Top 15 Best Third Person Shooters for PC

3rd person shooters
Gotta love some good 3rd-person shooters!

Shooter games come usually in one of two perspectives, first person or third person.

Third-person is a fun perspective to use, as it gives you a chance to see your character do the action, which can help the game’s narrative or simply give a different look.

And with these games, you’ll be able to see exactly what I mean.

15. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Gameplay

The criminal underworld is a dangerous place, as Kane and Lynch both understand. Fight through this chaotic situation and maybe make it out alive.

What Makes Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Awesome 

  • Play as criminals and do criminal things.
  • Combat is chaos, fitting with the feel of the game.
  • Explore the criminal side of Shanghai, which can be quite brutal. 

I think they want you to destroy the van...

Make your escape


14. Resident Evil™ 5/ Biohazard 5®

Resident Evil™ 5/ Biohazard 5® Gameplay

In this thriller, you’ll face plenty of monsters, but at least you won’t have to do it alone. With the help of your companion, you’ll take down the threat.

What Makes Resident Evil™ 5/ Biohazard 5® Awesome 

  • As a Resident Evil game, there will, of course,  be plenty of horrifying monsters.
  • You get a companion character, so you don’t have to face things alone, which helps in combat. 
  • The final fight is in a volcano, which is almost always a good idea (at least, in stories, don’t actually get in a final duel in a volcano.)

Terrifying monsters are terrifying

Work together


13. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Gameplay

This is not what one would call a discrete game. As the Ultramarines, you’ll fight tons of enemies in this over the top universe.

What Makes Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Awesome 

  • In a game like this, you’ll have plenty of baddies to shoot through in order to achieve your goal.
  • The world, characters'  designs, and weapons are all quite extreme, which gives an intense ascetic.
  • Fantasy meets sci-fi  as you fight orcs with guns and melee weapons.

Here come the uglies

Blast away those orcs


12. The Division 2

The Division 2 Gameplay

In this sequel, you’ll take the fight to the streets of Washington DC. Help rebuild humanity by shooting and looting baddies with your customized agent.

What Makes The Division 2 Awesome

  • This is a sequel to a good game, giving it a good place to build off from.
  • Character creation is more in-depth  than the previous game, so you can create your agent more the way you want them to look.
  • Like the last game, you explore a degraded and overrun city, but this time, it’s Washington DC, which makes for an interesting setting.

Explore a desolate DC

Customize your agent


11.Tom Clancy’s The Division™

Tom Clancy’s The Division™ Gameplay

After a cataclysmic event leaves New York City in shambles, you are sent in to re-establish  some semblance of order. Fight your way through the streets in this thrilling game.

What Makes Tom Clancy’s The Division™ Awesome

  • New York City has been run down and overrun, making the city feel hostile and cold.
  • You can upgrade your safehouse which helps you throughout the game.
  • Also, you can upgrade your character with the gear you find or buy and as well as abilities, giving you further freedom on how you approach the game before you.

New York City is now a bit rougher around the edges

Try and reestablish order


10. Fortnite

Fortnite Gameplay

The third-person shooter almost everyone has heard of by now, Fortnite tosses you into a bit goofy but intense battle royal. Try to survive through building, looting and fighting, and maybe you’ll come out on top.

What Makes Fortnite Awesome

  • The game’s mildly goofy art style allows for plenty of silliness, while still allowing for combat to be intense.
  • Building allows for interesting tactical advantages, but you’ll have to find the resources first, which gives it some risks.
  • While most games have potions be instantaneous, Fortnite’s potions take time to drink, which creates more of that fun-filled  tension.

Keep a sharp eye out

Just keep moving


9. Mafia II

Mafia II Gameplay

Return from World War II to get mixed up with the criminal world. See New York City from the criminal’s side of things in this mid-century adventure.

What Makes Mafia II Awesome

  • With its mid-century setting, prepare to experience a different version of New York City.
  • You get to have multiple different cars from the time period, many of them are indeed quite cool.
  • Get mixed up in the dirty dealings of the mafia and go on your own little criminal adventure.

Get mixed up with the mafia

Get… REALLY… mixed up with them.


8. Quantum Break

Quantum Break Gameplay

An intense story about time, with time abilities: sign me up. Try to solve the problem of time breaking down and experience the interesting ideas the game presents.

What Makes Quantum Break Awesome

  • Use your time-related powers, such as freezing time, to navigate and fight your way through the world around you as time is breaking down.
  • The live-action cutscenes interspersed throughout add both a unique flair and a grounding sensation to the game. 
  • Another game with a heavy emphasis on story, you’ll be going through trying to see what happens next.

Shoot your way through this time mess

Taking cover might help...


7. Spec Ops The Line

Spec Ops The Line Gameplay

With its emphasis on story, Spec Ops The Line has you follow a group of soldiers in Dubai trying to piece together what is going on. As you run and gun, perhaps you’ll see for yourself.

What Makes Spec Ops The Line Awesome

  • The game makes it clear fairly early on that there’s more going on than meets the eye.
  • Dialogue is pretty solid as characters chat or discuss certain things.
  • Enter into a sand-covered  Dubai, which gives off just this creepy deserted vibe.

Fight alongside your squad to make it through Dubai

Try to survive in the (mostly) deserted city


6. Remnant: From the Ashes

Remnant: From the Ashes Gameplay

Fantasy meets modern-ish tech in this third-person  shooter, where you’ll have to fight through strange creatures called the Root. With both shooting and close-quarters  combat, this game will have you on an epic adventure.

What Makes Remnant: From the Ashes Awesome

  • The game has a fun world idea with fantasy creatures and fighting while being in the ruins of what seems to be a modern world.
  • The game has multiple classes, allowing further exploration of the fantasy and modern aspects of  the gameplay.
  • You’ll be facing  fairly unique monsters called the Root, which are both creepy and a fun idea.

Guns versus fantasy monster sounds like a good time

Choose the class that you’ll have fun with


5. The Evil Within 2

The Evil Within 2 Gameplay

What would you do to save your daughter? Would you enter into a hellish virtual world with horrifying monsters that you’ll have to fight and sneak past? Well, that’s what you’ll end up doing in this horror-thriller, so have fun!

What Makes The Evil Within 2 Awesome

  • As this game is set in a virtual world related to memories, you’ll find plenty of surreal and creepy imagery.
  • Enjoy plenty of scares as you explore the virtual world you find yourself in.
  • You’ll get to sneak past and fight plenty of bizarre horrors.

Things get a little ... weird.

Very weird. And scary.


4. RE2 REmake

RE2 REmake Gameplay

Revisit  a classic survival horror game and get scared all over again. Racoon City is still scary, so good luck trying to make it through.

What Makes RE2 REmake Awesome

  • As a remake of a classic, you’ll get to see this game with better graphics while it still being the game you love.
  • The imagery is now even more terrifying thanks to the updated graphics.
  • There are plenty of monsters to fight and puzzles to solve, so you certainly won’t be bored.

Well, nobody said zombies were pleasant to look at

Explore Racoon City 


3. Gears 5

Gears 5 Gameplay

Face the Swarm once again in the next installment of the Gears of War series. With plenty of fighting to do in impressive areas and fun characters to listen to, you’ll be enjoying it the whole way through.

What Makes Gears 5 Awesome

  • You’ll be picking the story back up after Gears of War 4, so you’ll get to see more of the characters you began to enjoy in that game.
  • There are  some stunning set pieces  and scenery in this game that make it that much more awesome.
  • The dialogue between characters is well written and often filled with wonderful banter, making for the characters likable.

Take a gander at that awesome view as you propel down

Light them up and hopefully not die


2. SWBF2 (2017)

SWBF2 (2017) Gameplay

Some of the best parts of Star Wars are the battles, and now here’s a game that actually lets you fight in them. Whether you’re piloting a starfighter, fighting on the ground, or even slicing your way through the battleground as a Jedi, this game will get you into that Star Wars mood. 

What Makes SWBF2 (2017) Awesome

  • The class variety not only gives you different options of play, but also what you’ll have to deal with on the battlefield.
  • It’s just awesome to run around and play as Star Wars characters.
  • With the games multiple game modes, as well as different maps and different scenarios for certain modes, you’ll have plenty of battles to take part in.

You can be a Jedi, who doesn’t want to play as a Jedi?

Fight on worlds throughout the series


1. Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 Gameplay

An excellent sci-fi  romp, Mass Effect 2 is an extremely fun and compelling game. Play as Commander  Shepard as you take on the Collectors, and hopefully stop them before it’s too late.

What Makes Mass Effect 2 Awesome

  • The third-person  perspective actually makes the character creation worth it, as you’ll be able to see your version of Shepard throughout the game.
  • The transition between story and gameplay is far less abrupt as you’re  still seeing the character from a similar perspective, rather than bouncing between first and third perspectives.
  • The fact you can see Shepard moving through the environment makes everything feel fast pace in combat.

Take your team to on missions and try not to die

Robo-zombies are always terrifying.

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