[Top 5] Mass Effect 3 Best Weapons (And How To Get Them)

Best Weapons of Mass Effect 3
Commander Shepard and the one that made it. Big guns really do make a difference.

[Top 5] Mass Effect 3 Best Weapons (And How To Get Them)

Locked, Stocked, and Ready to Rock!

In the Mass Effect games, weapons have always been an essential part of gameplay, even if certain classes don’t call for them. Because when push comes to shove, the most optimized loadout will keep the squishiest Adept alive just as long as the beefiest Vanguard. So, in this article, we will explore just that. Which weapons are the best suited for use in Mass Effect 3?

Disclaimer: that most DLC weapons will not be included in this list. Except for one, all these weapons are available through the original build of the game. So let’s get started!

5.) N7 Hurricane (SMG)

A whirlwind of bullets at your hands.

The SMG is not the most popular weapon type in the game, but it can be helpful. Primarily used by players as a secondary firearm, it comes in handy in a pinch no matter the class you choose. Especially when you have the N7 Hurricane by your side.

Only accessible through the N7 Collectors edition, this weapon is the perfect choice in close-range combat. What it lacks in clip size and weight, it makes up for in its high damage output and insane rate of fire. That is the highest in the game. Allowing a player to cut through a target’s shields or barriers like they're made of butter. Plus, a few mods are sure to make it even better.

For instance, installing the SMG Heat Sink and Magazine Upgrade are suited to compensate for the weapon’s weaknesses. This will grant a  player to fire more reliably in a firefight. Additionally, the usage of the SMG High-Velocity Barrel will only add to the weapon’s effectiveness in close-range combat.

For Companions, however, this weapon has no weaknesses. A Companion's resistance to recoil makes this weapon more effective in their hands. So, if not for yourself, this weapon is handy to have within your team.

If you wish to use something more balanced then, the M-12 Locust may be the way to go. All in all, this SMG in the right hands can come in handy for any player needing an edge. Besides, it never hurts to have options.

What Makes this Weapon Awesome?

  • The highest rate of fire in-game
  • High damage for SMGs
  • Excellent in close range 
  • Reliable weapon for NPCs
  • Great for tearing down shields and barriers

How to Get the N7 Hurricane:

Mass Effect 3 Live Fire Ep 9: Hurricane w/ Commentary

N7 Hurricane Details

4.) M-358 Talon (Pistol)

A perfect pistol for any Marksman.

For every player, pistols are either a reliable primary weapon or a handy sidearm. Regardless of the class, a pistol is vital to have at the ready. Which usually fits the description of the M-5 Phalanx. However, for players who need more punch, they should consider the M-358 Talon.

A shotgun disguised as a pistol, this weapon has a tremendous amount of firing power. With a +50% damage bonus against shields and barriers, players will tear down enemies with ease.

More suited for close-range combat, this weapon has a sizeable pellet-like spread that reduces while aiming. The addition of a scope brings this spread down even more. So, this weapon is more suited for classes that require options in close-range like The Vanguard. It also doesn’t hurt that this weapon has a greater rate of fire than most shotguns. Allowing Vanguards to have a lighter weight alternative if they desire to focus on their destructive biotic abilities.

Surprisingly this weapon is an adequate choice for The Infiltrator class given the right build. If a player uses the Ultralight Materials Mod, along with the Pistol Magazine Upgrade and Piercing Mod, then they can tear down enemies in close-range combat. Add a decent SMG to the mix then an Infiltrator can eliminate foes adequately in every combat situation. Giving them the best possible edge in battle.

Unlike the previously mentioned N7 Hurricane SMG, the M-358 Talon is a poor choice for Companion NPCs. Given that the rate of fire causes them to fire the weapon too slowly. Which beats the purpose of using this weapon. Nonetheless, this pistol is a powerful hand cannon to give any player looking for an extra kick in their arsenal.

What Makes this Weapon Awesome?

  • High damage and decent fire rate 
  • With mods a capable weapon at close range
  • A good shotgun alternative
  • Recommended for Infiltrators & Vanguards

How to Get the M-358 Talon:

Mass Effect 3 - unlock M358 Talon

M-358 Talon Details

3.) M-96 Mattock (Assault Rifle)

Powerful, Strong, and Precise.

The favorite weapon type in the Mass Effect franchise, the assault rifle is a versatile weapon that is effective in close-range and long-range combat. For the Soldier class, this is their weapon of choice as they gun down foes. The M-96 Mattock is a perfect choice for players that fancy high damage with versatility in combat.

While another fan favorite, the Geth Pulse Rifle, is a powerful weapon to have, the M-96 Mattock’s high accuracy and damage output make it more desirable. As a semi-automatic marksman rifle, this weapon is as accurate as a semi-automatic sniper rifle with the added benefits of a larger clip size than most sniper rifles.  However, this weapon does suffer from a low ammo reserve, so caution is advised in using this weapon excessively. Thankfully, that is the only downfall with this weapon.

At the hands of the Soldier class, this weapon is incredibly deadly to foes when paired with the Adrenaline Rush ability. Even at the ability’s max level, this pairing gives players an advantage of taking down targets accurately and effectively with a short burst of time. On top of that, the addition of Cryo Ammo within the Soldier’s arsenal increases the weapon’s effectiveness without the addition of weapon mods.

So while the weapon faults in a low ammo reserve and slight uncertainty of one-shot kills, the weapon makes up for versatility and accuracy. Even with other assault rifles providing separate benefits, this weapon is the weapon for the Soldier class.

What Makes this Weapon Awesome?

  • Highly accurate semi-automatic designated marksman rifle
  • Best for the Soldier Class
  • Effective in combination with Adrenaline Rush and Cryo Ammo

How to Get the M-96 Mattock:

"Mass Effect 3", HD walkthrough (Insanity, Soldier, Paragon only), Part 11 - Grissom Academy

M-96 Mattock Details

2.) M-300 Claymore (Shotgun)

Big, Heavy, and Loud. The best a shotgun could offer.

As we get further down the list, we get into weapons that benefit individual classes more than a wide range of candidates. Shotguns most of all. Since they are best at the hands of Vanguards. The M-300 Claymore above all.

This weapon is a “high-risk, high-reward” sort of weapon. Being one of the most powerful weapons in the game, it suffers from a handful of flaws. Chiefly among them, this weapon has one shot per clip along with a low ammo reserve.

This weapon is best suited for Vanguards who combine their abilities with their weapons to guarantee a kill. Otherwise, this weapon’s slow reload cycle leaves players vulnerable. It only gets worse within higher difficulties in the game, which will make it more difficult to kill enemies. So let that be your warning to use this weapon carefully.

So why recommend this weapon? Because it is well worth the cost at the hands of a player who knows what they're doing. 

What Makes This Weapon Awesome?

  • High rewards for dedicated players
  • High damage
  • Best for Vanguards
  • Big freaking gun

How to Get the M-300 Claymore:

"Mass Effect 3",HD walkthrough(Insanity,Soldier,Paragon only),Part 15 - Attican Traverse:Krogan Team

 M-300 Claymore Details

1.) The Black Widow (Sniper Rifle)

The Big One!

Lastly, we look at a special weapon type most favored by the Infiltrator class. This particular choice of weapon is the best choice for this class. It improves on the faults of the M-98 Widow, and it also keeps high damage output from a long distance.

The Black Widow improves upon its predecessor by including a larger clip size and ammo reserve. Which is a trade-off from the original Widow’s damage output in one shot. However, with each successive shot per clip the weapon damage increases. So while it may appear to be a weird love child between the M-98 WIdow and the M-92 Mantis, this weapon is a marriage between them.

On top of having the highest damage out of any semi-automatic sniper rifle, the weapon is also incredibly effective against armor. More than any other weapon on this list. Paired with Armor-Piercing Ammo and the Piercing Mod, this weapon can even penetrate most areas of cover.

So what’s the trade-off? As you can imagine from a big powerful weapon, it is heavy and has high recoil. Even with mods, the recoil will always be a problem. So, similar to the M-300 Claymore, The Black Widow is only for players willing to risk for the sake of great rewards.

For those players, they will find that this weapon is perfect for the Soldier and Infiltrator class. Most of all, in combination with the Adrenaline Rush ability. The highest potential of this weapon is best at the hands of the Infiltrator class. Maxing out the Marksman feat and creatively using the Tactical Cloak ability, nothing can stop them.

What Makes the Weapon Awesome?

  • The Highest damage of any semi-automatic sniper rifle
  • Higher damage per second
  • Effective against armor
  • Bye-bye to cover
  • Best at the hands of the Infiltrator class

How to Get The Black Widow:

Black Widow sniper rifle is best - gameplay using it - Mass Effect 3 Legendary Edition [PC 1080p HD]

The Black Widow Details

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