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best bikes to drive on one wheel because who needs two

Bikes are an essential part of GTA Online. There are many types of motorbikes available to drive, depending on your preference. Some are priced at a low cost while some are extremely expensive, differing in specifications and modifications. In this list, we will be looking at the best 5 Bikes that can be used for performing wheelies. The Bikes would be ranked according to their ability to wheelie, their overall performance, and their affordability.

5. Bati 801

At number 5 on the list, we have the Bati 801.

Being one of the fastest bikes in the game, the Bati 801 is perfect for you if you are a new player. It has excellent acceleration and impressive handling, allowing players to perform wheelies at high speed. Although try to perform them on long straight roads as a minor collision at high speed and this bike will throw you off. Regardless, Bati 801 is much more stable than the other bikes in the price range. 

The Bati 801 can be bought for a price of $15,000.

What makes Bati 801 great:

  • Excellent acceleration and top speed
  • Impressive handling
  • Good wheelies on a straight road
  • Cost-effective

Bati 801 details:

  • Sporty design
  • Classy rims
  • Many modifications available 
  • Low pitch engine tone


4. Manchez

Next, we have on the list is the Manchez. While it cannot perform wheelies at high speeds, the Manchez can do wheelies at slow speeds comfortably.

The player can perform a wheelie at a slow speed and gradually accelerate, making you go faster as you wheelie. You have to be careful with the handling and braking while performing wheelies with this bike as they are not the strongest aspect of this bike while on a single wheel. This bike is ideal for long-distance wheelie challenges as the rider can pull back without falling on their back. 

The Manchez can be purchased for a price of $67,000. 

What makes Manchez great:

  • Long distance wheelies
  • Good at performing wheelies at slow speeds
  • Low cost
  • Smooth ride 
  • Capable on off-road surfaces 

Manchez details:

  • Single-cylinder engine coupled to a 5-speed gearbox
  • Similar design to a Sanchez
  • Designed to be an off-road bike
  • Many modifications available 


3. BF400

At Number 3 we have the BF400. Being a rally bike, this is one of the best-performing bikes in the game as it excels in plenty of areas.

Acceleration might not seem fast enough but the top speed can be achieved comfortably due to its lightweight bodywork and extremely good handling. It is an agile bike and is proficient in absorbing suspension. This bike can bounce and land easily without throwing the player off. With full modifications, this bike has one of the highest top speeds on land, despite being a rally bike. 

The BF400 can be purchased for $95,000.

What makes BF400 great:

  • Great top speed when fully modified 

  • Commendable handling
  • Lightweight bodywork to achieve top speed quickly
  • Agile and can sustain bounces
  • Good wheelie time at high speeds

BF400 Details:

  • Many modifications available 
  • Powered by a single-cylinder engine coupled to a 5-speed gearbox 
  • High-revving engine sound
  • Rally design


2. Hakuchou

Just below the number 1 spot, we have the Hakuchou. Powered by a strong engine, the Hakuchou has one of the finest accelerations in the game and a remarkable top speed even without upgrades. 

Its top speed can also be increased by performing wheelies at a certain speed. Being one of the fastest bikes in the game, it has one downside, which is its handling. Due to the bike's heavy weight, it is difficult to turn at high speeds. It has a wide turning circle that prevents the bike from making sharp turns, hence it is ideal for straight road drives. 

The Hakuchou is priced at $82,000.

What makes Hakuchou great:

  • Remarkable acceleration and top speed
  • Great at performing wheelies
  • Ideal for straight roads
  • Heavy body to maintain high speed

Hakuchou details:

  • Engine coupled to a 6-speed gearbox
  • Same engine sound as Akuma
  • Similar design to that of the PCJ 600


1. Cliffhanger

At the number one spot, we have the Cliffhanger. This bike has everything. It has a commendable top speed and acceleration, paired with its decent handling to make sharp turns at high speeds. This bike can also perform wheelies at high speeds without any problem. It is also able to perform stoppies at a long distance. The bike has a unique western look to it. With high handlebars and a lower seat. 

The cliffhanger can be purchased for $225,000. 

What makes it great:

  • High top speed
  • Decent acceleration 
  • Impressive handling 
  • Western stylish design
  • Ability to perform wheelies and stoppies

Cliffhanger details:

  • Based on Harley Davidson XR-750
  • Chopper-like appearance 
  • Thinner, more sleek design 
  • Many modifications available 

These were my top 5 picks for Bikes to perform decent wheelies and show off in front of your friends. I hope this list helps you out!

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