[Top 6] GTA Online Best Arcade Locations To Buy

GTA Online Best Arcade Locations
Which is best arcade location to buy in GTA Online?

GTA Online has a fairly large range of different businesses that players can purchase to make lots of money, with many being used as a front to hide criminal activity, The Arcade business that players can buy is no different, but you can also make a fair amount from just the money that the Arcade returns if a proper amount of arcade machines has been purchased. Below is a list of the 6 best arcade locations to buy in GTA Online, and I’ve gone about covering all of the arcades that you can buy so that players can look through and compare each one easily. So go and have a look, I guarantee that you’ll find the best arcade for your needs.


6. Videogeddon

Being the 4th most expensive arcade, costing players $1,875,000, it’s highly praised by the majority of GTA players for being the closest arcade to the Casino. Because the arcade is heavily used in the Diamond Casino heist, there’s a lot of going backwards and forwards between the Casino and the arcade.

This makes the Diamond Casino Heist highly suitable for it’s 2-minute drive, whereas other arcade locations will cause you to travel across the entire map! Plus, getting the La Mesa arcade is great if you’re into references from Rockstar’s previous games! This is because Videogddon appears in both Grand Theft Auto 4 and also in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. Below is a list of why I think you should get La Mesa arcade:

  • One of the better locations for the Casino heist
  • Inside the city and near cheap 10-car garages
  • Right beside a Los Santos Customs
  • Easy access to the highway


5. Eight-Bit Vinewood

Being the most expensive arcade in GTA, costing players $2,530,000, it’s got the best looking exterior and a fairly decent location for the price. It’s location in the upper region of the city gives you easy access to the Casino, and also places you close by to the cheapest CEO office. If you’re a fan of having your businesses close by to each other, and don’t mind spending the extra $1,000,000, then this is the right location to buy. Here’s my reasons why the Eight-Bit Vinewood arcade is suitable for you:

  • Straightforward drive to and from the city
  • Cool looking exterior and graphics
  • Close to the most commonly purchased CEO office
  • A good way to show off your wealth to other players


4. Insert Coin

Located on the westside of the city, it’s great if you love being by the beach! At $2,345,000, it doesn’t have the best looking exterior and seems a bit dull, however the Arcade has easy access from the main road and is good if you have other businesses or garages around the area. This location is good in my opinion as it’s close enough to allow players to conveniently do the Casino heist, but far enough away from the Casino to let players maximise the Arcade for passive income as well. Here’s what I believe makes this Arcade so great:

  • A decent location and near the beach
  • Good access from main roads
  • Easy drive to the Casino
  • Lets players save some money to upgrade the interior of the Arcade


3. Wonderama

At around $1,565,000, the Wonderama Arcade is one of the fairer priced Arcades in GTA. It’s located far from the city in the desert area of the map, and can be found next to the Grapeseed airstrip. The Wonderama Arcade is also well suited for players who own the Coke Lock Up arcade as they are within a 1 minute driving distance of each other. It’s also worth pointing out that the Wonderama Arcade is located right next to the main highway that goes all around the map, and it just so happens that the Casino is right next to this highway as well!

This makes travelling from the Wonderama Arcade to the Casino and back easy but slow if you’re not using a supercar (that is unless you want to take advantage of the airstrip next to you). I’ve curated a list of the reasons why the Wonderama may be suitable for you below:

  • Close to airstrip
  • A little far but easy to get to the Casino
  • Affordable price
  • A good all-round location.


2. Pixel Pete’s

Being the cheapest Arcade in GTA, as well as the furthest from the Casino, this location is suitable for players on a budget of $1,235,000. This Arcade is more suited for players who hang around the top of the map, only going to the city a few times every session. Because this is the cheapest Arcade, players can invest those savings into more lucrative Arcade machines so that the Arcade makes more passive income, instead of focusing on the heist.

A lot of players also own the bunker situated in the same town as Pixel Pete’s, so this might be a worthwhile investment as having two major businesses right next to each other is invaluable.

  • The cheapest Arcade
  • Great for players who prefer the north of the map
  • Easy access to a helicopter pad
  • Less likely to get killed by other players around this side of the map


1. Warehouse

Costing $2,135,000, the Warehouse Arcade is situated close by to the International airport in the city. Routes to get to and from the Casino are also easy, with players only having to make a few turns within the city to get to the Casino. The exterior of the Arcade is rundown and reminiscent of the good old days when the Arcade was new and thriving, but this is a great location if you’re into creepy looking buildings with graffiti over the exterior walls.

Access to the garage in the Warehouse Arcade is good, but being located on a main road can mean your vehicle may be damaged by other players if left outside. Here’s what makes the Warehouse Arcade perfect for you:

  • Located in the lower-centre of the map
  • A little expensive but has a cool exterior
  • Easy routes to either the Casino or International airport
  • Located well around other businesses in the city that you may own


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