Top 5 Reasons Why GTA Online Is So Toxic

Reasons why GTA Online is so toxic
Get out of my face!

Assholes... Assholes everywhere

Like every other multiplayer game, GTA Online has also got its toxic elements. Whether you like it or not, your gameplay experience will get ruined at some point, while roaming around Los Santos, by an irritating rival or a gang of tryhards. 

Many times, you’d just want to avoid misbehavers and not spoil your own mood, but sometimes you have to take charge and reply with a solid dose of ass whooping in return. 

This article discusses the five types of players in GTA Online that make the game toxic.


5. Heist Hasslers

Pathetic sportsmanship

If you want to run a heist in peace, just make sure you have committed players to carry it out with you. Or else, prepare to suffer the worst possible pain of disappointment and grief. 

Why is it that some idiotic players tend to leave when you are painstakingly about to finish the Prison Break heist? Just why?! All those hours you spent waiting for someone to join your heist and now one of the players decides to leave you hanging and dose off right in the middle of the heist. All your efforts went to waste!

It’s just really hard to stand this stupidity sometimes.


4. Race Rammers

Handicapped racers

Gentlemen race with rules and standards; Blockheads try their best not just to lose the race, but also to ram everyone else pointlessly. Unfortunately, chumps of such kind are a bit too common in GTA Online, and you just have to try your best and avoid lurking around them.

Sometimes, you just wish you were the one to push these sorts of numpty racers off the track first. You won’t just do yourself a favor but also save the sanity of other players who just want to have fun by racing. Although, there’s an option to change the race to “Non-Contact”, most of the time the host just isn’t wise enough to turn it on.


3. Cargo Crushers

Lowlife idiots 

Imagine you spent hours filling up your Meth Lab or Nightclub stocks, and one day you decide to finally sell off all your product. Suddenly, while cruising around town delivering parcels in your Post Op van, you encounter an unwanted player snooping around you throwing sticky bombs everywhere around you. That’s when you realize how deep in trouble and helpless you are.

These types of players have nothing better to do than wandering around and finding other players hard at work. Once they find someone selling their stuff, they somehow get triggered to blow off their supply vehicles for literally no reason.


2. Miserable Modders

What's even the point of playing like this?!

The number one reason why GTA Online has become unplayable, and borderline unsafe, for many, is the absence of checks and balances on players who’re lawlessly using mods. In addition, you also have to withstand wannabe tryhards and griefers using mods whose lone objective of playing GTA Online is to provoke other players and ruin their gameplay in exchange for their pathetic gratification. 

Modders, in GTA Online, can: be invincible to damage, spawn ridiculous vehicles, teleport you across the map, cage you with props, keep killing you with explosions and water jets, boot you out of the game, and even get access to your location in real-time. Yes, all of this, and a lot more, without them having to face any repercussions. 


1. Gutless Griefers

The first ones to enter hell

The age-old profession of disgrace in GTA Online is griefing. Whether you’re selling your business product, delivering a vehicle, or simply just minding your own business doing whatever that doesn’t involve the participation of someone else, you will sooner or later encounter a player who’s going to be nosy and aggressive. Players with these kinds of tendencies are called griefers, and they’re the most common form of annoyance in the game.

They just can’t stand the fact that you’re having fun on your own. They can’t have peace and tranquility and their ultimate purpose of playing GTA Online is to nonsensically blow stuff up and spread toxicity.



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