[Top 10] GTA Online Best Motorcycles

Best GTA Motorcycles

With the 10 Year GTA V Anniversary behind us, it is now time to focus on what really matters, and nothing matters more than going 200 mph down the mean streets of Los Santos. In this article, I will be showcasing the top ten motorcycles in GTA Online for new/veteran players.


10. Akuma

Relieve the Glory Days.

See the Akuma in action: 

start at 1:12

What is this Bike

The Akuma was released alongside GTA V back in 2013 and remains one of the fastest bikes available, fitted with a 4-cylinder engine and a short wheel frame for easier wheelies (wheelies make your bikes faster) making this bike the most ideal for new players.

Why is it Good for Stunts

Having a short wheelbase allows for the Akuma to take stunt jumps more effectively, the reason for this is due to the rotation control/speed you get when in the air. When done right, you are able to perform more complex stunts and tricks.

The Akuma is Good for

The Akuma is very good for races, specifically races in the city as Its max top speed can be reached quite quickly without leaning forward.

Great for getting the Achievement/trophy Wheelie rider. The wheelie rider trophy is earned when a player does a wheelie on a bike for at least 500 feet.

A very cheap bike making it easily accessible to the general public.

How to get the Akuma

The Akuma is Available for purchase on the Southern San Andreas Super Autos Website for a low cost of $9,000.


9. Nagasaki Shotaro

GTA x Tron Legacy.

See the Shotaro in Action:

start at 0:45

What is this Bike

The Nagasaki Shotaro is based on the iconic franchise, Tron Legacy. This bike is quite unique as doing a wheelie or leaning forward gives you the same top speed, so it is up to players to choose their preferred method.

Why is it Good for Stunts

When most two-wheel based vehicles do any stunt jumps, they will always be able to get it done easily, this is simple because of how GTA Online physics work (High Maneuverability in the air). A Fully upgraded Shotaro has one of the longest bike frames in the game, making  most heavy landings way less likely to throw you off. 

The Shotaro is Good for

The Shotaro is one of the fastest bikes in GTA Online with a massive top speed of 123.8mph. This bike is best suited for stunts & city races that have medium to long straights. 

This bike is also good for getting around the main city quickly when doing MC Sale missions or in-game lobby events.

Nagasaki Shotaro, like most bikes, is able to do an endless glide when falling from certain heights (very tricky to master).

How to get the Shotaro

If you want the Shotaro, you will need to first complete the adversary mode deadline. You don't have to win in this job, just complete a single match. After this is done you can now buy the Shotaro on Legendary Motorsports for a whopping $2,225,000 there is no trade price available. 


8. Western Cliffhanger

Dirtbike or chopper, that is the question

See the Cliffhanger in Action:

start at 0:13

What is this Bike

The Western Cliffhanger is the first MC DLC bike on this list with a top speed of 124.8mph. This particular brand of bikes has their own unique riding style when driving at a certain speed (1 hand ride).

Why is it Good for Stunts

These types of bikes (chopper) are designed with a modified steering angle and extended forks making the bike's rotation mechanic more controllable. With a more stretched out frame and better suspension than other bikes, the cliffhanger will perform stunt jumps the best.

The Cliffhanger is Good for

In GTA Online, Chopper bikes are best suited for races with long straights or tracks with low to no turns, the reason is simply due to the horrible turning radius choppers have at top speed.  

The Cliffhanger is also good for casual driving with friends or with other crew members in the lobby (riding formation accessible when in a Motorcycle Club). As a veteran I can attest to the cliffhanger being the easiest bike to control in formation riding.

How to get the Cliffhanger

The Western Cliffhanger can no longer be bought on any GTA Online websites but rather can only be bought at the LS car meet from other players (PS5/ Xbox Series X|S). The price will be $225,000 for the base.


7. Pegassi Ruffian

I swear Rockstar is just copy pasting at this point. 

See the Ruffian in Action:

start at 0:02

What is this Bike

The Ruffian is the second Day 1 bike on this list, with a great top speed of 127 mph when doing wheelies. As a game launch vehicle, the Ruffian is extremely cheap and fast making it an ideal purchase for new/returning players.

Why is it Good for Stunts

The ruffian has one of the shortest wheelbase similarly to the Akuma and the Bati 801 and just like these two bikes, the ruffian is able to do all in-game stunts just as well as the others. It is recommended when doing stunt jumps to not lean forward but rather backwards as these bikes sometimes suffer from a clipping glitch that will instantly kill players if they take an incline too quickly.

The Ruffian is Good for

The ruffian is good for all motorcycle races as its offroad traction loss can be mitigated when leaning backwards.

The ruffian is good for new players as its base cost is $10,000 and depending on the version of GTA Online you own can be bought for free.

The ruffian is also good at riding walls and tubes, so you are able to bring it to community/stunt races.

How to get the Ruffian

The Ruffian can be found and stolen on the street of Los Santos or Bought on Southern San Andreas Auto for $10,000.


6. Shitzu Hakuchou 

Modern Day engineering at it's finest.

See the Hakuchou in Action:

start at 0:07

What is this Bike

The Hakuchou is the 6th fastest bike in GTA Online with an astonishing top speed of 134 mph (wheelie). This bike is under the 100k club making it the first mid game tier bike on this list.

Why is it Good for Stunts

The Shitzu Hakuchou is the best bike available for stunts because of its specific design, in particular a more compact build making maneuverability more flexible. 

The Hakuchou is Good for

The hakuchou is excellent for doing complex stunts/tricks mainly because of its compact design and fast rotation mechanic.

The hakuchou at its max speed is able to keep up with the top 3 fastest bikes and sometimes it will even outpace them when tracks have plenty of turns.

The hakuchou is inexpensive making it ideal for new players looking to race professionally.

How to get the Hakuchou

The Shitzu Hakuchou can no longer be bought on any GTA Online websites but rather can only be bought at the LS car meet from other players (PS5/ Xbox Series X|S). The price will be $82,000 at base.


5. Pegassi Bati 801

The image of what everyone thinks a bike looks like.

See the 801 in Action:

start at 0:02

What is this Bike

The Bati 801 has been the fastest bike in GTA Online for many years, only being dethroned by the Hakuchou Drag. This bike is the last of the Day one Trilogy on this list and undoubtedly the most popular, the Bati 801 has a top speed of 135 mph.

Why is it Good for Stunts

The Bati 801 has one of the best wheelie mechanics currently in-game only falling short to no 4 on this list. With a quick 0-60 acceleration, the 801 is perfect for doing consecutive stunts.

The Bati 801 is Good for

The 801 is the number one F2P (free to play) bike in the game, meaning it has the best overall option for all players.

The 801’s handling and grip is the best for bikes, which will be a huge asset in most competitive settings.

How to get the Bati 801

The Bati 801 can be purchased on Southern San Andreas Auto for $15,000. This bike can no longer be stolen on the streets and made into a personal vehicle.


4. Nagasaki BF400

Unleash your inner dirtbike lunatic.

See the BF400 in Action:

start at 2:29

What is this Bike

The Nagasaki BF400 is the first and best dirt bike on this list coming in with a top speed of 137 mph. This bike has a monstrous wheelie oftentimes making it the best option for bike races (HSW vehicles turned off). This bike can be used in two separate race classes OffRoad's and Bikes.

Why is it Good for Stunts

Being only one of four Dirt bikes, The BF400 is fully equipped to handle all obstacles and challenges in its way. With a top-of-the-line shock absorber, stunt jumps, wall rides and even the occasional speed bump are nothing the BF400 can’t handle.

The BF400 is Good for

With a blistering speed of 137 mph, the BF400 is perfect for endurance racing based offroad and on. This bike has zero offroad traction loss so maintaining your top speed won't be too difficult.

Since the BF400 is the best dirt bike it is only natural that it excels in off road areas located in Blaine County.

How to Get the BF400

The BF400 can be purchased on the Southern San Andreas Auto website for $95,000.


3. Maibatsu Manchez Scout

Military grade parts on a 1980 dirtbike, sounds like a gift from the gods.

See the Manchez Scout in Action:

start at 0:59

What is this Bike

The Manchez Scout is one of the newer dirt bikes to be added in recent years and for the longest time had the record for the fastest rideable bike at a top speed of 139.8 mph. This bike is also considered military, so it won’t always show in certain race types.

Why is it Good for Stunts

Being one of only four Dirt bikes in GTA Online, The Manchez follows the same principles as all dirt bikes but gains an extra advantage with it having the ability to make turns when doing wheelies. This basically means you can get the best setup speed for stunts.

The Manchez Scout is Good for

The Scout having a top speed of almost 140 mph, makes it the top contender in all available offroad races.

With the addition of the acid lab DLC, the manchez Scout can now be used as a delivery vehicle.

Perfect vehicle choice for completing lobby wide wheelie events.

How to get the Manchez Scout

The Manchez Scout can be purchased on the War stock Cache & Carry website for a price of $225,000. The Manchez price tag can be further lowered by using the trade price of $168,750.  


2. Shitzu Hakuchou Drag (HSW)

An 8 year old child's dream bike.

See the Hakuchou Drag in Action:

start at 1:24

What is this Bike

The Hakuchou Drag (HSW) is the first and only true drag bike in GTA Online. With a blistering top speed of 157.5 mph, this drag bike is the current fastest motorcycle you can buy but is only available to players on current gen (PS5 and Xbox Series X/S).

Why is it Good for Stunts

The Hakuchou Drag is the worst option for doing stunts on this list as its front to rear wheel length is so long making it quite difficult to maneuver when in the air. However, when you get the timing right, there is no current bike that looks as good as the drag does when you perform a successful stunt/trick.

The Hakuchou Drag is Good for

Keeping faithful to its name, The Hakuchou Drag is one of the top 5 fastest vehicles in GTA Online making it the best choice for Bike races.

The Hakuchou has the fastest 0-60 take off for any bikes making it a good choice for tracks with hairpins or any slowdown areas.

It being the most maneuverable HSW vehicle is perfect for completing Personal Vehicle/HSW Time Trials.

How to get the Hakuchou Drag

The hakuchou Drag can be bought on Legendary Motorsports for $976,000 base and then $1,450,000 for the HSW upgrade. After that you need to upgrade further for the best stats.


1. Oppressor  

What can't the imagination can come up with.

See the oppressor MKII in Action:

start at 4:06

What is this Bike

The oppressor is a weaponized flying bike fitted with 20 homing missiles and various countermeasures. The MK2 is the most popular vehicle in GTA Online as it is often number one on most veteran players' buy list. 

Why is it Good for Stunts

The oppressor, being a flying bike unlocks a whole new batch of stunts other bikes are unable to perform, one such stunt is riding up buildings and not falling off the bike while another is being able to jump over an entire lake without a ramp. 

The Oppressor is Good for

This pseudo flying machine is perfect for getting around Los Santos quickly without giving up too much protection.

The oppressor's next best role and its most used method is that of trolling/griefing other players.

The oppressor when used with a Motorcycle Club is the most effective way of traveling in GTA Online, as you will be able to instantly spawn the bike every 15 minutes.

How to get the Oppressor

The Oppressor can be purchased from Warstock Cache & Carry for a base price of $3,524,000 or $2,650,000 with the unlocked trade price. 

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