[Top 10] Fallout 4 Best Mods For Overseer's Guardian

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Shoot your way through the Commonwealth with a gun that fires two bullets at once.

Fallout 4 is a massive game filled to the brim with dangerous and vicious enemies ranging from normal raiders and gunners to the alpha deathclaws. To survive in such a treacherous wasteland of the Commonwealth, the sole survivor must strap themselves with the most powerful guns to stand a chance against the harsh conditions of post-apocalyptic America.

One of the few new additions that Fallout 4 did is the introduction of the “Legendary” class of weapons. These legendary weapons provide the gun with a specific legendary effect to make it even more powerful than its normal counterparts. These legendary effects can range from setting targets on fire, giving each ammo fired an explosive effect, penetrating the enemies’ armor, and even a “never-ending” ammo capacity effect.

However, finding these legendary weapons is a gamble, as each legendary drop is not guaranteed to be good. For example, despite wanting a rifle, you might instead get a machete with radiation damage. Now, you have to find more legendary enemies in the hopes of finding that one weapon with the most broken legendary effect.

If only you could buy them from vendors, that would make life so much easier.

Well, guess what, survivor? You can.

Along with the addition of legendary weapons, Bethesda decided to add a special class of weapons that have guaranteed legendary effects that are sold by vendors. These weapons are called unique weapons, and some of them are overpowered when modded properly.

One of these overpowered weapons is the Overseer’s Guardian, a unique combat rifle with the two-shot legendary effect, effectively allowing you to shoot two projectiles at the same time. This effectively lets you deal double damage to your enemy at the cost of one bullet. It’s simple, yet effectively broken when you invest in it.

See all the mods and the power that comes with it.

Where to Find the Overseer’s Guardian

Overseer's Guardian located in Vault 81

Get the Overseer's Guardian under 20 minutes after leaving Vault 111.

The unique weapon, Overseer’s Guardian, can be found in Vault 81 sold by Alexis Combes, a vendor from the vault. The vault is located slightly west of Diamond City so as long as you head in that general direction, you should see the vault icon on your compass eventually.

To enter the vault, you must either pass a charisma check or pay the vault dwellers 3 fusion cores. You should be able to pay the toll if you’ve been exploring enough, but if not, there’s always the tried and true method of save-scumming.

Alexis Combes (Vault 81) sells the Oversser's Guardian for a pretty penny.

The gun is sold by Alexis for a few thousand caps, so make sure to wear your fashionable glasses, red dress, and militia hat before talking to her. Pop a couple of beers and a grape mentat for the best effect. You should be able to bring the price down to below 2000 caps which is much more affordable.

Modding the Overseer’s Guardian

Aside from the legendary two-shot effect, the great thing about the Overseer's Guardian is its versatility. With the appropriate mods, you could turn this into a long-range sniper rifle, a close-range automatic rifle, or a medium-range semi-automatic rifle

Take into consideration the perks that you have invested in. If you are heavily invested in Commando, it’s best to turn it into an automatic rifle. For Rifleman, go for semi-auto. You could also make a sniper rifle, but since the suppressor requires Gun Nut 4, you won’t be getting that mod anytime soon.

I would suggest turning the Overseer’s Guardian into a medium-range semi-automatic combat rifle to clear out approaching enemies. You can always use a fully modified Hunting Rifle as a sniper. Since their strongest ammo type is different (.50 caliber and .308 caliber), you won’t have to worry about one gun eating more ammo than the other.

The Best Mods for Overseer’s Guardian

10. Long Ported Barrel

Starting with the barrel of the gun, it’s no competition for the long ported barrel. The barrel combines the superior recoil from the short ported barrel with the range from the long light barrel, resulting in the best of both worlds.

The only downside of this barrel is the poor hip-fire accuracy, but to be honest, you should never shoot from the hip unless the enemy is breathing on your face. 


  • Superior Recoil
  • Superior Range
  • Superior Sighted Accuracy


  • Poor Hip-Fire Accuracy

9. Large Quick Eject Mag

What’s not to love about this mod? You get the large magazine that carries 40 ammo per magazine as well a shorter reload time by about 20%. This should be a no-brainer for anyone trying to modify this gun, right?

Well, there is a caveat. Due to the size of the magazine, it will weigh more, which will affect the number of shots you can take in VATS. So if you don’t want to be limited too much in VATS, you can always switch to a medium quick eject mag that weighs less than the large.


  • Large clip size
  • Faster reload speed


  • Heavier weight
  • Decrease the amount of VATS shots

8. Recoil Compensating Stock

Since the purpose of stocks is mainly to reduce the amount of recoil when shooting, it’s no surprise that the stock called “Recoil Compensating Stock” would do just that, and very well too.

Its only weakness would be the heavier weight, which affects your VATS. You can also argue that it is not as good as the Marksman’s Stock as that one has the added effect of better aim with scopes in exchange for worse recoil. You decide which one is best for you.


  • Exceptional recoil


  • Heavier weight
  • Worse aim with scopes compared to the Marksman’s Stock

7. Recon Scope

The aesthetics of the gun and the recon scope do not match at all.

This is where most people split on their beliefs on what the Overseer’s Guardian should be. By equipping it with the Recon Scope, you’ve effectively turned it into a sniper rifle since you can no longer aim down the scope without being taken out of the fight.

But why the Recon Scope? Well, that’s because it has the unique ability to mark enemies, allowing you to track them even when they are out of sight. This is an invaluable trait that’s essential to all snipers out there.

“If it’s so useful, why is it so low then?” That’s because it’s ugly as heck. The color of the scope doesn’t match with the aesthetic of the rifle and you can’t not see its ugliness unless you holster your weapon. For that alone, it dropped to 7th place. The marking thing is still good though.


  • Mark and track enemies
  • Superior sighted magnification and accuracy


  • Ugly as heck

6. .38 Receiver

Most of you probably wondered why I’m even including this receiver on this list. After all, it’s a weak receiver with lower damage than the default receiver it comes with. Well, the beauty of it lies with how abundant the .38 caliber ammo type is. Most, if not all raiders carry this type of ammo, most ammo boxes have a much higher chance to spawn .38 caliber ammo, and vendors sell this ammo for dirt cheap as well.

The ease of getting this ammo type combined with the legendary effect of the Overseer’s Guardian can turn this gun into a very spammable, very trigger-happy sole survivor. Since you’re dealing much more damage with the Overseer’s Guardian, the low damage receiver can still be a force to be reckoned with, perfect for a spray and pray playstyle.


  • Never run out of ammo
  • Spray and pray


  • Weaker damage per shot

5. Muzzle Brake

Looks a bit like a tank gun, doesn't it?

If you’re not aiming to be a sniper and don’t care about being detected the moment you fire the first shot, then there’s no better muzzle than the muzzle brake. The muzzle brake considerably reduces recoil and per-shot recoil in exchange for a shorter range.

If you’re gunning for an automatic or a semi-automatic Overseer’s Guardian, then this is the muzzle you want to go for. It looks pretty badass too since it makes the gun look like a rhinoceros beetle (the best kind of beetle).


  • Exceptional Recoil
  • Better Accuracy


  • Inferior Range

4. Reflex Sight

Possibly the best sight in the game.

In my opinion, the best possible sight that you could put on the Overseer’s Guardian is the dotted reflex sight. Of course, this will only be viable for medium-range combat, but most of the time, you’ll be fighting indoors which doesn’t require long-ranged scopes anyway.

What makes it great is the lightness of the scope and how it doesn’t take you away from combat when you look down the sight. You can shoot up to 5 VATS shots compared to the usual 2 with the scope. Using the appropriate mods, this sight is the best option for most situations.


  • Lighter build
  • Keeps you in the combat


  • No long-range sniping

3. Powerful Automatic Receiver

The strongest mod for anyone itching to turn their Overseer’s Guardian into an automatic weapon. This receiver uses the original .45 caliber ammo, which is less common but can still be bought from vendors for a reasonable price.

I’ll admit, I’ve only tried the Overseer’s Guardian as an automatic weapon only once or twice, but whenever I do, I would have a lot of fun bringing down a torrential assault of bullets on my enemies. However, the worry with ammo never really seems to disappear which is why I’m putting it at 3rd place.


  • Perfect upgrade for a fun playstyle
  • Still stronger than .38 caliber


  • Less common ammo type

2. .308 Receiver

Here we are with the strongest ammo type available for the Overseer’s Guardian. The .308 caliber rounds are what most people use as sniper rounds before they are highly leveled enough to get .50 caliber rounds. Unfortunately, the combat rifle does not take those rounds which prevents them from being the perfect sniper weapons.

Yet, the .308 is still amazingly strong and at most times, more than enough to kill an unsuspecting enemy, especially with the Overseer’s Guardian’s legendary effect. The only caveat here would be the scarcity of .308 rounds to be found in the wild. Enemies very rarely carry .308 rounds so you’ll have to restock your ammo through vendors.

It shouldn’t be ignored that this receiver also increases the fire rate of the weapon. While it won’t be as fast as an automatic weapon, it can still fire impressively quickly.


  • Strongest damage available
  • A faster rate of fire


  • Uncommon ammo type

1. Suppressor

Quiet and deadly. The perfect combination.

Whichever way you decide to take your Overseer’s Guardian, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t put a suppressor on it. The fewer people know about your killing spree, the better chance you’ll have of making sure no one gets to know about it.

The suppressor is just an all-around best muzzle for the combat rifle. Aside from completely silencing your weapon, it even provides exceptional recoil per shot and improved recoil overall. It has the same caveat of reducing the gun’s range by quite a bit, but that should be a fair trade for being a silent snipe ninja.

There is one thing that prevents you from getting this mod, which is your level. You will need Gun Nut 4 to get the suppressor and that requires you to be level 39. If you want to just buy the suppressor from vendors, you can, but they are especially rare. It’s probably faster to spend a perk point and get Gun Nut 4 than cycling through vendors.


  • Complete silence
  • Exceptional recoil
  • Increases damage through Ninja and Mister Sandman


  • Late in the game to get
  • Heavier loadout
  • Poor range

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