[Top 5] GTA Online Best Vehicle Warehouse Locations To Own

Best Vehicle Warehouse locations in GTA Online
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With the introduction of Import/Export DLC back in 2016, players were able to expand their business ventures across Los Santos by acquiring a Vehicle Warehouse.

Sourcing, stealing, and then delivering are the steps that you need to carry out successfully in order to build exceptional wealth from the business. One aspect that helps in doing all the above steps conveniently is the Vehicle Warehouse’s location.

You will need to keep in mind that whatever Vehicle Warehouse location you choose, it should be easily accessible, and you shouldn’t have to go well beyond your comfort level to outrun stubborn enemies. Plus, easy access for the Cargobob is also preferred, as using it to deliver vehicles is going to add a ton of benefits in terms of dealing with possible vehicle damage.

This article focuses on the 5 best Vehicle Warehouse locations across Los Santos that are going to have the best ROI, with the added benefit of having an ideal locality. 


5. LSIA Vehicle Warehouse

Start at 6:18

Price: GTA$ 2,170,000

Situated beside the Los Santos Customs on Greenwich Parkway, next to LSIA, the LSIA Vehicle Workshop is distanced reasonably from all the CEO offices and vehicle source/delivery locations.

It’s a good choice because:

  • North bound, the Greenwich Parkway is a straight road that connects to Dutch London Street, a major road in the city.
  • It has a big space in front for landing a helicopter.
  • A Cargobob can be spawned close by at an LSIA helipad.


4. Murrieta Heights Vehicle Warehouse

Start at 2:15

Price: GTA$ 2,850,000

The Murrieta Heights Vehicle Warehouse is located right off the Del Perro Freeway in East Los Santos. It’s the most expensive warehouse in the game, but it comes with its benefits.

It’s a good choice because:

  • Its access from the nearby freeway is reasonably easy.
  • Some of the vehicle source/delivery missions are in close proximity to the warehouse.
  • The area in front is sufficient for landing a helicopter.
  • The traffic congestion in the area is relatively lower. 


3. Davis Vehicle Warehouse

Start at 4:28

Price: GTA$ 2,495,000

The Davis Vehicle Warehouse is located at the iconic address of Grove Street. It’s easily accessible from Strawberry and Davis Avenue; two wide and spacious roads.

It’s a good choice because:

  • Reaching it is quite easy, and you don’t have to remember specific exits from any freeway.
  • It’s very close to the downtown area with CEO offices.
  • The common spots for stealing and delivering vehicles are at comparatively short distances.
  • The warehouse has sufficient space in front to land a helicopter. 


2. La Mesa Vehicle Warehouse

Start at 8:38

Price: GTA$ 1,500,000

The La Mesa Vehicle Warehouse is sited just off the exit from Del Perro Freeway before Innocence Avenue, while south bound. You can expect to use the Del Perro Freeway excessively for making your way to the warehouse during source missions.

It’s a good choice because:

  • It’s the cheapest and best value for money.
  • Though it’s slightly far from the downtown area, the roads that link to La Mesa are quite wide and easy to navigate.
  • You can deliver your vehicles by taking alternative routes that don’t pass through congested areas.
  • The landing space for a helicopter in front of the warehouse is tolerably sufficient. 


1. La Puerta Vehicle Warehouse

Start at 2:59

Price: GTA$ 2,735,000

Located on Mutiny Road in La Puerta, the La Puerta Vehicle Warehouse is the best choice for a Vehicle Warehouse. It’s definitely on the expensive side, but the advantages of owning it heavily outweigh the steep price.

It’s a good choice because:

  • It’s conveniently accessible from the La Puerta Freeway, which also connects to Del Perro Freeway.
  • The Marina Helipad in Vespucci is a stone throw away from it, meaning you can spawn a Cargobob nearby.
  • The open space in front of the warehouse is abundant, and a helicopter can be landed without breaking a sweat.
  • It’s centrally located and, on average, closest to all the CEO offices.
  • It’s got the shortest routes for some of the common source and sell spots across the map.  


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