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Enjoy Fallout? Then you might also like these titles.

Fallout has become one of the most popular franchises in the video game industry and has left a remarkable imprint on gaming in general. From the post-apocalyptic setting, the dark comedy, or the iconic Vault Boy – it’s no question the series has created a deep residence within gamers.

Today we’ll take a look at ten games that share similar qualities to Fallout; rather it’s the gameplay, the setting, or the tone.    

1. Wasteland

Considered the god father of post-apocalypse in gaming, the role-playing game Wasteland – developed by Interplay in 1988 – was a hallmark in gaming. The title had deep, challenging gameplay – and changing stories based on the actions your team took.   

This was amazing graphics back in the day.

In the game you take the role of four desert rangers, sent on a mission to bring law and order back in this southwest frontier. Unfortunately the wasteland houses many different types of monsters, such as mutant Bunnies.    

2. Mad Max

The Fallout series is heavily inspired by the Mad Max films so there’s no question that the two would share obvious similarities. Originally there was going to be a Mad Max game developed by Brain Fargo, but unfortunately the project was cancelled and in its place is this new Mad Max game.   

Looks like you pissed off Max.

The official Mad Max title is completely different from Brain’s vision. In Mad Max you travel a large open world by riding in your stitched together car; all the while battling raiders akin to the Arkham titles.  

3. We Happy Few

The upcoming video game by Compulsion Games features a dystopian version of 1960s England and it’s a really surreal environment to be in. In this world, everybody is high on their happy pills and nobody likes it when a person doesn’t take it. It’s a truly strange and bizarre place; so of course your objective is to escape as fast as possible.

Don’t be mad, be glad.

In your great escape you’ll have various tools to help you. And although they’re great just remember you only get one life and no ability to save. So if you mass up, it’s game over.  

4. System Shock 1 and 2

The two System Shock games are the spiritual precursors to the award-winning Bioshock series. Both games are presented in a first-person view and force you to explore your environments as you try to find a way to stop the antagonistic AI.

When all else fails, shoot it!

The second game added elements of role-playing and overall refines the gameplay of System Shock 1. Both titles are strongly recommended, especially if you’re a fan of the cyberpunk genre and first-person shooting.   

5. Planescape: Torment

Planescape: Torment was developed by several team members who worked on Fallout 2 at the same time. In fact, Fallout 2 was one of the many inspirations for the Torment game.

Updated my journal.

The gameplay is performed as a traditional isometric role-playing game but Planescape puts an interesting twist on the formula by not having your characters die – after all they’re already dead. However, just because no deaths are possible doesn’t mean you can’t win without trying.

Planescape has many puzzles to solve, environments to explore, and characters to interact with to make up the down play of combat. Plus in the world of Planscape, it isn’t the strength of your fist or weapon that matters; it’s the strength of your words.

6. Destroy All Humans

If there are three major similarities between Destroy All Humans and Fallout it’s this: aliens, the comedy, and time piece.

He’s like Invader Zim with a Jack Nicholson voice.

Destroy All Humans takes place during the golden age, the 50s. In the game you take the role of an alien seeking global conquest. Unfortunately, the quest to world domination is complicated by the interfering workings of G-men. Luckily, the common folk in this world are pretty stupid and can be convinced that communists are responsible for destroying everything.      

7. Bioshock

Set in an underwater city during the ‘60s, Bioshock definitely keeps that dark retro atmosphere. As a piece of interesting trivia, one of the characters in the game is also inspired by the same person Mr. House from Fallout: New Vegas is based on.

We’re going under the sea.

The setting of Bioshock is both a beautiful designed location and a place of interesting history. Upon setting foot in Rapture there’s definitely a sense of intrigue and mystery to this dark, unknown underwater-city. Also, be sure to pack some Frank Sinatra albums while you’re down there.  

8. Elder Scrolls series

This shouldn’t really come off as a surprise since Bethesda took over the series. While the series is set in a completely different type of setting, many gameplay elements of Elder Scrolls were later transferred to Fallout 3.

Only you can slay the dragon.

As the series progressed the worlds became much bigger but the core values stay true all the way through: free-form gameplay. Wanted to steal? You could. Wanted to kill everything in sight? You could, although not recommended.

Morrowind in particular was a breakout game for Bethesda and a title that placed the company on the map of one of the industrial’s best publishers and developers.

9. Dead Rising series

Dead Rising is also a post-apocalypse game with a dark sense of humor. Developed by Capcom and Blue Castle Games/Capcom Vancouver, the games are a series of comedic survival horror titles set in a world ruled by the dead.

The world has no time for news reports anymore.

In each title you must survive an endless horde of the undead and complete various objectives however you can. You must also battle crazed survivors who have been transformed by the horrors around them. Each game also features multiple endings governed on the player’s decisions and timing of the in-game clock.

10. Wasteland 2

Since I started this article with Wasteland I thought it would be fitting to end with the long awaited sequel, Wasteland 2.

The Wild West is about to get wilder.

Thanks to the support of fans, Wasteland 2 came to existence. The gameplay is similar to the original and the first few Fallout games, but with many updated gameplay features and graphics.  

So what games would you recommend for other Fallout fans? Comment below and share your thoughts! 

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