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Discover the best vehicles to make your enemies rage quit

GTA Online has gotten a lot more competitive nowadays. It used to be about the different cars back in the day, but the GTA Online experience has expanded quite a bit as the updates roll in. One of the significant aspects of the game now is the different weaponized offensive vehicles that are part of the game. From bikes that can fly to cars that can act as submarines, there are a large number of offensive vehicles that can be added to your arsenal.

In this list, we will be looking at the Top 10 offensive vehicles you must own to protect yourself and cause havoc around Los Santos. 


10. Insurgent Pick-up

Insurgent Pick-up offensive power: 

The Insurgent Pick-Up is inspired by the Terradyne Armored Vehicles line of tactical armored vehicles, particularly the RPV, using the same fenders, rear pick-up bed, external roll-bar application to the rear, and general body shape. 

The HVY insurgent pick-up is priced at $1,795,500, which can be upgraded to the custom variant for an additional $202,500 through the Avenger or the MC. The Insurgent is known for its effective armor and durability, as it can take a hefty amount of damage and explosives before being destroyed. It comes with built-in bulletproof tires that protect it from any kind of damage. 

The Insurgent pick-up is armed with a mounted gun on the top. The mounted gun has a shield around it that protects the gunner from the front but is vulnerable from the sides. The gunner is allowed to rotate 360 degrees while on the gun so enemies from all directions could be taken out. 

What makes Insurgent pick-up great for offense:

  • Heavily armored vehicle
  • A mounted gun that rotates 
  • Can be upgraded to a custom variant
  • It can sustain 4-5 rocket shots, 3 tank shells, 6-7 sticky bombs, 5 vehicle-based rocket shots

Insurgent pick-up details:

  •  Based on Terradyne Armoured Vehicles
  • Top speed of 99.25mph when fully upgraded
  • Good handling for a heavy vehicle 
  • 6-speed gearbox for an all-wheel layout


9. Sparrow

Sparrow offensive power: 

Coming in at the 9th spot is the Sparrow which is based on the Sikorsky S-300 and is priced at $1,815,000. 

The vehicle does not have any weapon but can be equipped with one via customization, either a Minigun based on a GAU-19 Gatling gun or a small missile launcher with four tubes inside. The sparrow is a very stable and agile helicopter, with quick maneuvering. It has an amphibious variant that allows the sparrow to land on water. Although it is not well armored and durable, the Sparrow can dodge missiles due to its quick movement and can be equipped with flares to counter incoming missiles. 

The Sparrow can be equipped with a three-barreled .50 caliber minigun that offers moderate firepower and a high fire rate, ideal for aerial offense. It can also be equipped with missiles that can be used to obliterate enemies in a single shot. These missiles are the same as in the Buzzard, with options for both homing missiles and without homing.

What makes Sparrow great for offense:

  • Fast, good manueveribility 
  • It can be equipped with a minigun and homing missiles 
  • Top speed of 168.75mph

Sparrow details: 

  • Based on Sikorsky S-300
  • Has a variant that can land on water
  • Single turboshaft engine


8. APC

APC offensive power: 

Next on the list is the HVY APC tank. It has a strong resemblance with the Russian BRDM-2 for its overall shape. The APC is priced at $3,092,250 at Warstock Cache and Carry. 

The APC is a deadly vehicle, with its heavy weight, it can crush incoming cars as if they were nothing. The APC has moderate speed which makes it ideal for aiming and shooting opponents with steadiness. This vehicle is extremely durable as it can take a lot of damage without being deformed and the passengers inside are completely safe as no bullet passes through the rough exterior of this vehicle. It comes with bulletproof tires and can withstand 4-5 RPG rockets before being destroyed. It is much more efficient against grenades and sticky bombs as the APC can take a decent amount of them before it is destroyed. 

The APC is equipped with a very powerful turret. It has a fast fire rate that not only causes damage to the engines of other vehicles but also ruins the bodywork dramatically. The APC can also be installed with a cannon that destroys vehicles in a single shot. A SAM battery can also be installed, which can launch 6 missiles at a speed and a good range. The most unique feature of the APC is that it can tow an anti-aircraft trailer that another player can use to take out airborne enemies. 

What makes APC great for offense: 

  • Decent handling and a good turning radius
  • Durable and does not deform easily
  • The APC has amphibious characteristics that allow it to submerge into water
  • Armour can be upgraded 
  • Excellent team-oriented vehicle due to a variety of weapons
  • The trailer at the back can be an MG, SAM, or the Flak cannon

APC details:

  • Based on Russian BRDM-2
  • Top speed of 63.0mph when fully upgraded
  • Smooth engine sound
  • Team-oriented vehicle


7. Buzzard

Buzzard offensive power: 

Next, we have one of my personal favorites on this list, the Buzzard attack chopper. This helicopter is inspired by an attack variant of the MH-6 little bird. 

It is priced at $1,750,000, and it comes equipped with two miniguns and rocket launchers. The Buzzard is a fast nimble helicopter with quick movement and is easy to land. It has quick maneuverability that makes it easier to dodge incoming missiles even if they are locked on. 

Although it is not durable, it can survive a decent amount of gunshots before going down. 

What makes Buzzard great for offense: 

  • Quick movement
  • Powerful machine guns that can destroy vehicles in a few seconds
  • Can fire two missiles in succession that lock onto the target
  • Less reload time

Buzzard details:

  • Good capacity for cargo and passengers
  • Single turboshaft engine
  • Based on MH-6 little bird


6. Vigilante

Vigilante offensive power: 

The Vigilante is a custom two-door car that is primarily based on the Batmobile from 1989 The Batman, directed by Tim Burton. Yes, you can drive the Batmobile in GTA online for a price of $3,750,000. 

Looking at the price tag you can understand why only Bruce Wayne owned this vehicle. The Vigilante has decent acceleration and good handling that allows you to speed through the traffic. It is also equipped with a boost that increases the top speed of this machine. You can only apply for one paint job on the car and what better color than black would suit the Batmobile. 

The car is well armored with bulletproof windows preventing the bullets from penetrating. The car comes with Machine guns that cause serious damage due to its firepower and homing missiles that guarantee to destroy your opponents. 

What makes Vigilante great for offense:

  • Well armored
  • Boost that allows the car to catch up or overrun enemies
  • Missiles and machine guns that cause heavy damage
  • Good acceleration and handling
  • Strikes fear into the hearts of the enemies like the caped crusader

Vigilante details:

  • Based on the 1989 Batmobile
  • Top speed can exceed 150mph with the boost
  • Rear engine vehicle
  • Boost only takes 2.5 seconds to recharge


5. B11 Strike Force

B11 Strike Force offensive power: 

Number 5 on this list is another aircraft known as the B11 Strike Force. This attack place is based on the Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II Warthog and is priced at $3,800,000. 

The Strike Force has good acceleration and impressive maneuverability. It is one of the most durable planes in the game and it can withstand 5 homing launcher rockets before being destroyed. Due to its fast speed, it can dodge homing missiles too. The Chaff system in the plane prevents the rockets from locking in on the plane for a limited amount of time. The Flares can disrupt the path of the incoming rockets that are following the B11. It can also release smoke to puzzle the enemy pilot and can make it easier for you to escape. 

The Strike Force comes with a variety of weapons. It can be equipped with a Gatling gun that fires explosive rounds and does incredible damage. Two different missiles can also be installed like the homing missiles that lock onto opponents and the missile barrage that shoots multiple rockets in quick succession. You can also drop different types of bombs on the enemies on the ground. When it comes to firepower, this plane is the whole package. 

What makes it great for offense: 

  • Good acceleration and maneuverability 
  • Durable and resilient against bullets
  • A variety of offensive and defensive techniques 
  • Different bombs can be dropped including gas bombs, explosives, and incendiary

B11 strike force details:

  •  Based on the Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II Warthog
  • Top speed of 163.75mph
  • Powered by two turbofan engine
  • Strong air brakes


4. Toreador

Toreador offensive power: 

Next, we have is the Car that can turn into a submarine, the Toreador. This car is based on the Lamborghini Marzal concept car and is priced at $3,660,000. 

This four-door has decent handling and top speed on land. When in submarine mode, the car travels slower than most speed boats but still at an impressive speed. It can go to a certain depth, as it has a quick ascent and descent. It beats the Stomberg with its booster that allows the car to gain speed quickly and is ideal for getaways. 

It can be equipped with a sonar that can be used to find valuable cache under the sea. Unlike many cars, the Toreador is a lot more durable as it can withstand 6 homing rockets before being destroyed. This car is equipped with machine guns, homing rockets on land, and torpedos when in submarine mode to take out enemies under the ocean. 

What makes Toreador great for offense:

  • Four-door capacity
  • A fast car with good acceleration
  • Boost equipped
  • Submarine like characteristics
  • A vast arsenal of weapons
  • Classy, stylish look
  • Many customizations available 

Toreador details: 

  • Based on Lamborghini Marzal
  • Top speed of 135.25mph
  • Rear-wheel layout


3. Khanjali Tank

Khanjali offensive power: 

Kicking off the top 3 on this list is the Khanjali tank. This unique design is inspired by the PL-01 Polish light tank. The Khanjali is priced at $3,850,350. 

It has faster movement than the Rhino and good handling, making it a good performer on off-road surfaces as well. It can make quick turns to obliterate enemies from all directions with its huge arsenal. In stock form, it can sustain the same amount of damage as the Rhino tank, but when fully upgraded with armor, it can withstand twice as much damage as the Rhino. Due to its lightweight, it can crush over vehicles without causing them to explode, thus preventing the tank from being damaged. 

The primary weapon on the tank is the cannon, which is operated by the driver and destroys vehicles in a single shot. A railgun cannon can be installed that shoots a projectile much farther and faster than the regular cannon. The front passenger has access to a mounted machine gun like the one in the Insurgent Pickup. Rear passengers can have the access to grenade launchers, that can throw projectiles at a distance. The tank can also be equipped with proximity mines to take out enemies tailing you from behind. 

What makes Khanjali great for offense:

  • Quick, fast movement
  • Well armored 
  • Huge arsenal of weapons
  • Off-road capabilities

Khanjali tank details: 

  • Based on the PL-01 polish light tank
  • Top speed of 42.00mph when fully upgraded
  • Powered by two diesel engines
  • Stealth body


2. Oppressor MK 2

Oppressor MK 2 offensive power: 

Number 2 on this list is Oppressor MK 2. This upgraded variant of the Oppressor is based on the BMW R1200GS Adventure Hover ride concept bike and is priced at $3,890,250. The bike also takes inspiration from the movie Looper. 

The bike handles like a normal motorbike in hover mode, reaching a maximum top speed of 130mph. It can perform quick turns and has nimble movement. In flying mode it can hit a top speed of 110mph, It has a thruster to get the extra speed and can take you to areas that are impossible to reach by road. This bike is fast and has all the requirements of the deadly vehicle, just lacking in the armor. It has the Chaff system that disrupts incoming missiles that are locked onto you. It can also be equipped with flares that divert the direction of incoming rockets. The smoke countermeasure can disturb the enemy's vision, allowing you to escape from a difficult situation.     

The oppressor can be equipped with machine guns that have a fast firing rate, a Gatling gun that can shoot explosive ammo, and homing missile launchers to get a confirmed kill on the opponents. 

What makes Oppressor great for offense:

  • Quick movement
  • Flight advantage
  • Good top speed with the thruster
  • Many upgrades available 
  • Impressive arsenal 
  • All in one package on a bike

Oppressor MK 2 details:

  • Based on the BMW R1200GS Adventure Hover ride concept bike
  • Can hit a top speed of 135mph
  • Powered by a turbo engine connected to a parallel twin engine


1, Hydra

Hydra offensive power: 

Topping this list is the iconic aircraft, the Hydra. This aircraft is largely based on the British Aerospace Harrier II and is priced at $3,990,000. 

The Hydra comes with its unique design and color, only available in a light grey camo. In horizontal flying mode, the Hydra has the highest top speed in the game. The hydra is much easier to control in VTOL mode as it hovers and has quick maneuverability. It can fly through tight spaces and dodge incoming attacks without any trouble. The VTOL mode also makes it easier to land a jet of that size and speed. This plane is just as durable as its competitors even without any upgrades. The only downside of this plane is the lack of countermeasures. 

It is equipped with two deadly weapons, cannons that fire at a fast rate to obliterate enemies and homing missiles that grant you a guaranteed kill. 

What makes Hydra great for offense:

  • Quick movement 
  • Good armor
  • VTOL mode
  • Unique and classy design
  • Easy to control
  • Deadly arsenal

Hydra details: 

  •  This aircraft is largely based on the British Aerospace Harrier II 
  • Single turbojet engine equipped with an afterburner
  • Same interior as the Lazer
  • Top speed of 209.25mph

Those were the top 10 vehicles for offensive use to make people rage quit. I hope this list helps you find what you are looking for!


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