GTA Online Acid Lab Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Acid Lab Guide
Acid Lab Guide


What is the Acid Lab?

Bussines for making Dru.. I mean money

The Brickade 6x6 Acid Lab is a Service vehicle that was released with the Los Santo Drug Wars DLC on December 23, 2022. Being a Service vehicle, The Acid Lab contains many useful perks and features that grant GTA Online players the ability to enter its interior serving as a pseudo apartment or base of operations for illegal activities. The most popular illegal activity players can do with this business on wheels is the selling of products produced by Mutt, the chemist for the Acid Lab.

The Acid Lab is the only Service vehicle that provides players with a reliable source of income without having to complete any client or heist jobs. As a day one player and active money grinder, I can confidently say that the regular sale of products from the Acid Lab is a fantastic method for making cash passively during solo play.

How it works

Before players can start making cash with the Acid Lab, they must first complete all six of the First Dose Contact Missions from Dax:

  • Welcome to the Troupe
  • Designated Driver
  • Fatal Incursion
  • Uncontrolled Substance
  • Make War Not Love
  • Off The Rails

 Once done players can then speak to Mutt and pay him $750,000 to install the lab equipment, this is free for current GTA+ members. Once done players will be able to source/request products that passively build inventory, this inventory can then be sold for around $325,000 without in-game lobby bonuses.  


Acid Lab Upgrades

Upgrades are 100% worth

The Acid Lab in GTA Online is a very lucrative business and when fully upgraded provides solo players a great source of income for little to no work. While other businesses (Bunker and MC businesses) can be upgraded instantly at their respective terminals, the Acid Lab requires its owners to complete a series of jobs (Fooligan work) before the equipment upgrades can be unlocked, these jobs luckily have no time restrictions and can be done in any order: 

  • Heavy Metal
  • Working Remotely
  • Liquid Assets
  • Write-Off
  • Crop Dustin’

GTA Online players should do these upgrades as it only costs $250,000 and the time it takes to complete the five Fooligan works takes no more than 10 minutes each and will give out some cash and rp (character level) for completion.

How it works

Upgrades for the Acid Lab will increase the base production rate of all products making it 20% faster to get max inventory. To access the customization options, head to The Freakshop and select “Equipment Upgrade”, which will cost $250,000. The acid lab also has:

  • Armor Plating
  • Proximity Mines
  • Ram Weapons


Is the Acid Lab worth it


The Acid Lab when sold at max inventory in a public lobby will payout a maximum of $335,200 and unlike the Mc and Bunker businesses, the Acid Lab cannot be raided (Police Raids) making it the best QOL (quality of life) business players can own in the entire game. Another amazing feature of the Acid Lab is that all sales missions launched can be done solo and will always take less than 15 minutes to complete, this is 50% faster than doing MC sales solo.

I highly recommend new players get the Acid Lab as their first business as once setup is done you will be making the same amount of cash as the other businesses but with way less risk and a much lower chance of products getting destroyed by griefers.

How it works

The Acid Lab is very simple:

  • Ensure that Mutt has enough supplies to make the product.
  • Sell the finished product on your delivery bike to the locations given.


Acid Lab best Product Names

Let the Master help you out

For those who already own an Acid Lab, you can simply open the interaction menu and change the name from there. After clicking add name players can give it any name they fancy given that it does not violate GTA Online terms of service.

Giving your Acid Lab a name not only makes the business seem more legit but once named, the Acid Lab will give out an additional 5% sale bonus every time.

How it works

Players can change the name of their Acid Lab from the interaction menu and luckily I have provided some exquisite name suggestions:

  • Jesus Juice
  • Dexters Lab
  • Los Santos Delivery
  • The Taboratory
  • Mom’s Basement 
  • Feels on Wheels
  • Trippin Balls
  • Crystal Ship
  • A Hug (shows up as Request A Hug)
  • Mellow Yellow
  • HELP
  • Walter White at Home
  • Breaking Bad Inc
  • Blue Dream
  • Purple Haze
  • Frosted Wedding Pie
  • I’m Melting
  • Homegrown
  • Mutts Incorporated
  • Freak shop on Wheel


Acid Lab Buy Supplies

Supplies are the key to a successful Acid Lab

GTA Online players that own the Brickade 6x6 Acid Lab can resupply this business by spending $60,000 (fully fills supply bar) or by sourcing the supplies for free but will take multiple runs for the supply bar to be fully stocked. 

For players that are short of time, the best choice of the two is to buy supplies outright but if players can spare 20-30 minutes, then sourcing the supplies themselves will net them the most profit when the time to sell is ready.

How it works

Players must enter the interior of the Acid Lab to start any resupply

  • The first option is to speak to Mutt and confirm the pop up asking if you’d like to have Mutt sent out to source supplies for the business for $60,000. 
  • The second option of resupplying can be started by going to the left of the package icon and selecting source supplies.


Acid Lab Supplies

Full supplies payout based on lobby capacity

The Acid Lab, like all businesses, requires a steady stream of supplies as they are what generate products for all businesses, without it all businesses will stop making their respective products, completely halting all potential for making cash from sales. For the Acid Lab only, players can 2x the production speed daily.

If you want to make the best use of this business, then it is imperative that players ensure that the Acid Lab always has supplies on hand.

How it works

  • For the first setup mission the supply meter will be filled up for free.
  • Eventually the Acid Lab will need to be restocked by mutt for $60,000 or by sourcing the supplies in-person.


Acid Lab Sell Missions

Very Good Solo money making method

The main objective of all GTA Online businesses is to make as much cash as possible from selling products to reliable criminals scattered around Los Santos. The most reliable criminal buyers come from the Acid Lab business, a sales mission so easy even a brand-new gamer can complete.

Many GTA Online personalities (Tylarious) consider this business to be the best money-making method to do for new/veteran players because of how little time is needed to successfully complete the sale missions.

How it works

GTA Online players that own the Acid Lab can sell their product inventory from the package icon located on the inside of the Acid Lab. 

  • Once chosen, players will be given a delivery bike and a set of locations to make the drop offs.
  • The second sale mission is one that involves throwing papers with acids into bins scattered around Los Santos. 


Acid Lab Suitable Areas

Spawn Location is very Important

Like the Terrorbyte and M.O.C, don’t be too close to anything that inhibits/prohibits you from getting inside via the right side back entrance. In other words, be out in the open. It should also be known that players can enter from the driver seat and then hit right on the d pad to enter the interior of the Acid Lab.

Since players can enter from the cab, any location will be a suitable area for this service vehicle, however if players are planning on doing the sale missions, then I highly recommend staying in the center of the map (Maze Bank tower) so you won’t have to do deliveries far away from the launch point, always next to the Acid Lab.

How it works

Players can open the interaction menu and select request Acid Lab that can be found under the Service category.

  • Calling the Acid Lab anywhere in the city will be its best location for sales missions.
  • Blaine County and Sandy Shores should be avoided as it is highly likely players will be forced to travel back to the city to make deliveries.


Acid Lab Time

Yes this matters

The Brickade 6x6 Acid Lab is a Service vehicle that was released alongside the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC back on December 23, 2022. A service vehicle is a special personal vehicle that grants players the ability to visit their interior serving as a pseudo apartment or base of operations and can be requested anywhere on the map with little to no wait time. The Acid Lab takes the same amount of time for resupply as all other businesses at 5-10 minutes.

The time it takes for the Acid Lab to spawn in is less than seven seconds but depending on the location players requested it will require a bit of driving to reach, sometime this can be miles away. When you do reach the Acid Lab you will quickly notice that the brickade 6x6 Acid Lab has a very good take-off making it a good choice for timely getaways. When resupplying using the Buy now method, it will take Mutt an average of seven minutes before supplies show up.

How it works

Players can request the Acid Lab from the Service category in the Interaction menu, which will take around 5-15 seconds to spawn in and a further 5-10 minutes for supplies to appear after restocking is made.


Acid Lab Production Time

This Chart is very helpfu;

The Acid Lab produces supplies at a slightly higher rate than other businesses as it only takes 4 hours to fully stock up when equipment upgrade is attached and can then be lowered some more by choosing the speed up option from the interior of the lab.

This is hands down the fastest business in GTA Online when it comes to production time and I can confidently recommend players invest as they will quickly regain all money spent in a matter of days.

How it works

Once the Acid Lab has enough supplies on hand, Mutt will take over control of the production of the acid allowing players to partake in other criminal activities. 

  • This is not a must, but players can speed up the production time by mixing some chemicals located on an interior desk near Mutt.  
  • When Equipment is not upgraded the time it takes for a full inventory will be six hours.


Acid Lab Setup

Fun Mission

After completing the First Dose 6 - Off the Rails, Dax will give you a call telling players that the Acid Lab is almost ready and just needs a few more pieces of equipment. He then tells players to raid a warehouse located in the south and east of Los Santos. Once the player arrives at the location, they must kill a group of well-armed guards before they are able to use the Forklift to lift three pallets of lab equipment onto the back of a Flatbed. After the three pallets have been placed on the Flatbed players can get into the truck and take equipment back to The Freakshop for mission completion.

This Mission isn’t too difficult but, when heading back, players must be very careful of other lobby players as they can blow up the truck and equipment forcing the mission to end in failure. When this happens, you will need to start the setup from the beginning.

How it works

The setup mission is a simple snatch and grab that won’t take players any longer than 5 minutes to complete. Players can use the off the radar feature offered by Lester (Contacts) to hide the equipment from other players for a minute, this can be extended by 3 more minutes when registered as CEO.


Acid Lab Proximity Mine

The Best Vehicle Weapon

The Acid Lab has five proximity mines to choose from: Kinetic, Spike, Emp, Slick, and Sticky. To access this feature players must go to the Freakshop customization menu and select the Acid Lab Upgrades and then choose the proximity mine category. Of the bunch, the EMP is the best option players can pick as it does everything the others can do in a more effective way, highly recommended. 

How it works

After equipping the proximity mine to the Acid Lab at The Freakshop garage players can hit R3 (PlayStation) or E (PC) to drop the mine, a total of 5 mines can be dropped at a time (They will respawn after the sixth mine is dropped)

  • The Kinetic proximity mine releases a shockwave that will send any car flying on impact and will slow it down a little. 
  • The Spike proximity mine will destroy all non-bulletproof wheels on vehicles (nothing happens on foot). 
  • The Emp proximity mine will shut off all vehicles on impact for about three seconds, nothing can be done during these seconds. 
  • The Slick proximity mine when driven over makes the player vehicle less grippy when turning oftentimes leading to constant spin outs. 
  • The final mine is the Sticky proximity mine that does the same as the Slick proximity mine, but the sticky slows vehicle down much quicker.

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