[Top 10] Fallout 4 Best Companion Mods You Must Have

Fallout 4 Best Companion Mods
A scout and their trusty, robotic companion scanning the wastes.

Companions. A wonderful, and arguably central part of Fallout 4. They happily (most of the time) follow you into whatever God-forsaken, radioactive beast infested building you happen to waltz into and help you fight said beasts and maybe even pick a lock on a door or crack the code to a terminal that you will then go in and reap all the benefits from. Why settle for the bare minimum when it comes to your companions? They aren't simply wasteland labor, they're your FRIENDS. Give them a little something extra with these top 10 best Fallout 4 companion mods.


10. Everyone’s Best Friend

Check out Everyone's Best Friend out here!

Everyone’s Best Friend is a mod that fixes an obvious goof in the vanilla version of Fallout 4. That goof would be the fact that Dogmeat counts as an entire companion. Which yes, he absolutely is a companion as all dogs are. However Dogmeat has no opinions on anything, no conversational skills (duh), no real goal or agenda. Human and synth companions do of course and this makes them the most useful companions. This mod allows an extra, speaking, conversational companion of your choice to accompany you and your trusty K-9 friend.So where Dogmeat slacks in combat and conversation or moral standing, your human friend can assist. The mod makes the game more enjoyable by:

Combat Assistance

Dogmeat can assist in combat per usual but then your other companion can then assist you in attacking the enemy. This is very helpful in battles with powerful boss enemies.


Dogmeat makes a great companion without having to worry about appeasment. 


The classic survivor-and-their-trusty-dog is in full swing as it is but you can also add another companion to the duo thus making a small squad.


Get the mod here!


9. Dogmetal

Check out Dogmetal in action here!

Dogmetal replaces Dogmeat with a robot dog or a pack of three robot dogs if you fancy. These robo K9’s are customizable, fierce in combat, and upgradeable. Whether it’s a cute, metallic, companion you’re after or a robotic, bloodthirsty, loyal, killing machine, Dogmetal leaves that choice to you. The only arguable downside to this mod is the fact that it replaces the living, breathing Dogmeat. However the replacement still functions and acts like Dogmeat but now it adds to the game in the following ways:


Customizability is extensive and personalizable. What your robot companion looks like can change as much as you have the time and parts to support.

Environmental Immunities

Radiation and poison are only dangerous if you have a blood stream. Take that out of the picture and enemies like the stingwing or the glowing ones lose a good chunk of their attack power against their opponent.  Very handy in irradiated areas with radioactive, especially powerful, and venomus enemies.

Stronger Attack Power

It shouldn't be a surprise that robotic K9 jaws have a much stronger bite than a normal dog would. Dogmetal is the apex version of what Dogmeat can only ever dream of being.


Get the mod here!


8. Visible Affinity

Check out Visible Affinity in action here!

Visible Affinity is a very simple mod. It simply displays exactly how much your companions’ affinity changes through your actions and responses. Where the normal game doesn’t allow you to monitor companion affinity and only shows a small box telling you how the companion felt about your action. Visible Affinity improves this function and gameplay by:

Tracking Progress

Being able to monitor your relationship with your companions as closely as this mod allows is a must have for immersion.

Careful Relationship Sculpting

This mod gives you the ability to shape your relationship with your companions much more intimately.


Get the mod here!


7. Unlimited Companion Framework

Watch Unlimited Companion Framework in action here!

Doesn’t the wasteland feel lonely and unwelcoming? Even with a good companion following you around it could still get stale, lonely. Unlimited Companion Framework fixes that by letting you take 15 companions with you at a time. It’s your own private little army as well traveling party. Unlimited Companion Framework makes the game more enjoyable by:

Building Affinity en Masse

15 companions allows for a lot of interaction at once with all of your companions and this helps build your relationships quickly.

Your Own Private Fighter Group

Lots of reinforcements in combat.

More People=More Materials 

Lots of people to carry all the junk that’s weighing you down means much lighter travels for you and many more materials to be carried at a time by your companions.


Get the mod here!


6. Ellen the Cartographer

Watch Ellen the Cartographer in action here!

Do you ever miss New Vegas? Not necessarily the gameplay (which of course is super good but that isn’t the point here) but just the general tone and atmosphere of the game? The desertous wastes and the strange people. This mod is probably that little bit of New Vegas you’re looking for. Ellen the Cartographer is an originally voice acted character companion hailing from New Vegas with a load of features that make her a complete, interesting, and enjoyable addition such as:

Custom Voice Acted

The voice of Ellen is custom voice acted with over 1200 unique lines.

New, Original Quest

A custom voice acted, original quest comes with this mod as well.

Fully Developed Affinity System

A developed, complex affinity system with the option for romance are also incorporated into Ellen the Cartographer.


Get the mod here!


5.Companion Overhaul 9000 GTX Supernova

Check out the Companion Overhaul 9000 GTX Supernova in action here!

It’s unfortunate when a companion you like on a practical level doesn’t look very cool at all. Whether it be what they’re wearing or their hair cut or maybe you think they just have a dumb face, they just for one reason or another they just look. . . whack.The Companion Overhaul 9000 GTX Supernova is the answer to these woes.This mod is an extensive overhaul on all companion appearances. All companions are edited to look much more stylistic and fashionable. This mod enhances gameplay by:


Immersion is improved with an upgraded wardrobe for your companions.

Updated Looks

Companions all have an updated facial appearance and hairstyle.

Realistic Faces

Characters all look more believable and appealing.


Get the mod here!


4. Heather Casdin

Check out Heather Casdin in action here!

Much like Ellen the Cartographer, Heather Casdin is a unique, custom voice-acted, companion. Heather Casdin is a character with a deep, lore friendly story as well as over 1200 custom voiced lines. This mod comes with a load of other features that make the game more enjoyable such as:

Original voice acting 

Heather Casdin is originally voice acted and has over 1200 lines of dialogue.

Mobile Trading

Heather Casdin also has merchant services and unique goods that you can purchase. Full trading and merchant mechanics.

The Story

Deep, lore friendly story with original quests and deep character development with Heather Casdin


Get the mod here!


3. Atomic Radio and Tales from the Commonwealth

Check out Atomic Radio and Tales from the Commonwealth in action here!

Atomic Radio isn’t a companion mod but a great lore-friendly pre-war radio station that accompanies all of the greatness that is this mod. Tales from the Commonwealth brings loads of new NPC’s, quests, companions, and many other great features such as:

Quest Content

Loads of new, original quests centered within lore of the Fallout 4 universe.


Loads of new companions just eager to hit the road and pump raiders full of lead.

Immersion and Lore

An all new lore-friendly pre-war radio station, Atomic Radio with an originally voice acted radio host.


Get the mod here!


2. The Machine and Her

Watch The Machine and Her in action here!

The Machine and Her is a mod that could quite honestly be its own DLC. It features a several hour long questline and an original voice-acted, complex companion with a customizable affinity. Not much else can be said without spoilers however a few other elements that make this mod great are:

Quest Content

4-5 hours worth of gameplay in the story alongside your custom voice acted companion.

Reactive Story Telling

The story, certain events, and its' outcome all depend on your decisions and dialogue choices. 

Radio Station

A new radio station is featured with this mod, increasing immersion and shaking it up musically for the player.


Get the mod here!


1. Amazing Follower Tweaks

Check out Amazing Follower Tweaks in action here!

This mod is almost a shmorgus board of all of the other mods featured on this list. It puts the entire personality and behavior of the companions, NPC’s, and settler commands and that’s just to name a few aspects of this mod. Amazing Follower Tweaks allows the world to be completely shaped to the players’ desire. A few of the other features include:

AI Tweaks

The AI of your companions can be tweaked to best fit your specific preferences. Appearances, behaviors, strategies and MANY other aspects can be atltered at your discresion. 

Multiple followers

More than one follower at a time may follow you around, providing more manpower and reinforcements.

Auto scrapping of settlements.

Entire settlements can now be scrapped instantly as opposed to the tedious, one-by-one picking out of every individual piece of junk literring the ground.


Get the mod here!

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