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The Dual Blades have been one of the most popular weapons in the community. With its slick moves, swift and powerful attacks, as well as flashy combos, it’s no wonder why a lot of people tend to favor it. But if you’re wondering which pair is the best to skin monsters faster so you can wear them as armor sooner, allow me to help you out!

7. Zireael+

Here's a weapon showcase and a variety of builds offered by IDeVaste.

Obtained from the Ancient Leshen, this pair was once considered to be the best pair for raw damage builds in the base game. It’s fairly easy to build considering the event quest is in High Rank. Its high damage and decent chunk of purple affinity that can be upgraded further with the Handicraft armor skill gives it an edge in keeping up the DPS without worrying about losing sharpness.

It also has a hidden dragon element that you can release, which is fairly high, so not only does it deal great raw damage, it can also be built for some great elemental DPS, which is honestly what you should be using it for.

  • 364 Damage
  • 0% Affinity
  • 30 hits of purple sharpness, 30 hits of white sharpness
  • 300 Dragon (hidden)
  • 1 socket for level 4 jewel

6. Demonlord Hellfist

Monke Fists

A weapon from Furious Rajang, it is simple in what it offers and that is high damage. With its high raw damage and thick chunk of purple sharpness that you can further increase with the Handicraft armor skill, it easily earns its place here as one of the best possible raw Dual Blades you can get. There’s also a bit of Thunder there, not too low but definitely not too high. Though you can still put in the right armor skills to boost it up.

  • 406 Damage
  • 15% Affinity
  • 60 hits of purple sharpness
  • 270 Thunder

5. Lightbreak Twins

Here's another demonstration and a couple of build offers from IDeVaste.

Obtained from Raging Brachydios, this pair deals insane raw DPS with a touch of Blast. The jewel slots it has offers a good deal of customization as well, so this makes for a really good weapon to bring in nearly every hunt.

  • 420 Damage
  • 0% Affinity
  • 30 hits of purple sharpness
  • 120 Blast
  • 1 socket for level 4 jewel and 1 socket for level 3 jewel

4. Alatreon Madness

This video by IDeVaste offers a couple of builds with the weapon.

This monstrous pair from Alatreon ranks right around here. High raw damage, insanely high Dragon damage, thick chunk of purple sharpness that you can further increase with the Handicraft armor skill, and two level 2 slots for customization. What’s not to like?

It can be a bit difficult to build but, once you do, you can deal a crazy high combination of both raw and elemental damage with the right build. This goes perfectly well with the Dual Blades as it is well known for its crazy high elemental DPS potential due to its swift strikes and long combos.

  • 392 Damage
  • 0% Affinity
  • 90 hits of purple sharpness
  • 480 Dragon
  • 2 sockets for level 2 jewels

3. Safi’s Shatterclaws

From Thales Moustache, this video showcases the weapon in the training area and a hunt with a full Safi build afterward.

The set of Dual Blades obtainable from the Safi’Jiva Siege event quest. Any pair from this set can rightfully take their place in this entry but, the Shatterclaws are simply more “all-purpose” because Blast works well against nearly everything. Looking at the stats, it may not seem much compared to the previous ones but, what makes the Safi weapons particularly dangerous is their capacity for Awakened Abilities.

Awakened Abilities, if you don’t know, are an exclusive set of upgrades and customization options for the Safi’jiva line of weapons. You have a variety of upgrades to get but what makes this especially formidable is that one of the options available for you is the set bonuses. This opens up a plethora of builds that can raise your DPS potential through armor skills by a huge margin.

  • 378 Damage
  • 5% Affinity
  • 40 hits of white sharpness
  • 150 Blast
  • 1 socket for level 4 jewel

2. Fatalis Dual Skies

This video by IDeVaste offers a few builds that should go really well against monsters weak to raw matchups.

It should come as no surprise that the weapon from Fatalis ranks this high. Insanely high raw damage, purple sharpness that you can further upgrade with the Handicraft armor skill, and two level 4 jewel sockets make for a very fitting weapon in the endgame. The negative affinity can be a bit iffy for a lot of people but with the right build, it’s very possible to work with and would even allow for some of the fastest hunts yet.

  • 518 Damage
  • -30% Affinity
  • 30 hits of purple sharpness, 30 hits of white sharpness
  • 120 Dragon
  • 2 sockets for level 4 jewels

1. Kjarr Daggers “Dragon”

This video offers a variety of builds on not only Kjarr Dragon, but also the other elements with the Kjarr Daggers.

A pair of golden daggers from Kulve Taroth, this weapon offers high elemental DPS thanks to Critical Element along with its high raw damage potential. Like with the Safi weapons, any of the Kjarr weapons will serve its purpose depending on the hunt you’re going into. But unlike the Safi weapons, the stats are already busted without the need for all the grindy customization required to bring out the full potential of Safi weapons.

To those unfamiliar, Critical Element allows your elemental damage to also benefit from your critical hits. So not only does this greatly increase your raw physical damage but also your elemental damage. This raises your DPS especially against enemies who are particularly weak to elemental damage.

  • 406 Damage
  • 20% Affinity
  • 40 hits of white sharpness
  • 390 Dragon
  • 1 socket for level 1 jewel
  • Critical Element

Honorable Mention: Master Ale

Here's a weapon showcase by IDeVaste.

This one’s a bit of a joke weapon from Seliana’s Sizzling Spice Fest. It’s got really high raw damage though it has negative affinity and only reaches blue sharpness. Despite that, it does have 2 sockets for level 4 jewels and dual status ailments, making it the perfect dual blades to bring on multiplayer for an indirect damage increase thanks to the offered crowd control.

But the most important thing of all is that your weapons are beer mugs! You’re beating the living daylights out of monsters with beer mugs!

  • 420 Damage
  • -15% Affinity
  • 180 hits of blue sharpness
  • 180 Paralysis, 90 Sleep
  • 2 sockets for level 4 jewels

Naturally, this isn’t the end-all, be-all. Every weapon in this list (save for Master Ale as it best serves as a layered weapon) serves its purpose as long as it matches well against the hunt you’re going into. So switching them up depending on your needs is, as always, highly recommended.

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