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With 39 total weapons within PUBG, it can be difficult to decide which are the best to win fights and matches. This list includes the most powerful guns from every category, not including bows or melee weapons. While balance changes and features are constantly being changed, here are the current top 10 most powerful guns.


10. Vector

Weapon Type: SMG (Submachine Gun)

Damage: 31

Bullet Speed (M/S): 350

Reload Time (S): 2 Full, 1.7 Tactical

The Vector is the most powerful SMG in PUBG. It boasts an extremely high fire rate at 1,200 rounds per minute (rpm). It has lower damage compared to some SMGS, but with an extended magazine, this gun outperforms all others in close quarters.  

Weapon Highlights:

  • Four attachment slots: Muzzle, Grip, Magazine, Stock

  • Best for close quarters, ending circles, and clearing buildings

  • Highest Damage Per Second SMG (DPS) at 620 

Runner up SMG: UPM45


​9. DBS

Weapon Type: Shotgun

Damage: 26

Bullet Speed (M/S): N/A

Reload Time (S): N/A

A unique bullpup-style shotgun - the DBS has two internal magazine tubes that allow the user to load up to fourteen 12-gauge rounds. It can produce massive bursts of damage in a short time. It is pumped every time 2 shells are fired.

Weapon Highlights:

  • Close-quarters combat, ending fights quickly and efficiently.
  • The largest damage potential of any shotgun - 216 per shell when landing a full shot.
  • Easy to operate, perfect for beginners

Runner-up Shotgun: S12K


8. Deagle

Weapon Type: Pistol

Damage: 62

Bullet Speed (M/S): 450

Reload Time (S): 2 Full, 1.7 Tactical

With an ability to take down the most powerful level 3 helmet in just 2 hits (Spetsnaz), the Deagle is an excellent sidearm choice in PUBG. Known as one of the most powerful handguns in the world, this .45 ACP recreation of the famous pistol is done justice in PUBG.

Weapon Highlights:

  • Three attachment slots: Magazine, Lower rail (laser), and sights.
  • Powerful rounds, and good hip fire accuracy with laser attachment.
  • Faster movement speed when using a pistol.

Runner-up Pistol: P18C


7. MG3

Weapon Type: LMG (Light Machine Gun)

Damage: 42

Bullet Speed (M/S): 820

Reload Time (S): 8.2 Full, 7.1 Tactical

With two firing modes, the MG3 is the most powerful Light Machine Gun (LMG) for both close-quarters and long-range suppression. Various features like a bipod, tracer rounds, and increased damage to vehicles make this the best-in-class choice for this type of weaponry.

Weapon Highlights:

  • Air drop weapon, toggleable RPM: 660 or 990.
  • High-round capacity magazine - 500 rounds.
  • One attachment slot: sights up to 6x, perfect for long-range bursts of fire or engagements, and suppression of enemies.

Runner-up LMG: DPS


6. Groza

Weapon Type: Assault Rifle

Damage: 47

Bullet Speed (M/S): 715

Reload Time (S): 3 Full, 2.25 Tactical

With a high caliber round and rate of fire (750 RPM), the Groza is an extremely versatile and powerful assault rifle. Only available from air drops, the aptly named “Storm” gun is the most powerful Assault rifle in PUBG.

Weapon Highlights:

7.62mm ammo type, the most powerful AR caliber.

  • Three attachment slots: Muzzle, Scope, and Magazine
  • Long reload time is the only drawback of this weapon.
  • Excellent for end-game, best rate of fire besides the burst-fire speed of m16a4.

Runner-up AR: AUG


5. Beryl M762

Weapon Type: Assault Rifle

Damage: 44

Bullet Speed (M/S): 780

Reload Time (S): 3 Full, 2.25 Tactical

A relatively recent addition to the PUBG arsenal, the Beryl M762 is a versatile platform useful in a variety of situations. With Single fire, three-round burst, and full auto, engagements can be effectively managed at any distance.

Weapon Highlights:

  • Four attachment slots: Muzzle, Grip/Laser, Magazine, Sight
  • Lower per-bullet damage than the AKM, but a higher firing rate, meaning higher DPS if you can control the kick.
  • Attachment versatility is similar to a SCAR but with higher damage than a 7.62 rifle. 

Runner-up AR: SCAR-L


4. Mini-14

Weapon Type: DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle)

Damage: 46

Bullet Speed (M/S): 990

Reload Time (S): 3.6 Full, 2.6 Tactical

Chambered in 5.56, this lightweight and versatile DMR is beloved by many pros and players alike. With a multitude of attachment choices and layouts, the mini-14 stands out as an extremely powerful platform to get kills and win matches.

Weapon Highlights:

  • Low bullet drop, very high muzzle velocity for easy long-range engagements.
  • Semi-automatic for an impressive fire rate in close-quarters engagements. 
  • The weapon uses sniper rifle attachments for both the muzzle and magazine slots and can take any type of optic sight.

Runner-up DMR: SLR


3. M416

Weapon Type: Assault Rifle

Damage: 40

Bullet Speed (M/S): 780

Reload Time (S): 3.1 Full, 2.4 Tactical

Adopted by militaries across the world, the M416 is known for its extreme reliability and flexible customization. Attachments for the most powerful and controlled platform are Extended QuickDraw Mag, Half Grip, Suppressor/Compensator, and Tactical Stock. For sight, a choice between 3x Backlit or 4x AGOC is ideal for all engagement types.

Weapon Highlights:

  • Accepting the most number of modifications of any assault rifle, this rifle can be tuned exactly to a player's specifications.
  • Exceptional stability in firing, bested only by an AUG
  • Control or burst fire at the range for extremely high damage at low spread.

Runner-up AR: M16A4


2. Mk14 EBR

Weapon Type: DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle)

Damage: 61

Bullet Speed (M/S): 853

Reload Time (S): 3.6 Full, 2.6 Tactical

This hard-hitting long-range rifle is the most powerful DMR in PUBG. Being an air-drop weapon, this weapon is rarer, but always worth grabbing if found in a match. With two firing modes, the EBR can be quickly used in close quarters, its 7.62x51mm cartridge deals the highest damage of any DMR.

Weapon Highlights:

  • Bipod reduces recoil in a prone stance.
  • Four attachment slots: Muzzle, Stock, Magazine, Sight
  • Ideal loadout for all combat environments: Compensator, Cheek Pad, Extended QuickDraw Mag, 4x Scope.

Runner-up DMR: M16A4


1. AWM

Weapon Type: Sniper (Bolt-Action)

Damage: 105

Bullet Speed (M/S): 945

Reload Time (S): 4.6 Full, 2.76 Tactical

Because of its massive .300 Winchester Magnum round, the AWM is the most powerful sniper rifle. Hold an angle in an advantageous position for easy wins in long-range engagements. Able to kill a player with a level 3 helmet with a single headshot, or reduce a player with a level 3 vest to half health, at any range, means it is the most powerful gun in all of PUBG.

Weapon Highlights:

  • Longest range of any gun in the game.
  • Four attachment slots: Mag, Muzzle, Sight, Stock
  • The best-in-slot attachments are Extended QuickDraw Mag, Suppressor, 6x Scope, and Cheekpad. 

Runner-up Sniper: M24

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