[Top 5] Fallout 4 Best Power Armors In The Game (Early To Late Game)

Best Fallout 4 Power Armor


The Fallout series had a lot of icons, but none of them- stand out more than Power Armor. A gigantic suit made from steel and lead protects the wearer not only from ballistic but also from energy and radiation damage. Power armor has been featured on the cover of every Fallout game. Rightfully so. When venturing into the wasteland, you need all the protection you can get, and Power Armor sends a strong message to your enemies that you should not be trifled with.  


Power Armor frame (needed for all levels)

Fallout 4 Power Armor frame. 

You can’t use power armor without its frame. The frame provides the canvas for your suit to build upon. The frame also provides a large boost to strength and negates fall damage. You can buy a Power Armor frame from various vendors like CLEO in Goodneighbor, or you can find abandoned frames in unmarked locations across the commonwealth. 


  • Negates fall damage. 
  • Large boost to strength.
  • Increased melee and unarmed damage from the boost strength- making it ideal for melee builds. 


  • Doesn’t offer much protection.
  • It still requires a fusion core.

Model T-45 Power Armor (best for early game)

T-45 Power Armor wielding the assault rifle.

Although the T-45 Power Armor is the weakest Power Armor in Fallout 4 it still holds a special place. This is the first set of Power Armor that most new players will get. If players follow the main quest and speak to Cosworth, he will instruct the player to head to Concord, starting the quest “When Freedom Calls.” The T-45 power armor provides adequate protection from early-game enemies. However, its low durability makes it not viable for large fights.  

The T-45 provides for a base damage, energy, and radiation resistance of 100, 60, and 150. 


  •  Substantial ballistic, energy, and radiation protection for early game.  
  • You get a full set during The Freedom Calls quest. 
  • Free minigun. 


  • Quickly breaks. 
  • Requires material you may not have in the early game.


Model T-51 Power Armor  (Best for mid-game)

T-51 Power Armor posing outside of the Malden Middle School.

The often-forgotten middle child of Power Armor, but that does not make The model T-51 Power Armor a slouch. It still delivers a punch and more than necessary protection during the early mid-game. However, it usually gets surpassed by its successor, the T-60, rather quickly. The often-forgotten middle child of Power Armor, but that does not make The model T-51 Power Armor a slouch. It still delivers a punch and more than necessary protection during the early mid-game. However, it usually gets surpassed by its successor, the T-60, rather quickly. You can find an almost full set of T-51 power armor on Clint in the Quincy Ruins overpass. You can also buy a full set from Rowdy at the Atom Cats Garage or one of the many vendors in the game.  In addition, you can find the Power Armor at random spots in the commonwealth.  


  • Offer better protection than the T-51. 


  • Gets quickly surpassed by T-60. 
  • Surprisingly uncommon.

Model T-60 Power Armor  (Best for mid/ late game)

Brotherhood of Steel Knights wearing T-60 Power Armor.

The T-60 power armor is one of the most iconic sets of power armor in Fallout 4- being featured on the front cover and worn by Fallout's militant faction, the Brotherhood of Steel. The T-60 power armor is hard to miss with its striking and outward intimidating appearance. But not only does the T-60 look intimidating, but it is also steadfast and hardy. The T-60 power armor provides a base resistance of 180 damage, 120 energy, and 150 radiation.   

Moreover, you can find the four full sets of T-60 aboard the Prydwen- you can also buy a full suit of T-60 power armor from Brotherhood scribe, proctor Teagan, or Rowdy at the Atom Cats Garage. Or you can loot the armor from the corpses of fallen brotherhood members.  


  • Third most easily obtainable Power Armor. 
  • A wide array of upgrades. 


  • Worse than the X-01.


Model X-01 Power Armor (Best for late game)

Model X-01 Power Armor with the institute paint job 

Model X01 Power Armor was left by the Enclave, America’s secret shadow government that puppeteered the Pre-war nation and claimed the right to the land after the bombs. The X-01 power spawns after the player reaches level 28. There are several locations where you can obtain the armor:   

A complete set of X-01 power armor can be found behind a locked door at Fort Hagen Hangar. Moreover, you can find another complete set at the unmarked location, the “lucky 28” rooftop and another can spawn near the Murkwater Construction Site settlement.  

With the power armor manufactured by the Enclave, its quality and protection are second to none in Fallout. However, it is important to know that the protection that X-01 provides is also level-dependent. Depending on your level- one of the six Mk will spawn. On average, the X-01 Power Armor will provide 220 Damage Resistance, 140 energy resistance, and 150 radiation resistance.    


  • Offers the most durability and protection.
  • The most intimidating power armor.


  • Rare, making it hard to find pieces or a complete set.

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