17 Best Third Person Games That Will Take You On a Great Adventure

Best Third Person Games
That's a Big Skeleton

Get ready for some action packed adventure in these 3rd person games

Third person action games are what we all love.  Travelling across the huge open worlds to defeat our enemies for revenge, save a damsel in distress, or just blow a bunch of stuff up.  Here are the best games to do just that in 2016.

17. Metal Gear Solid 5

Cinematic Trailer

Vengeance is coming for the people who destroyed the Militaires Sans Frontieres in the form of Venom Snake.  All of his friends were killed and he wants revenge.  This tactical espionage game is the crowning glory of the Metal Gear series.  

Quiet is the real MVP

Venom Snake’s quest for vengeance will take you to Afghanistan and the Angola -Zaire border where you will search for the people responsible for killing your mercenary company.  The game rewards you for not killing people as much as possible as stealth is your main ally in completing tasks.

Venom Snake is back and better than ever

Probably the coolest addition is the reactions of enemies and their tactics.  If you use one way to go through the game the enemies will adjust with more numbers or better equipment.  Like to headshot them?  They are going to get helmets to protect themselves.  It’s a really awesome concept!

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