Battlefield V: Release Date, Gameplay, Trailers, Story, News – Everything We Know

bf5 release date

Battlefield 5 Release Date, Gameplay, Trailers, Story, News – Everything We Know

Battlefield remains one of the biggest gaming franchises in the world. After the relative success of Battlefield 1 – after the underwhelming pairing of Battlefield 4 and Hardline – things look to be on the up, for the massive scale, multiplayer mayhem generator.

Now, things are beginning heat up for the next title in the series supposedly titled Battlefield V, based on a leaked “developer build” image posted on Reddit.

I do hope this isn’t the final menu style, as it looks drearily like other games in the franchise. (Image source: reddit)

Battlefield 5 Release Date

Drawing from an interview in The Wall Street Journal earlier in the year, EA’s finance chief Blake Jorgensen confirmed a “new Battlefield game” would be released in October 2018, whilst mentioning the impending release of Bioware’s flagship title Anthem.

This information corroborates a comment made in an earnings call to investors back in 2017 by EA CEO Andrew Wilson, that a new Battlefield title was sure to be released this year.

Battlefield 5 Story

We’re currently without specific details at the games single player narrative although information about the games setting seems fairly set in stone.

A Venture Beat article, details information gained from sources close to DICE and EA that Battlefield V will take place in WW2. This was apparently an internal decision bolstered after the huge success of Battlefield 1. Earlier reports of a Battlefield Bad Company 3 seem to have been put on the backburner in place of a more “traditional” BF experience, with less of a focus on a driven narrative and developed characters.

Oh Bad Company, we hardly knew thee… 

This is slightly disappointing. The Battlefield series has been ripping along for some time now, nobody can deny its popularity, using a tried and tested formula, year in and year out. The formula works and it sells but with success comes a reliance upon safe game design, missing the chance to revisit the more focused, more unique gameplay twists brought to the table by Bad Company.

Battlefield 5 Gameplay

The full reveal for Battlefield V’s gameplay is due to take place at an EA Play event in LA on June 9th – 11th.

However, based on what limited amount of information we already have, there are some reasoned assumptions to be made.

Allegedly taken from an internal banner design doc. What an interesting layout… (Image source: reddit)

Battlefield has always been a multiplayer focused experience and that is sure to be the case with the “5th” instalment. Whilst Battlefield 1 did make some in-roads into the single player space – with a character driven, theatre hopping story that proved relatively intriguing – the reason for the games sustained success was its well-designed multiplayer experience. Everything from map design, character progression, weapon variety and relative server stability ensured the growth of a large community and EA insure to want to build off this success for the next game, without “rocking” the community boat too much.

Expect to see familiar modes such as Conquest and Rush and perhaps some new additions, with the more updated technology of WW2 bringing with it the possibility of a more mobile, more vehicle heavy combat experience. This new setting may also bring with it more expansive map designs, moving away from the maze-like networks of trenches and static gun emplacements.

These would be incremental improvements but at this point – with the series having gone on for so long and with such a devout following – any drastic gameplay changes are unlikely to occur.

Battlefield V – Trailers

The first trailer is yet to be released for DICE’s attest foray although there are hints at when we might get a first glimpse at the latest title.

Towards the end of February, DICE Media Director Randy Evans announced he and his team were up to something exciting:

This sent the internet buzzing, with guesses flying this way and that as to when the trailer would drop. Youtuber Flackfire put forward the idea that, because Battlefield 1 was announced in early May of 2016 – to pre-empt a further release of details at EA Play and E3 – something similar could take place for Battlefield V.

This seems like a sound guess, knowing how EA likes to drip feed information about their annual releases in time for the holiday season. For many, the first Battlefield 1 trailer was a watershed moment in the games promotional cycle, signalling a new era of historically based, open ended FPS games. Let’s hope DICE’s next editing masterclass lives up to its name.

Battlefield 5 News

The game was originally titled Battlefield 2, according to the breaking Venture Beat article sourced above, leading some to draw the conclusion that the switch over to Battlefield V was designed to replicated Churchill’s “V” for victory symbol, although this could simply be a case of hungry fans connecting the dots wherever they can.

Following on from their first article Venture Beat came through again, with further information about the upcoming title, including details of a co-op mode and a similar reliance on a multi-protagonist campaign as in Battlefield 1; whilst a source close to USGAMER revealed that loot boxes would again be available in the next title, but only for cosmetic items (in order to dodge an internet sized bullet).

Overall, things do seem to be gearing up for another big Battlefield release, although one hopes the team at DICE can make some interesting changes and a take a few more risks. But who am I kidding, playing it safe is where the money lies.

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