[Top 15] Best Fallout 4 Rifle Mods Everyone Should Use

Fulfil Your Gun-Nut Fantasy

These are 15 Rifle mods that I believe will add fun to any Fallout 4 veteran’s playthrough: here in no particular order, my top 15.

15. Wasteland Melody’s Chinese Assault Rifle

Image by Wasteland Melody

Any Fallout fan will remember the first time they played Operation Anchorage from Fallout 3; where after an hour-long COD/MGS-esque mission, you are rewarded with some of the most OP equipment of the game. Relive some of those memories in Boston with this Fallout 4 mod.

  • Relive some F3 memories
  • Has a decent number of modifications
  • Lore-Friendly


14. AKM – Assault Rifle

Image by ngabber

What’s a shooter without the mandatory AK weapon? IDK, but as we all know, you can never go without a decent one.

  • Great Model Animations
  • Widely available
  • It’s an AK


13. Service Rifle

Image by Deadpool2099

If you love F3 then I know you worship FNV, like I do. Bring back 3 classic weapons with this mod: the Service Rifle, Assault Carbine, & Marksman Carbine.

  • Lore-Friendly
  • Massive list of modifications
  • Cool and Visually appealing Uniques scatted across the map


12. HK G11 K2 - Kaut Space Magic

Image by asXas

Fallout is Science Fiction, so where are all the cool technological impressive firearms? Well, that’s where this mod shines by bringing back the HK G11 from Fallout 2.

  • Innovative Heckler & Koch design
  • Sci-Fi aesthetics
  • Decent number of modifications


11. Heckler Und Koch – G36 Complex

Image by FX0x01

Want more H&K? How about one used in combat, the G36 is what comes to mind when one thinks of “German Engineering”, and it is a classic design.

  • Classic H&K design
  • Modern Military aesthetics
  • Simple & Easy Mod


10. Handmade Anti-Material Rifle (Redux)

Image by Shoeburglar

It’s fine and dandy to walk the wastelands with highly calibrated and machined assault rifles from pre-war militaries; until the madman with a homemade 50cal pipe gun snipes you.

  • A Man’s Pipe Gun
  • “Interplay would have thought of this” Lore-Friendly
  • Want a shotgun, BAM, shotgun, cool Modifications


9. Crude Blowback

Image by asXas

You thought the previous one was “Too Well Made” for your homemade weapon; then BAM, gun made of scrap metal.

  • “Bethesda thought of this” Lore-Friendly
  • True Post-Nuclear Survival Aesthetics
  • Blue Tape


8. Springfield Armory M1A

Image by FX0x01

You wish you had WW2 weapons in you Retro-Futurism Post-Nuclear Science Fiction Role-Playing Game? Cool, here’s your grandfather gun.

  • The “American Classic” M1A
  • Customizable to match your taste
  • Veteran’s Lore-Friendly


7. HK G3 Family

Image by Utherien

You want more H&K weapons, fine. Here, have 4 more in this mod.

  • Adds the G3 AR, HK-51 SMG, PSG-1 SR, & HK-11 LMG
  • Fully customizable for your gun nut needs
  • They’re H&Ks, I know you love them


6. Wattz Laser Gun

Image by DeadPool2099

Energy weapons don’t get enough love; so, here’s a Laser rifle inspired from the OG Fallout.

  • Highly customizable modifications
  • Lore-Friendly
  • LASER RIFLE; enough said


5. Cowboy Repeater Aka Winchester Model 1892

Image by lucasncolombo

This gun is AMERICA, the gun that won the West, the classic FNV Cowboy Repeater.

  • “Cowboy Times” aesthetics
  • Lore-Friend; not friendly, friend. That’s how much it fits.
  • Lever-Action


4. Hunting Shotgun

Image by DeadPool2099

Another FNV classic weapon, but pump action this time. It is the quintessential shotgun. When you think shotgun, Boom, This! Only this.

  • Shotgun, everybody loves a good shotgun
  • Another Lore-Friend
  • You can change it to the Double Barrel, Combat, or Dinner Bell as you like


3. Accuracy International L96A1

Image by Utherien

Another quintessential gun, the Modern Sniper Rifle. Very vanilla in taste and style but that’s fine, vanilla is a great flavor.

  • Pretty good Sniper
  • Decent modifications
  • Modern military style


2. Cross PlasRail

Image by Niero

An Amazing new energy weapon that is Hyper-Customizable to fulfill any idea you have about decimating your enemies with pure energy.

  • 5 Different Weapon Modes to fit your taste
  • Fully Customizable with many Modifications
  • NOT Lore-Friendly, but that is completely okay


1. Lee Enfield No.4 Mk.1 – Britain’s Finest

Image by asXas

Finally, another classic Grandpa gun; with its wood case and bolt action. Fine piece of craftsmanship, and it’s a cool gun to snipes ghouls with.

  • Grandfather Gun Aesthetics
  • Technically Lore-Friendly, I don’t know how many of this British weapon would be found in the United States but with the hyper patriotism that existed in the Fallout Lore, it’s not impossible that they were imported by gun nuts. What was I talking about… oh yeah.
  • Decent modifications


Thus ends my list of the top 15 Rifle mods you should use to have a grand old time retreading the familiar roads of Post-War Boston with your new rifles by your side.

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