GTA V Online developers) to strongly advise multiple players to partake before mission launch.  To qualify as a duo mission, a contact mission must surpass a specific threshold, requiring the engagement of at least two players.

Why is it important to do the best Duo missions?

Duo missions stand out as a lucrative money-grinding strategy for both new and returning players, offering a straightforward avenue to swiftly accumulate cash and rp. Many seasoned players claim that engaging in these missions with friends and crew members is the optimal method for earning substantial rewards in both currency and character experience.


10. Trash Talk

Trash Talk is the first Assassination mission on this list in which players are tasked with the destruction of moving garbage trucks (Trashmaster) around the main city. After blowing up the scattered trashmasters, players will need to head over to Murrietta Heights (Right side on map) and assassinate the main boss. This mission can be done in less than five minutes when using the Oppressor MK2 or when using other weaponized vehicles with homing missiles equipped, this can be shortened by half when both players are using this vehicle.

Why it's a good Mission

Trash Talk’s base payout on release was a lot higher than previous contact missions and for a short time was the highest paying Duo contact mission players could do. I strongly suggest players use any weaponized vehicle like the oppressor or Deluxo (Back to the future car) since the first half of Trash Talk will be dragged out by the continuous moving of the garbage trucks even with two players.

Mission Rewards

 Trash Talk on Hard difficulty (1.5x cash and rp) will payout around $8570 and gives out a max of 2500 rp.


9. Rooftop Rumble

Rooftop Rumble was the first ever money-making method in GTA Online that could be done completely solo or with a group (earn extra cash and rp). This mission is quite difficult on your first run as players are tasked with the killing of a group of well-armed enemies in a parking building, extra rp for each kill made. This mission will only be unlocked at rank 75 and is a perfect starter duo mission.

Why it's a good Mission

Rooftop Rumble is the most popular contact mission in GTA Online and is hands down the most recommended for veteran players looking to make the most rp while AFK (Away from keyboard). Back in late 2013 to mid 2014, Rooftop Rumble was the best method we players could use to make cash legitimately. To be specific, we would complete the main objectives and wait outside the final zone until the rp payout was at its maximum.

Mission Rewards

Rooftop Rumble has a base payout ranging from $8,000 to $15,000 and will award players 2000-2500 in rp.


8. Out of Court Settlement

Out of Court Settlement is the quickest mission to complete on this list in which players are given a single target to assassinate in any method they want, after assassinating the target the jury member will drop a package that the players must pick up and deliver to Martin Madrazo’s House in Rockford Hills, this job works best for those players who play casually but want to gain character experience quickly.

Why it's a good Mission

This mission can be done in less than two minutes making it perfect for back-to-back replay or used in a custom playlist for maximum rp. I suggest putting the max number of missions in the custom playlist as doing it this way will drastically shorten the wait time, allowing for maximum rp.

Mission Rewards

Players will earn 899 rp for a 2-minute mission completion which will also give out $2420 in cash.


7. Pier Pressure

In Pier Pressure, players are required to go to the local Pier (South) and kill a group of bikers under a bridge and then steal a package being held. After stealing this package, players will need to head over to Gerald’s apartment located in Baller territory (Ganglands) and hand over the contents to him. Pier Pressure is another high paying duo mission but the first job on this list that doesn’t require its players to own a weaponized vehicle.

Why it's a good Mission

Pier Pressure’s is not a challenging mission as you only need to kill the group under the bridge and steal a package, the entire encounter will last a few seconds making it a perfect starter job for new players. Players should not use any explosives in this encounter as the package is quite fragile and will be destroyed, forcing the mission to end in failure.

Mission Rewards

Pier Pressure has a base payout that exceeds $10,500 and will give you a minimum of 1000 rp and a maximum of 2500 rp.


6. Repo- Simeonics

Repo- Simeonics is a simple Duo mission, Head to LSIA and steal a group of cars (2 minimum) from a police guarded cargo plane and deliver it to Simeon at his car dealership. Players will have two options of approach, the first is simply going in gun blazing while the second option is getting in using a stealthier approach. This mission is very straightforward and due to the recent mission buff from Rockstar, Repo- Simeonics is the best paying Duo mission to do with friends.

Why it's a good Mission

What makes Repo- Simeonics so perfect for duos is due to the constant wanted levels players will get allowing for continuous rp and sometimes cash ($7-$50) gain from each police officer killed, the wanted level will eventually go up to Five stars making rp generation a lot faster but a lot more challenging potentially causing mission failure from player death.

Mission Rewards

Players will earn an average of $11,150 for completing this mission and receive an average of 2750 in rp.


5. Repo- Under the Hammer

In this Duo mission, players are tasked with the stealing and delivering of two high-end sports classics cars located at a Police station impound lot. This mission contains a lot of police officers in which players will be awarded extra rp for each kill, players can spawn camp in this area for unlimited rp and cash but will eventually slow to a halt as rp generation will stop after a certain kill threshold is met.

Why it's a good Mission

Repo- Under the Hammer is an excellent job to do when players are looking to earn fast rp constantly with very limited restrictions. I strongly recommend new players use the Kurama (fully armored) or the HVY Nightshark to ensure the success of the unlimited rp strategy mentioned previously. 

Mission Rewards

Players can earn a minimum of 2309 rp and a maximum of 2900 rp. The average payout is $13,860.


4. Repo- GTA Today II

Repo- GTA Today II is the first Duo mission on this list that requires players to steal and deliver cars within a specific timeframe (15 minutes) all while trying to get rid of the local cops, they only show up for the second phase. The cars players will be looking out for are the: Ocelot Swinger, Sentinel Classic and two Vapid Elle’s. Simeon will pay you extra the less damage the vehicles arrive in, with multiple players the time limit will not provide any problem.

Why it's a good Mission

This Mission also rewards players very well based on the overall time taken to retrieve and deliver these four cars to the Los Santos Docks (Bottom Right on map). The best way to ensure you’ll have enough time to complete this job is by using the Oppressor MK 2 (Fastest method) or by using a fast personal vehicle, this mission might be challenging if you are a very new player.

Mission Rewards

Players will earn 3463 rp and $20,790 in cash for the completion of Repo- GTA Today II.


3. Repo- Do you even Lift?

Repo- Do you even lift focuses on the retrieval of four well stored high-end cars using a Cargobob (Helicopter with a lift mechanic) and their safe delivery to a parking garage behind Simeon's Dealership. Players can use a custom Cargobob if owned but for those that don’t own such a luxury expense, Simeon will provide you with various options to choose from scattered around the city, the main location will be at the movie studio (Center of the city).

Why it's a good Mission

This Mission pays very well and rewards players very generously for the time taken to retrieve the four cars, higher than most Duo missions in its category. When stealing the four cars it is recommended to use the cargobob only to get the vehicles out of storage and then simply drive the vehicle to the parking lot as it is quite easy to damage the cars while in flight, Simeon pays less for damage done. This Duo mission will be much quicker with multiple players.

Mission Rewards

Players will get a whopping 4000 rp and over $23,000 for the completion of this mission with no cars destroyed and minimal damage.


2. Repo- RV Nearly There Yet?

In this recently added mission, players are expected to head to Sand Shores (Desert Area) and steal a specific truck (MTL Brickade) that is being blocked in by a bunch of RVs and indestructible boxes. The Brickade can be found in a parking lot located east of the Bolingbroke Penitentiary (Prision). Players will be required to clear out the enemies before they are able to move the RV’s blocking the way. After clearing away the hindrances, players must deliver the truck to Simeon's Dealership while trying to limit vehicle damage as there is a custom health bar for the brickade in this job.

Why it's a good Mission

This mission has an endless horde of aggressive npc’s players can kill after clearing away the RV’s, this is much easier to do than the Repo- Under the Hammer mission as these enemies will spawn instantly in a white truck (Sandking XL) allowing for players to use any explosives for faster kills to minimize damage done to the brickade, in essence one players drives the truck while the other takes out the enemies.

Mission Rewards

Players will gain a minimum of 3648 rp and $18,480 in cash. 


1. Diamonds for Trevor

Diamonds for Trevor is a very old mission that is given out by Trevor Philips, from GTA V Story mode, in which players are asked to kill a group of enemies and steal the briefcase being guarded, which is filled with diamonds. Once the briefcase is collected, players must head to the Paleto Bay docks where a jetty (boat) is waiting that must be brought to the designated location given by Trevor. The mission difficulty when placed on hard mode will still be manageable by new and veteran players alike, making this the ideal Duo Mission to do.

Why it's a good Mission

The enemies in this job are not as aggressive as they should be, making the entire process stress free for all regardless of skill level. Helicopters and speedboats will start chasing players once they enter the jetty provided, don’t worry the helicopter (Maverick) that will chase you won’t shoot at you allowing for your duo partner to take them out.

I suggest staying near the local gun shop so you can actively restock your guns and rocket launcher ammo. If you choose to do this then this mission will become the best legitimate Duo mission for earning cash and rp.

Mission Rewards

Players will be awarded a minimum of 2800 rp and $15,000 in cash for the completion of Diamonds for Trevor. 


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