[Top 10] Fallout 4 Best Combat Mods

Fallout 4 Best Combat Mods
Those explosions never get old...

There is an enourmous amount of weapons at your disposal when it comes to combat in Fallout 4.

Depending on how you wanna play it, you can lug around a rocket propelled sledge hammer or run through the streets blasting away your foes with a shotgun and everything in between. And that's just in the base game.

Unfortunately, like many first person shooters tend to, Fallout 4's combat can begin to feel a bit stagnant to players. Don't you worry that sweet, little head though.

Many other player's sharing these same grievances took it upon themselves to create TONS of mods aimed at improving the many different aspects of Fallout 4's combat.

Here are the top 10 best combat mods for Fallout 4.

10. Weapons of Fate

The tracers of the bullets light up dark battlegrounds.

Check out Weapons of Fate in action here!

The Weapons of Fate mod makes bullets and ballistic mechanics operate more realistically; i.e, every bullet fired has its own trajectory calculated by a certain set of circumstances. Every bullet fired also no longer disappears after flying a certain distance. Rather, their altitude begins to decline as they make their way to the ground.

What's Great About Weapons of Fate:

Realism and Intensity

Making a more realistic and intense experience when in combat.


Creating a more immersive gameplay experience by adding an extra layer to the depth of the gameplay mechanics.

Challenging Combat

Making the enemies throughout the game operate under these mechanics as well making the game more challenging as a result.


Get the mod here!


9. Arbitration

Zoomin into battle.

Check out Arbitration in full swing right here!

Arbitration is a mod that puts emphasis on tweaking the entire nature of combat in Fallout 4 in a variety of ways such as improved combat AI, increased grenade detection distance, improved fall damage, increased walk speed and many more. Every option can be toggled on or off so the player can pick and choose which features they use. Arbitration improves the combat and makes the game more fun by:

Enemy AI Tweaking

Giving the player the option to make the enemy AI more strategic and intelligent.

Combat Tweaking

Making a customizable immersive experience for the player where they can make the game easier or more unforgiving.

Stealth Tweaking

Improving stealth by including different stealth tweaking options.


Get the mod here!


8. Rain of Brass

The aftermath of a rain of bullets on a nearby building.

Check out Rain of Brass in action here!

Rain of Brass is a mod centered around immersion when it comes to the combat in Fallout 4. Rain of Brass makes the empty shell casings from every fired bullet in a battle litter the ground as well as other effects from fired bullets on the environment such as long range bullet and impact effects. This mod improves the gameplay experience by:


Making a more immersive experience by increasing the effect of a gun battle on the environment. This in turn, makes a much more intense aftermath after big battles with bullet holes and impact marks littered on the walls and the empty bullet casings strewn all over the ground.

Visual Affects

Bullets fired are visible after being fired for a longer time. This also adds immersion by creating a more realistic visual experience in combat.


Improved atmosphere and player control through adjustable 3rd and 1st person appearances as well as improved shadows on the player and NPC’s.


Get the mod here!


6. Tactical Distraction System

Get's em every time...

Check out the Tactical Distraction System in action here!

The Tactical Distraction System is a mod designed to allow the player to lure their enemies to them during combat. This mod is especially effective when using stealthy playstyles as it allows the player to not give away their location by moving towards the enemy as is typically the norm in the vanilla version of Fallout 4. The Tactical Distraction System makes combat and gameplay more enjoyable by:

New Stealth Mechanics

Using the same type of luring mechanics as the Metal Gear Solid franchise. I.E; the player is able to lure the enemy out into the open to be disposed of however the player sees fit. 


Creating a more immersive experience for the player by making the stealth in the game more interactive and versatile. Luring can be carried out in different ways and the player also is able to utilize the cover of shadows much better than in the vanilla version. 

Customizeable Use 

Giving the player options on how to use this mechanic. Meaning the player may use different distraction tactics such as a whistle or throwing bolts to an area to draw enemies to certain locations. 


Get the mod here!


5. Live Dismemberment

"'Tis only a flesh wound!"

Watch Live Dismemberment in action here!

There are probably two initial parties to this entry on the list. Those whose response to this mod is: “Fallout 4 is already extremely violent and gory as it is. Why add more gore?” and those who are fans of excessive violence in their games and upon seeing the name “Live Dismemberment” are very intrigued. However, this mod will be a great addition for either of these parties as its focus isn’t on making the game more gory or more disturbing but rather increasing the effects of injury and crippled enemy limbs in battle. The mod improves combat by:

Gruesome and Intense Combat

Creating intense battles by allowing enemies to be able to lose limbs during combat. Crippling a Raider’s leg could very well mean dismemberment of the leg. The raider would then be immobilized but still alive and fighting. 


Immersion is greatly improved by making the battles more grisly and intense because injuries in varying degrees help the realism of the combat.

Continuity in Combat

The mod takes the mechanic from the Feral Ghouls who were the only ones previously that operated like this in combat. It isn’t excessive and doesn’t get in the way or hinder gameplay at all.


Get the mod here!


4. Unbogus Melee


Watch Unbogus Melee in full swing here!

The Unbogus Melee mod takes the bogus out of the melee combat system in Fallout 4. Melee in the vanilla version is lackluster in that the combat itself doesn’t feel near as satisfying as it should be. The enemies can take way too many hits to the head from a bladed tire iron or security batons before dying. And when you do kill them it doesn’t feel satisfying. The battle was clunky, hitting the enemy with heavier weapons is difficult and it makes for frustrating combat at times. Especially when Fallout 4 has such an impressive display of melee weaponry. Unbogus Melee improves gameplay by:

Legitimizing Melee Weapons and Combat

Increasing melee weapon damage for all melee weapons.

Improved Attack Animations

Buffing melee damage for fast, one handed weapons by increasing the attack animation speed.


Immersion is improved as a result of this mod increasing the melee damage for both the player and NPC’s. This mod makes melee combat much more enjoyable and legitimate as it matches; or at least becomes comparable to the might and practicality of ballistic or energy weapons. 


Get the mod here!



Preparing to plunder...

Watch PLUNDER in action here!

PLUNDER is a mod aimed at making combat more realistic in a variety of ways. It is around the basis of immersion, intensity, and survival. It improves combat and realism by making some of the following changes: Bullet casings, shells, blood splatters, bullet holes, and other effects from battle on the environment last longer and are visible on the environment from greater distances, combat AI is improved, explosions and fire have more of an effect on enemies; i.e, enemies catch on fire and the effects of fire and burning are greatly increased. The mod makes the gameplay more enjoyable by:

Immersive Combat

Improving the effects of combat on the world and making them unique and intense.

Challenging Enemies

Increasing the difficulty of the enemies by increasing the damage output and improving NPC combat AI.

Rewarding Gameplay

Creating a more challenging, rewarding, and immersive experience for all combat throughout the game.


Get the mod here!


2. Better Locational Damage


Check out Better Locational Damage in use here!

Better Locational Damage is a mod designed to completely improve the entire Fallout 4 combat experience. The mod completely does away with the much hated bullet-sponge mechanics of the vanilla game and instead makes the different areas of the opponents more vital than others to attack. For example, rather than in the vanilla game where it may take the player anywhere from 5-20 rounds to take down a raider, despite if the player shot them square in the dome 3 times, this mod makes headshots to human enemies lethal instantaneously. The mod greatly improves combat by:

Challenging and Realism Centered Combat

Creating a more immersive and realistic experience by enemies no longer being able to take unrealistic damage.

Legitimizing Weaker Firearms

Making any firearm in the game including pipe weapons, a much more legitimate and lethal option for the player as any gun can be instantly lethal to certain enemies.

Customizable Combat Settings

Allowing the variety of new settings that come with this mod to be completely customizable to the players desired playstyle.


Get the mod here!


1. Commonwealth Combat Overhaul

Plasma's hot.

Watch the Commonwealth Combat Overhaul in full swing here!

The Commonwealth Combat Overhaul is number 1 on the list because it takes many of the great features of some of the other features on this list like Weapons of Fate and Better Locational Damage and combines them into this brilliantly crafted overhaul. This mod is centered around creating a more realistic, immersive, intense, and rewarding playthrough of Fallout 4. The game overhauls a load of the elements and mechanics of the game such as leveling, combat, projectile ballistics to improve the overall experience of the playthrough. This mod improves gameplay and makes the game more enjoyable by:

Intense, and Challenging Combat

Making the game more fair and challenging by making combat more intense and increasing the damage of both the player and the NPC’s.

Customizeable Combat Settings

Allowing a customizable experience for the player to pick and choose which mechanics they would like to tweak and adjust for their ideal playthrough style.

In-Depth Tweaking Capabilities

Creating a new and unique experience by thoroughly overhauling the major mechanics of the game such as select perks, leveling, damage output, loot drop rate, and more.


Get the mod here!

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