Fallout 4 Gameplay: 10 New Awesome Things You'll Love

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It's been a long five years but the time is almost arriving. To celebrate the occasion, let's count down 10 of the best gameplay elements we're going to love in the upcoming title.   

10. Console Mod Support

This looks like a nice setup.

One of the coolest features being introduced in Fallout 4 is console mod support! Unfortunately however it has so far been only confirmed for the Xbox One platform – though the possibility of mod support for the PS4 is still there. If it does happen PS4 users will most likely have to wait longer – but it’s better late than never.    

9. Jetpacks

Now I can fly as high as my AP lets me.

A really fun and potentially useful mechanic is jetpacks! Most likely your flying range is going to be determined by your character’s AP, so unfortunately the chances of flying endlessly towards the sky are not likely. Then again, somebody can always mod that restriction out. 

It also seems jetpacks are going to take up fuel to use, which wouldn’t be surprising if that’s the case. Still I feel it’s going to be really fun being able to fly upwards and get good views of the surrounding area. 

8. Layer clothing 

Do you like my new outfit?

As part of making the game more customizable than previous installments, our protagonist avatar is able to layer their clothing – giving us more control over our character’s wardrobe appearance. Not much of major gameplay changer but it is a nice aesthetic and role-playing addition.

Keeping with the comedic themes of the series, some of the apparel you can wear is a bit silly and non-practical – such as wearing an animal mask. Also, as you briefly saw in the trailer, for the first time in the series we can finally role-play as a cross dresser!

7. Pre-War opening

Do you have a moment to worship our lord and savior Todd Howard?

From what we can gather from the trailer and other leaked information, the game begins prior to the Great War. This is a really interesting take and for the first time we’ll be able to experience the world before the apocalypse first-hand. Based on leaked information, the Pre-War prologue could be an extended sequence that introduces the main mechanics – although it may not offer much exploration.

Even so it’s going to be really interesting to see how the world looked and operated before it got nuked back to the dark ages.   

6. Settlement building

From the ashes of humanity I shall forge my own empire.

One of major new features being introduced in Fallout 4 is the ability for players to craft their own settlement. This is an extremely big addition and, pretty amazingly, won’t be needed to advance the story. Already I can predict people spending hours on the title just to build their own custom base – with me being one of them.

In addition to building your own settlement, you can also recruit mercenaries to help guard and defend the place. This creates an interesting gameplay dynamic that so far has only be seen in mods – so it’s very exciting to see how it plays out as an official feature.  

5. Weapon customization

My quest to collect all gun mods begins now!

With 50 base weapons and over 700 weapon mods – players will be able to experience the adventure with whatever weapon fits their style. So if you prefer to use handguns, revolvers, shotguns, machine guns, or plasma weapons, now each type can be heavily customized in any way you want. Now the question remains, will there be cross bows? 

4. Hundreds of perks 

Wait…where are my skills!?

Along with weapon and clothing customizing, there are also hundreds of perks for the player to choose from. And it appears that each perk (or at least some of them) also has different ranks. Notably, it seems that the skill system is absent but it could just be it is merged with the perk system for this title.

Personally I’m hoping that skills are in the final game as a separate system – but if not I don’t think it is going to be a major down point. Plus what would really be amazing is if each and every perk actually had some useful quality to it. If every perk in the game is like that it’s going to be even harder picking perks – because at that point you literately just want them all!  

3. Skyrim sized map

What wonders does this world contain?

As you know the map in Skyrim is huge and it’s good to know Fallout 4 will be the same size – perhaps feeling bigger as there are no longer mountains taking up the map’s space. Expect to find tons of hidden little secrets that will no doubt take hundreds of hours to find – and even then you may not find collect them all.   

2. Multiple endings 

You look nice today.

From what we know so far the game features eight possible endings. Rather or not this means male and female characters get their own endings remains to be seen.

Similar to New Vegas, Fallout 4 is expected to have many branching variables, as according to interviews Bethesda is avoiding using their traditional means of story division to create more free form narratives.   

1. Over 400+ hours of content!


Perhaps the biggest news of all is the game’s overall scope. It is reported to be so big that even the game’s producer hasn’t seen everything. I think by this it is more than safe to say players will definitely be getting the most out of their purchase.

This does bring up an interesting question of is the game becoming too big for its own good? Really the only downside is the amount of technical problems the game may have – but then again, Bethesda games has always had its fair share of bugs. But hopefully none of the bugs will be major – otherwise that could put a damper on the game until the problems are fixed.

Your adventure begins now.

Besides these eleven pointers there are many, many more features waiting to come. What are you most excited about in the upcoming game?   

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