[Top 10] GTA 5 Best House Mods

GTA 5 Best House Mods
Luxury Living is the Norm of GTA 5, if you are broke in real life, well... at least you could live your dreams here in Los Santos!

We have all come across a game that never puts an end to keep impressing us now, haven't we? And if I say Grand Theft Auto 5 is a game that is overqualified for that title, chances are, most of the gamers will agree with that without a debate!

Keep reading on, and you will find out the top 10 best house mods that those talented developers out there have put out for us to live that luxury life we will never have offline!

10. Bel-Air Mansion

GTA5-Breathtaking views of Bel-Air are simply stunning!

Do you want to live that luxury lifestyle of a super-rich millionaire? With many fast cars and your own helipad? Would you like your own mini home cinema and a cozy poolside where you can spend your time with your family? that can be arranged too! say hello to the Bell Air Mansion. One of the most popular and elegantly designed houses you can own in Los Santos!

Take a look at it from this link.




09. Luxury Villa

GTA5-Nothing cools you down like living in a Mansion in the middle of a Lake!

Would you like to take some time off from all the buzz and clamor in the city? After all, Los Santos can be a noisy and lousy place sometimes. Those who have lived there as long as I have can vouch for that! 

Say hello to the Ultra-Detailed villa. You can surround yourself with the billionaire luxury, all while living in a Villa surrounded by a serene lake and a picturesque small forest. Inside this villa is almost heavenly. Designed in a modern manner that will connect you with its surrounding natural beauty, this is a must-have mod for anyone who needs a break in the busy world of GTA. you can get it from here. 



08. Mansion Under the Bridge

GTA5-Sometimes the most absurd place to live is the best place to live

Los Santos is filled with all things bizarre and so very out-of-the-place stuff. If you are a fan of such "oddities", chances are, you will enjoy living in this mansion. Behold the Mansion Under the Bridge.

Located under a bridge that gaps two sides of the famous Zancudo River in San Andreas, this mansion is a futuristic place with mind-blowing attention to detail. Your own helipad, check. Scenic view of the river, check. Vast living space with all the amenities imaginable, check. And the checklist only keeps on going.

You can download it from here.



07. East Coast Sea Trading House

GTA5-come on in and become the life of the party

If you are an admirer of watching the sun set behind the mountain range into the sea, you will love this place. The East Coast Trading House.

Located on the east coast of lost Santos, this place is not meant to be a "trademark" location on the map. Why? Because criminal organizations also use this luxury mansion for their work. It's Los Santos people, nothing surprising to see here. We all know that crime is a business-as-usual thing in the Underbelly of Paradise, as Steve Haines would call it!

The house has several levels, and each level beats the other level in its luxuries and views. The house is embedded with a never-ending party and the whole "Festive" vibe is something that you will never find in any other house in Los Santos.

You can get the mod and enter the party yourself. 



06. Trevor's Log House

GTA5-A much better, and a hygienic alternative to Trevor's trailer

We've all been to Trevor's trailer and let's admit it, it's not the best place to be in now, isn't it? but, you can tear down that rusty old trailer and get Trevor a beautifully constructed log house right there!

The log house is bigger, with a nice view, big garage, a helipad, and of course, a cooking lab for, Trevor's business endeavors (you know what we are talking about)

You can get the mod from here,



05. Madrazo's Beach House

GTA5-Martin Madrazo has a great taste for mansions

Remember that architectural marvel of Martin Madrazo that Michael destroyed early in the game? Eventually, Michael paid back to restore it but it's a shame that none of us can't even visit it afterward in the game.

But as it turns out, Madrazo has another luxury house just like that on the beach! You can go and own it using this link.


It has a beautifully decorated wooden deck where you can relax and watch the sunset over the horizon on the beach. Its interior design will simply take your breath away.


04. Devin Weston's Downtown Penthouse

GTA5-Devin's mansions are just like him, Extravagant

Self-made billionaire Devin Weston has many properties throughout Los Santos and now, you can own one of his most luxurious penthouses in the heartland of Los Santos!

This rooftop luxury house will give you stunning, never-before-seen panoramic views. And you can have your own rooftop garden, cinema, and a heist planning room up there!

You can download it and see for yourself from here.



03. Vinewood House

GTA5-Live like a celebrity in this Vinewood Mansion

Vinewood is the place where dreams come true, and you can own one of the most iconic homes there and dream eternally.

This villa is located in the lovely area of Vinewood hills. And you can have a breathtaking view of the city of Los Santos from there, especially at night! The place has amazing architecture and has plenty of room for you to relax and unwind!

Take a break from that busy city life and go download the mod from here.



02. Millionaire Lake Mansion

GTA5-Beautiful and Breathtaking, Divinely is the best word to describe this place!

Who doesn't like a luxury mansion in a mesmerizing green neighborhood? Surrounded by the greenery and a lake, with all the beautiful and colorful surroundings to lighten up your day. 

What is even better is that this is an all-day party mansion! So you can thrill and relax at the same time! 

Take a look at it from here, and get ready to party all day in the middle of a lake like a proper millionaire!!



01. Top of the World Mansion (Mount Chiliad)

GTA 5-What's the point of owning a Mansion if you can't live in the top of the world?

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could have your own place on the top of the world? imagine all the crazy things that you might do! And if your imagination is not ready for that thought yet, look no further than this mod. Where you can have your very own mansion on the top of Mount Chiliad, the tallest place in San Andreas!

The best thing about this mod is that in this house, apart from all the luxury and amazing views, you can meet your favorite GTA 5 characters like Trevor, Lester, Franklin, Jimmy, and many more too! They are all around the mansion doing various things and you can either join them and have fun or just relax in the sun!

You can download it from here and enjoy it!



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