[Top 25] GTA 5 Best Weapon Mods Every Player Should Use

How to Put LSPD through Hell, one Weapon Mod at a Time!

Grand Theft Auto and Weapons are like Fish and Water, there is no point in having one without the other! But you already know that now, don’t you? After all, if you are here and reading this, chances are that you must probably be someone who already knows your guns, or have given a terrible time to the cops of Los Santos!

And now, let’s go and see more fun you can have with the best (and fun) weapon mods there are!

25. Buy More Weapons GTA5

GTA5-Best Gun Mods-Best Weapon Mods

There’s more than enough firepower in GTA V! but hey, who has ever had enough of it? this mod will allow you to buy more exotic weapons! Including Molotov cocktails and fire extinguishers, if you like to beat people up with them!


24. Drive-By Mod

GTA5-Best Gun Mods-Best Weapon Mods

Now the drive-by mod is there in every GTA game. And of course, it’s useful and fun! (don’t tell me you don’t go on random shoot sprees!)

but you can’t use it with every weapon. And this mod will fix it! get ready to use your rocket launcher while you are driving! But don’t ask me how they do it! just do it!


23. Better Stun Gun

GTA5-Best Gun Mods-Best Weapon Mods

We all love the stun gun now don’t we! Especially if you like to tease people without killing them, stun guns must be one of your favorites! This mod will give you a stun gun with several minor adjustments that will make it more fun! Like infinity stun, with which you will be able to stun people for longer times and have longer laughs and fun.

But that’s not all of it. check it out from the link below!


22. Gangsta Style Franklin

GTA5-Best Gun Mods-Best Weapon Mods

This is a fun mod! It does only a slight change but still adds a lot of gangster vibe to the game. Once this mod is up and running, Franklin will shoot several weapons with one hand.

Just like those ballas and other gangsters!

Here’s the link and now go and have fun!


21. Real Rage V – Weapons and Damage Enhanced

GTA5-Best Gun Mods-Best Weapon Mods

Here is a more serious mod that will renew the game’s overall fighting mechanism! Expect cops to be tough and damage done by weapons to be tougher! Plus, it's fun to multiply by 100! Who wouldn’t like to blow heads off harder in GTA V?

Get the mod from here and follow the installation guides carefully!


20. Real Weapon Names

GTA5-Best Gun Mods-Best Weapon Mods

It’s not always about graphics or new in-game missions, sometimes a little change like having real weapon names at “Ammunation” can be just as fun! Get this mod from down below!


19. Real Weapons (Animated)

GTA5-Best Gun Mods-Best Weapon Mods

If you are a pure realism seeker when it comes to guns and ammunition, you are in luck! Because this mod will improve the textures and graphics of all the weapons plus it will give you many familiar weapons from the Call of Duty series!

Get it from here!


18. Real Flamethrower

GTA5-Best Gun Mods-Best Weapon Mods

We haven't seen our beloved flamethrower in any GTA game since GTA: San Andreas! And here she is now! Ready to burn through anything or anyone you want!

Get the mod from down below and start lighting up the streets of Los Santos!


17. Forest’s Mega Weapon Pack

GTA5-Best Gun Mods-Best Weapon Mods

Here is another weapons pack for any one of you gun-variety lovers! After all, what is GTA without its gun diversity right? this mod will let you have many modern and even futuristic weapons!

Download it from here and start unleashing terror on the streets of Los Santos!


16. Colt M4A1 with Attachments

GTA5-Best Gun Mods-Best Weapon Mods

Here is another one of those simple yet good-to-have ones. this mod will add a famous real gun with cool attachments! Put on those special forces gear and blend in with the gun.


15. Weapon Attachments Pack

GTA5-Best Gun Mods-Best Weapon Mods

If you love attachments and all the thrill that comes with them, here is your pick. Weapons attachment pack will not only add some awesome attachments to your weapons, but it will also allow you to equip your guns with any attachment of your choice rather than the limits the game allows you!

Get it from here!


14. Dubstep Gun from Saints Row

GTA5-Best Gun Mods-Best Weapon Mods

Ever played Saints Row 4? If you have, you must know how fun the Dubstep gun really is! Dubstep guns once fired will make all surrounding objects and people dance! How cool is that?

Get the mod from here and get ready to rock the streets of Los Santos!


13. Realistic Rocket Pod

GTA5-Best Gun Mods-Best Weapon Mods

If you enjoy all the military-style helicopters and aircraft in GTA V, here is a mod that will give you a unique experience!

The mod will change the shoot interval and speed of rockets! Adds some realism and more firepower to them! you can get it from here!


12. Ultimate Battlefield Weapons Pack

GTA5-Best Gun Mods-Best Weapon Mods

Here are more weapons for those who just love expanding their weapons collection! This time these weapons are from the Battlefield games!


11. Sledgehammer with Realistic Damage

GTA5-Best Gun Mods-Best Weapon Mods

Gun and bombs are all fun but who doesn’t like good old knives, golf clubs, and of course, Sledge Hammers! Get this sledgehammer now and start crushing your way out of trouble!

Who says you can’t bring a sledgehammer to a gunfight?


10. Colored Weapon Wheel

GTA5-Best Gun Mods-Best Weapon Mods

Since black and white is just too boring, mod developers have come up with something better! A weapons wheel with colors! get it now and add some colors to your GTA life!

After all, Los Santos is a bright and colorful place!


09. Desert Eagle (Black & Chrome versions)

GTA5-Best Gun Mods-Best Weapon Mods

Here is another mod for those serious gamers who are looking for serious business. The mod will give you a realistic desert eagle with plenty of firepower in black or chrome versions which I’m sure will come in handy when you meet the next few unlucky cops who will come after you!


08. Shaunr's Weapon Mods

GTA5-Best Gun Mods-Best Weapon Mods

Here is another mod that will significantly change the primary weapon’s mechanisms in the game! Hydra missiles, shotguns and RPGs will have enhanced damage and pedestrians will react differently to weapons! plus much more!

Get it from here and discover it by yourself!


07. Custom Projectiles Mod

GTA5-Best Gun Mods-Best Weapon Mods

Many have complained that the effects of the projectiles in GTA V are disappointing, especially the missiles and tank shells! This mod is here to fix that and give a more realistic touch to all the fireworks you are gonna have on the streets of Los Santos!

Get it from here!


06. Gun Sounds Overhaul

GTA5-Best Gun Mods-Best Weapon Mods

So far, we got real with weapons and their looks? But what about their sounds? Here is a mod that will add superb realism to your gunshots!

Get it from here!


05. CS: GO Glock 17 "Neo-Noir" Skin

GTA5-Best Gun Mods-Best Weapon Mods

This mod will give you iconic skin from Counter-Strike: GO. It’s classy and sassy, perfect for the vibe of Los Santos!


04. Knockwurst Hot Dog Pickaxe - Fortnite

GTA5-Best Gun Mods-Best Weapon Mods

GTA V has plenty of bizarreness and weirdness in it, and what is better than a hot dog pickaxe to wield around and fight your enemies?

Go ahead, get it from here and start “hot-dogging” everyone around you!


03. Realistic & Anatomically Accurate Gore

GTA5-Best Gun Mods-Best Weapon Mods

GTA V has done a great job with realistic graphics when it comes to combat injuries. But this mod goes that extra length that no one else would go and has added almost real-life accuracy to wounds and injuries.

I’m not going to say it will look “nice”, but something tells me you will like it! get it from here!


02. Immersive Combat

GTA5-Best Gun Mods-Best Weapon Mods

This mod will make combat more challenging and destructive! As the name suggests, immerse yourself in realistic combat with improved weapon damage, realistic gun effects, and tougher combatants! Get the mod from the link below!


01. Re-defined Weapons and Gameplay

GTA5-Best Gun Mods-Best Weapon Mods

If you are looking for an all-new experience in combat and weapons in GTA 5, this is your must-have mod! It changes every dynamic of combat and weapons starting from the damage, accuracy, and weapon appearances to AI behavior of gangs and cops, and even pedestrians!

Get it and open the door to another level of GTA V combat experience! Just follow the installation instructions carefully!


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