[Top 10] GTA Online Best Vehicles To Own From Early To Late Game

GTA Online Best Vehicles To Own From Early To Late Game
Racecars -- An easy way to blow all your money

As you grow your criminal empire in Los Santos, vehicles will be some of the most crucial investments you’ll make.

However, it’s equally important to get the right vehicles. Some are better than others and there are cars and aircraft that’ll make your life easier.

In this list, we’ve put together some of the best vehicles you can buy from the early to late game.

Note: Though not included here, special vehicles like the Kosatka and Terrorbyte are worth getting as you progress in GTA Online.


1. Armored Kuruma

The iconic bulletproof car of GTA Online


If you’re looking for a fast car that can take a beating but won’t break the bank, the Armored Kuruma is exactly what you want.

The biggest advantage of the Armored Kuruma is its armor, which makes it nearly bulletproof. This, and its speed and seating, makes it an ideal vehicle for heists.

What’s more, this car’s price tag of $525k means you can easily save up for it after the very first heist of the game. 

What makes it worth buying:

  • The whole car is bulletproof, apart from a few angles
  • You can get it in the early game and use it for all your missions and heists
  • It’s fast and seats four people, making it the perfect getaway car
  • You can shoot guns while inside the car (not all armored cars let you do this)


2. Buzzard Attack Chopper

One of the highest ROI vehicles for beginners


The Buzzard is a weaponized helicopter that’s good in all areas and is especially recommended for beginners.

While there are better helicopters out there (see #5), the Buzzard is durable, destructive, and a great way to get around Los Santos and Blaine County in the early game.

Why it’s worth buying:

  • As a CEO, you can spawn it in front of you and use it in most missions
  • It can hold up to 4 players – enough room for your whole organization
  • It has homing missiles for easy shooting
  • Fairly durable – it won’t explode even if you land it roughly


3. Dinghy

The modern pirate ship


The Nagasaki Dinghy is, for lack of a better word, a speedboat.

While it may seem like an unconventional buy, this inflatable boat deserves a spot on your list of vehicles to buy in the early game.

Why it’s worth buying:

  • As a CEO, you can spawn it next to you if you ever get stranded in the ocean
  • It’s cheap – only $125,000 after completing the Humane Labs Raid
  • Provides fast water transportation, and can hold up to 4 players


4. Ocelot Virtue

If you want to turn Los Santos into your own big racetrack, this is the car for you


The Ocelot Virtue is the perfect buy for the speed demons out there since it has one of the top accelerations in the whole game. Additionally, if you own an agency, you can modify it with Imani Tech upgrades.

While the price is $2.98M, the car can actually be obtained for free by completing the First and Last Dose missions.

Why it’s worth buying:

  • You get this vehicle free after completing the First and Last Dose missions
  • If you own an agency, it can be modified with Imani Tech upgrades like missile lock-on jammer, armor plating, and more
  • Has one of the fastest accelerations in the game


5. Sparrow

This tiny helicopter gives the Buzzard a run for its money


In addition to the Buzzard, another must-buy aircraft is the Sparrow.

This quick helicopter is an essential purchase as soon as you get a Kosatka. Being able to store it in the submarine makes the Cayo Perico heist more efficient.

Why it’s worth buying:

  • Can store it within the Kosatka and utilize it for quick transportation, shortening the Cayo Perico heist
  • One of the fastest aircraft in its class – it’s also easy to dodge missiles with it
  • Can equip the Sparrow with homing missiles


6. Oppressor Mk II

The magic broomstick of GTA Online


The Oppressor Mk II is one of the most popular vehicles in the game. Griefers especially love it, and they have good reason to.

Among other major perks, this hoverbike is fast, can fly, and can land almost anywhere. It’ll serve all your needs no matter what you’re doing. Not to mention it looks epic.

Even with a high price tag of $8M ($6M trade price), this is hands down one of the best investments in the game. You should prioritize buying it whenever possible.

Why it’s worth buying:

  • You can spawn it next to you and use it in most missions
  • Can upgrade it with homing missiles (one reason why griefers love this bike)
  • Its speed and ability to fly make it perfect for grinding missions, money, and RP


7. Nightshark

An arms dealer's dream vehicle


Sports cars are cool, but what if you want an absolute beast that both protects and attacks? In that case, the Nightshark has you covered.

I mean that literally since the car is explosive-resistant and can be equipped with additional plating. It’s also good for attacks like ramming if you ever get road rage. 

This monster’s a well-rounded car, and at $1.245M, it’s a great mid-to-late-game purchase.

Why it’s worth buying:

  • Fast speeds for being an armored vehicle
  • Very explosive resistant, and you can equip the windows with partially bulletproof plates similar to the Armored Kuruma (though doing so makes you unable to shoot guns from the inside)
  • Has machine guns mounted on the front, and the car’s good for ramming into other vehicles


8. F-160 Raiju

Establish air superiority with the F-160 Raiju


It’s death from above with the F-160 Raiju. Inspired by modern-day stealth fighter jets, the Raiju is designed to strike fear in the hearts of your enemies.

This VTOL jet is one of the most overpowered aircraft in the whole game, boasting great attacking capabilities.

While it is on the pricier end, at $6.855M ($5.141M trading price), this stealth fighter is a fun (and useful) late-game purchase.

Why it’s worth buying:

  • Fastest jet in the game and has explosive MGs and rockets
  • Its VTOL mode is easier to control and more stable than the Hydra
  • This jet is so fast, making it easy to evade enemy homing missiles
  • The Raiju’s stealth mode makes it perfect for grinding missions


9. Toreador

This hybrid vehicle lets you dominate the land AND sea


Why choose between a car and a submarine when you can get both? The Toreador is a great option both on land and at sea.

It performs equally well on the street and in the water and can be equipped with homing missiles or torpedoes. The submarine ability combined with having no special icon means you can take players by surprise.

All this makes it especially useful against those Oppressor Mk II griefers mentioned earlier.

Why it’s worth buying:

  • Doesn’t have a special icon on the mini-map, which means people (including Oppressor Mk II griefers) won’t know you’re driving a Toreador
  • Doubles as a car and a submersible – also has very accurate homing missiles
  • Takes up to 6 homing missiles and 2 RPGs to destroy


10. Akula

Sometimes, it’s better to go stealthy rather than guns blazing.


With its stealth capabilities, the Akula is a deadly and often unnoticed threat, striking when least expected.

This stealth chopper is very useful for many combat scenarios. Its ability to go off the radar can get you around the map without attracting unwanted attention.

As good as it is, it’s not the most urgent purchase. If you like PvP, you might want to get the Akula sooner than later. While it might not be the best vehicle to use against an Oppressor Mk II, the Akula is fun to use against most players.

Why it’s worth buying:

  • While you can’t use weapons in stealth mode, you can switch modes very quickly
  • Very agile and can hold up to 4 people
  • Can be used on some cargo/sales missions
  • No reload cooldown for homing missiles
  • Have the option to get barrage missiles and bombs


So there you have it – 10 of some of the best vehicles you can get in GTA Online. Even though there are many other choices we couldn’t include here, these are all awesome vehicles that’ll serve you well.

Do you agree with our list? Let us know below in the comments.


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