[Top 7] GTA Online Best Explosives

Need a small explosion? here's a BIG explosion instead.

In GTA Online, you sometimes just feel tired of constantly having to aim and hit precise shots at NPCs and players. A good alternative is simply blowing up whatever is in your way, whether it’s a vehicle or a person! 

In today’s list, we’ll give you the top 7 explosives you should definitely use in GTA Online.

Why are explosives important in GTA Online?

  • They make it easier for you to clear crowds
  • It's easier for you to blow up a vehicle than to manually shoot the drivers
  • Some vehicles and NPCs have so much HP that it’s impractical to use bullets

Note that we included both throwable explosives and launchers, so keep that in mind. Let’s jump right into our list!


7. Grenade

First on our list is the iconic Grenade, available in almost every Grand Theft Auto game. A game all about explosions and guns needs a simple Grenade model.

The Grenade in GTA Online is probably the most basic explosive you can own; you pull out the pin and toss it at a car or enemy. Explosions in GTA Online are highly identical, so it’s more about “how” you cause them. With that in mind, it’s not the finest explosive you can use, but it’s the earliest.

What the Grenade excels at:

  • Good starter: excellent for new players
  • Cheap: only costs $250
  • Iconic: has been in every GTA
  • Crowd control: you can throw it to get enemies out of cover

How to get the Grenade:

  • Bought from Ammu-Nation

Grenade details: 

  • Description: Standard fragmentation grenade Pull pin, throw, and then find cover. Ideal for eliminating clustered assailants.
  • Price: $250
  • Unlocks at Rank: 15


6. Proximity Mine

Next is the Proximity Mine, a perfect gift for those who don’t check where they’re walking. This explosive is only available in GTA Online and GTA: Chinatown Wars.

The Proximity Mine may not be the most appealing to players because of its low capacity (only 5 at once), but it’s an excellent tool in tight situations where you need breathing space. It’s a land mine that can be armed to detect player and NPC movement (both on foot and in vehicles), which makes it perfect for races and missions where crowds of enemies are pushing you.

What the Proximity mine excels at:

  • Don’t disappear if player is killed
  • Trapping: the mines are perfect for situations where enemies are pushing you
  • Winning races: are good for slowing down other opponents

How to get the Proximity mine:

  • Buy from Ammu-Nation

Proximity mine details:

  • Description: Some people hate surprises. And if those people happen to piss you off, this is the perfect motion-sensor gift.
  • Price: $1000


5. Rocket Launcher

Next is the Rocket Launcher, based on the famous RPG-7. It’s been in pretty much every GTA and every other shooting game.

The Rocket Launcher fires a rapidly propelled grenade that can blow up in a five-metre radius and travel up to 300 metres. This thing can destroy cars, players, and helicopters if you’re accurate enough with your movement anticipation.

It’s an excellent choice for destruction; the only downside to it is the rank required to unlock it (100) and its low accuracy, meaning you’d have much better choices when you’re that far into GTA Online.

What the Rocket Launcher excels at:

  • Vehicle: excellent for helicopters and cars
  • Fast and good range: you can hit anything if you’re accurate enough
  • Reload: good reload speed and can carry 20 rockets.

How to get the Rocket Launcher:

  • Bought from Ammu-Nation

Rocket Launcher Details:

  • Description: A portable, shoulder-launched anti-tank weapon that fires explosive warheads Very effective for taking down vehicles or large groups of assailants.
  • Unlocked at rank 100
  • Purchased for $36,500 at Ammu-Nation.


4. Grenade Launcher

The Grenade Launcher is based on the real-life MGL; it launches grenades that explode on impact or seconds after landing.

This one is an excellent purchase for both new and veteran players. The Grenade Launcher fires 10 rounds before reloading and can blow up vehicles on impact. There’s also no need to aim up because it compensates for gravity when firing, so you’re getting good accuracy, good damage, and good performance overall.

If anything else on this list confuses you, get the Grenade Launcher.

What the Grenade Launcher excels at:

  • Ammo capacity: fires 10 explosive rounds before having to reload
  • Impact: 40mm rounds that explode on impact
  • Versatile: good for both PVP and PVE

How to get the Grenade Launcher:

  • Bought from Ammu-Nation
  • Found during Survival missions

Grenade Launcher Details:

  • Description: A compact, lightweight grenade launcher with semi-automatic functionality Holds up to 10 rounds.
  • Ammo capacity: 10 rounds
  • Price: $32,400


3. Railgun

Up next is a community dream that came true: the Railgun. This prototype weapon was added for purchase (it used to be an exclusive for GTA V) to GTA Online with the Los Santos Drug Wars Update.

A railgun is a weapon that fires inert metallic rounds at velocities higher than the speed of sound using an electromagnetic effect, which basically means you’re firing a rocket at 750m/s. It’s also a pretty expensive toy.

The Railgun is an excellent weapon to use against vehicles if you’re accurate enough (only 1 metre radius) and smart with the recharge time. It’s very useful to have it along with a Heavy Sniper MKII and a Pump MKII with explosive rounds equipped.

What the Railgun excels at:

  • Fast clearing: hits your target instantly
  • Satisfying: futuristic model and firing sound
  • Brutal: blows up anything you hit at 225 damage.

How to get Railgun:

  • Buy from the Gun Van

Railgun details: 

  • Description: All you need to know is that magnets do horrible things to the things they're pointed at.
  • Price: $730,000
  • Capacity: 20 rounds


2. Homing Launcher

The Homing Launcher is by far the best launcher in GTA Online. Ever since it was added, it has completely changed GTA Online.

The Homing Launcher is a lock-on missile launcher that fires 400 KPH missiles at targets up to 300 metres away; it can follow the targets for up to 1000 metres. This is very problematic for everyone because it’s the perfect formula for an anti-aircraft weapon; you can effortlessly take down jets and helicopters with it.

Ground vehicles also can’t escape the missiles easily; after the two-second lock-on, you’re almost guaranteed to hit your target even if they’re moving away fast.

The Homing Launcher is available for purchase right as you start GTA Online, and it’s very affordable, so it’s a mistake not to use it.

What the Homing Launcher excels at:

  • Lock-on: follows a locked-on vehicle until it’s destroyed
  • Damage: blows up unarmed vehicles with one missile
  • Versatile: can be used against cars, planes, fighter jets, anything.
  • Accessible: unlocked at rank 1

How to get Homing Launcher:

  • Buy at Ammu-Nation
  • Found in your yacht or hangar.

Homing Launcher Details:

  • Description: An ex-Military infrared-guided missile launcher Is it strictly approved for civilian use? No. But will anyone be able to drive away fast enough to report you? Now you’re asking the right questions. 
  • Price: $75.000
  • Capacity: 10 rounds


1. Sticky Bomb

The best explosive in GTA Online is the Sticky Bomb. The entire community uses it for various activities like PVP, PVE, missions, heists, and races.

This C-4-inspired bomb is a throwable bomb that can stick to surfaces (vehicles and props) and be detonated anywhere. You can see how useful that can be. They are perfect for a drive-by because you can throw one out the window and watch everything go up in flames.

The versatility of the Sticky Bombs makes them indispensable for your GTA Online experience; they allow you to blow up anything wherever and whenever you want. 

What the Sticky Bomb excels at:

  • Explosion on demand: you place them and detonate whenever you want
  • PVP: excellent for races as landmines; can also be used to quickly blow up a chasing car (or aircraft if you’re brave enough)
  • PVE: perfect as a trap in small spaces, they’re also very useful in chases
  • Can be unlocked early and only cost $600

How to get a Sticky Bomb:

  • Buy at Ammu-Nation
  • Found in bunker missions and your Facility

Sticky Bomb details:

  • Description: plastic explosive charge fitted with a remote detonator Can be thrown and then detonated or attached to a vehicle and then detonated.
  • Price: $600
  • Capacity: 25 bombs
  • Unlock at rank 19


That’s it for our list; we hope you enjoyed reading it and got a good idea of which explosives you should use in GTA Online!

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