BF5 Best Assault Weapons: All Assault Ranked Worst To Best

BF5 Best Assault Weapon
Look at those sad eyes... do you think he knows the Light Infantry is the only good role?

While Assault offers many different weapons to play around with, it's hard to shake the feeling that some are just pureley better than others.

With fifteen different weapons, the Assault Class definitely has a lot to offer for players – especially if they're new to Battlefield V. We've ranked the weapons from worst to best; however that doesn't mean that lower-ranking weapons are bad overall, just in the context of the Assault Class.

15. Ribeyrolles 1918

"With the Ribeyrolles, the French tried to produce an early automatic rifle. Equipped with a detachable magazine and a light bipod, the Ribeyrolles never entered mass-production." — In-game description

Ribeyrolles 1918 Review 

  • The attached bipod manages recoil very well over long distances, but you need to be still, which can leave you vulnerable.
  • The below-average rate of fire limits your damage-per-second (DPS), higher firing weapons will pose a serious threat in 1v1 situations.
  • It's not as accurate as the semi-auto rifles at medium range and not as fast firing as SMGs or assault rifles – just mediocre.
  • Recommended for new players for its easy recoil management.

Ribeyrolles 1918 Details 

  • Unlocked at: 1,700 Company Coin
  • Fire Mode: Automatic
  • Rate-of-Fire: 540 RPM
  • Max Damage: 25.1
  • Bullet-Velocity: 600 m/s
  • Partial Reload: 1.95s
  • Empty Reload: 3.07s

14. Selbstlader 1916

"The Selbstlader 1916 was an early German semi-automatic rifle whose sensitivity to field conditions made it more popular with the German air force than its army. Only 1000 were ever made." — In-game description

Selbstlader 1916 Review 

  • Three shot kill at all ranges, so it's consistent if you're accurate.
  • The 26 round magazine lets you take on entire squads without having to reload.
  • However, the rate of fire (ROF) is abysmal, making taking on multiple opponents difficult – especially in closer ranges.

Selbstlader 1916 Details 

  • Unlocked at: Assault Rank 16
  • Fire Mode: Semi-Automatic
  • Rate-of-Fire:
    • 224 RPM
    • 257 RPM (Trigger Job)
  • Max Damage: 45
  • Bullet-Velocity: 860 m/s
  • Partial Reload: 2.75s
  • Empty Reload: 4.25s

13. Karabin 1938M

"Influenced by the BAR, this Polish-made rifle was in early troop trials as war broke out. A semi-automatic, fixed magazine rifle reminiscent of popular carbines that were already in use." — In-game description

Karabin 1938M Review 

  • Retains the three-shot kill potential common across semi-auto rifles.
  • Fires slightly faster than the Selbstlader 1916, which makes medium-close range engagements more viable.
  • The magazine is limited to 10 rounds with no option for Detachable or Extended Magazines, which severely limits your engagement potential outside of the weapon's niche.

Karabin 1938M Details 

  • Unlocked at: 1700 Company Coin
  • Fire Mode: Semi-Automatic
  • Rate-of-Fire: 299 RPM
  • Max Damage: 45
  • Bullet-Velocity:
    • 760 m/s
    • 860 m/s (High-Velocity Bullets) 
  • Partial/Empty Reload: 1.86 – 5.52s

12. Gewehr 1-5

"The German military created the Volksturmgewehr to arm the German civilians with as a last line of defense. It was a semi-automatic rifle and used the same detachable magazine as the StG 44." — In-game description

Gewehr 1-5 Review 

  • A fast firing semi-auto that can do reasonably well in close-quarter-combat (CQC) and medium range.
  • It serves as a middle ground between assault and semi-auto rifles, lending it a ton of versatility.
  • Despite this, it won't outperform the dedicated medium-range rifles or SMGs/assault rifles.
  • It also doesn't have the consistent three-shot kill over any range trait as a trade-off for better CQC performance.

Gewehr 1-5 Details 

  • Unlocked at: Default
  • Fire Mode: Semi-Automatic
  • Rate-of-Fire: 359 RPM
  • Max Damage: 36
  • Bullet-Velocity: 580 m/s
  • Partial Reload:
    • 2.95s
    • 2.5s (Quick Reload)
  • Empty Reload:
    • 3.55s
    • 3.0s (Quick Reload)

11. Breda M1935 PG

"The first burst assault rifle of the era. Fires an accurate and deadly 4-round burst." — In-game description

Breda M1935 PG Review 

  • A unique assault rifle that can fire in four-round bursts, which can kill with one pull of the trigger assuming at least three of your bullets land. This extends to all four shots at longer ranges.
  • Despite the burst capability, the weapon suffers in CQC due to the forced fire delay between trigger pulls.
  • You can switch to semi-auto and fire as fast as you want but at the cost of your single pull kill capability. However, this does make longer-range engagements more manageable, making the Breda an impromptu battle rifle in a pinch.
  • It's a high risk/reward weapon in that the burst can kill with one pull, but if your rounds don't land, you are incredibly vulnerable.

Breda M1935 PG Details 

  • Unlocked at: 1700 Company Coin
  • Fire Mode: Burst
  • Rate-of-Fire:
    • 539 RPM
    • 635 RPM (Light Bolt) 
  • Max Damage: 30
  • Bullet-Velocity: 700 m/s
  • Partial Reload: 3s
  • Empty Reload: 3.6s

10. M1 Garand 

"A very reliable semi-automatic rifle that was standard issue for American infantry during the war. Probably best known for the en-bloc clip it utilizes, or rather the distinct sound it makes when the last round is fired." — In-game description

M1 Garand Review 

  • The low recoil and decent ROF allow you to sling lead reliably down range without too much adjustment.
  • The magazine size is incredibly limited to 8 rounds, which means any missed shots are a huge detriment.
  • It's four-shot kill at longer ranges (which can be lowered to three with the Heavy Load Specialization)
  • The M1 Garand is garbage at CQC and is best utilized at mid to long-range.

M1 Garand Details 

  • Unlocked at: 1700 Company Coin
  • Fire Mode: Semi-Automatic
  • Rate-of-Fire: 
    • 360 RPM
    • 300 RPM (Heavy Load)
  • Max Damage:
    • 40
    • 45 (Heavy Load)
  • Bullet-Velocity: 780 m/s
  • Partial Reload:
    • 3.0s
    • 2.55s (Quick Reload)
  • Empty Reload:
    • 2.7s
    • 2.3s (Quick Reload)

9. M1A1 Carbine 

"The M1A1 was one of the most iconic weapons of World War II. US troops loved it due to its firepower, lightweight, and small size, and they tried to get their hands on it whenever possible." — In-game description

M1A1 Carbine Review 

  • The recoil is almost negligible, meaning you will have to adjust your follow-up shots very little if at all.
  • The 16 round magazines can be a hazard, due to the high ROF, the M1A1 will have to reload often. However, this can be mitigated with Extended Magazines, bringing the capacity to 31 rounds.
  • The damage drop-off leaves something to be desired. At best, you can get a four-shot kill up to 50m, which then increases to up to six shots at 100m.
  • The rifle does come with Detachable Magazines by default, a nice bonus that mitigates the risk of being caught off guard while reloading.

M1A1 Carbine Details 

  • Unlocked at: Assault Rank 5
  • Fire Mode: Semi-Automatic
  • Rate-of-Fire: 450 RPM
  • Max Damage: 27.8
  • Bullet-Velocity:
    • 610 m/s
    • 690 m/s (High-Velocity Bullets)
  • Partial Reload: 2.0s
  • Empty Reload: 3.05s

8. M1907 SF 

"The M1907 SF was similar to the M1 carbine, only heavier and more powerful. Some versions were modified so that they could fire on full auto. It was mainly used by the French and the British." — In-game description

M1907 SF Review 

  • The second fastest firing assault rifle in-game, it rivals SMGs in its CQC potential.
  • The high ROF is a double-edged sword – you will almost always empty your 21-round magazine in every engagement leaving you vulnerable to multiple reloads.
  • As a rifle, it has a bit more range than most SMGs, but it cannot compete with the other semi-auto rifles at range.
  • There are SMGs that do what the M1907 does but with a higher magazine size and or ROF.

M1907 SF Details 

  • Unlocked at: Assault Rank 8
  • Fire Mode: Automatic
  • Rate-of-Fire: 770 RPM
  • Max Damage: 25.1
  • Bullet-Velocity: 570 m/s
  • Partial Reload: 2.9s
  • Empty Reload: 3.55s


7. MAS 44 

"The Modèle 44 was a French secret so well-kept from the German army that it barely survived. Samples ended up in the hands of partisans. It didn't enter mass production until after the war." — In-game description

MAS 44 Review 

  • The MAS 44 is essentially just a better M1 Garand.
  • The MAS 44 comes equipped with a 10-round magazine, the rifle can effectively engage most medium-range targets without reloading, if they're alone.
  • Thanks to the Detachable Magazine Specialization, the MAS 44's reload-time can be cut to a fraction making it more viable in hairy situations.

MAS 44 Details 

  • Unlocked at: 1700 Company Coins
  • Fire Mode: Semi-Automatic
  • Rate-of-Fire: 360 RPM
  • Max Damage: 40
  • Bullet-Velocity:
    • 820 m/s
    • 920 m/s (High-Velocity Bullets)
  • Partial Reload:
    • 2.9 – 5.3s
    • 2.8s (Detachable Magazine)
  • Empty Reload:
    • 4.7s
    • 3.6s (Detachable Magazines)

6. M2 Carbine 

"After the success of the M1 carbine, this select-fire version was developed that would allow fully automatic fire. The design was intended to deliver a similar firepower capability to the German fully automatic rifles in use at the time." — In-game description

M2 Carbine Review 

  • The M2 carbine is the fastest firing assault rifle in-game, making it perfect for CQC maps.
  • With a ROF of 830, this weapon is a bullet hose that can decimate anyone unlucky enough to run up on you.
  • The 31 round magazines do help with multiple targets, but not much; the high ROF will have you emptying your magazine on a single target more often than not.

M2 Carbine Details 

  • Unlocked at: Default
  • Fire Mode: Automatic
  • Rate-of-Fire: 830 RPM
  • Max Damage: 20.1
  • Bullet-Velocity: 610 m/s
  • Partial Reload:
    • 2.2s
    • 1.87s (Quick Reload)
  • Empty Reload:
    • 3.05s
    • 2.6s (Quick Reload)

5. Gewehr 43 

"This rifle is so sturdy it can be used as a ladder rung if needed. The Germans designed it when they saw that the Red Army had adopted semi-automatic rifles." — In-game description

Gewehr 43 Review 

  • Probably one of the most reliable semi-auto rifles in-game the Gewehr 43 is a guaranteed three-shot kill up to 100m and four shots at further ranges.
  • Most suited for medium-to-long-range engagements, the Gewehr 43 is the perfect weapon for providing fire-support while your team spearheads the objective.
  • The reload is long due to the stripper-clips, but this can be solved with Detachable Magazines.

Gewehr 43 Details 

  • Unlocked at: Assault Rank 1
  • Fire Mode: Semi-Automatic
  • Rate-of-Fire: 300 RPM
  • Max Damage: 45
  • Bullet-Velocity:
    • 760 m/s
    • 860 m/s (High-Velocity Bullets)
  • Partial Reload:
    • 1.76 – 5.5s
    • 2.25s (Detachable Magazines)
  • Empty Reload:
    • 5.5s
    • 3.15s (Detachable Magazines)

4. Sturmgewehr 1-5 

"The Sturmgewehr 1-5 was the selective-fire variant of the Gewehr 1-5 semi-automatic rifle. As the concept of a fully automatic 1-5 was ultimately rejected, very few were produced." — In-game description

Sturmgewehr 1-5 Review 

  • Very similar to the Stg 44 in performance, the Sturmgewehr 1-5 is the second-best all-rounder assault rifle.
  • It has a higher ROF than the StG 44, making it more viable for CQC but at the cost of worse handling.
  • The platform is very modular, allowing you to Specialize the weapon for whatever playstyle you're most comfortable with.
  • Unlocked by default, this is the perfect weapon to rank up the Assault Class quickly if you have your eye on other weapons down the line.

Sturmgewehr 1-5 Details 

  • Unlocked at: Default
  • Fire Mode: Automatic
  • Rate-of-Fire: 670 RPM
  • Max Damage: 25.1
  • Bullet-Velocity: 620 m/s
  • Partial Reload:
    • 2.3s
    • 1.9s (Quick Reload)
  • Empty Reload:
    • 3.5s
    • 2.9s (Quick Reload)

3. Turner SMLE 

"The Turner SMLE had many qualities, but simplicity was not one of them. It] did well in extremely cold conditions, and the Canadian army tested it, but they didn't adopt it." — In-game description

Turner SMLE Review 

  • The weapon is a three-shot kill up to 50m, and a four-shot kill at 100m, making it very reliable at medium range.
  • The decent ROF can help in CQC, that and the low recoil allows users to spam fire with decent accuracy.
  • It only has a ten-round magazine that can be upgraded up to a 20-round magazine, but at the cost of a higher reload speed.
  • On the other hand, you can equip Detachable Magazines which will help with the frequent reloading.

Turner SMLE Details 

  • Unlocked at: Assault Rank 10
  • Fire Mode: Semi-Automatic
  • Rate-of-Fire: 360 RPM
  • Max Damage: 40
  • Bullet-Velocity: 700 m/s
  • Partial Reload:
    • 2.2 - 3.4s
    • 2.2s (Detachable Magazines)
  • Empty Reload:
    • 2.2 – 4.8s
    • 2.2 – 6.5s (Extended Magazines)
    • 3.15s (Detachable Magazines)


2. StG 44 

"Many consider the Sturmgewehr 44 to be the first real assault rifle. It combined a high rate of fire with high accuracy and stopping power. Several modern weapons are based on its design." — In-game description

StG 44 Review 

  • Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy - the StG 44 performs like you would expect a modern assault rifle to, using it feels natural and familiar even if you've never fired it before.
  • It's very versatile, performing decently at almost all ranges except for the extremes.
  • Moderate recoil, moderate ROF, and decent accuracy makes the StG 44 a perfect choice for players who want a competitive edge without too much effort.

StG 44 Details 

  • Unlocked at: Assault Rank 13
  • Fire Mode: Automatic
  • Rate-of-Fire: 600 RPM
  • Max Damage: 25.1
  • Bullet-Velocity: 620 m/s
  • Partial Reload: 2.4s
  • Empty Reload: 3.1s

1. AG M/42 

"The Swedish army fielded a limited number of m/42 during World War II. Some rifles found their way to Norway immediately after the war, and it's possible that the m/42 was also used by resistance groups.." — In-game description

AG M/42 Review 

  • Fires incredibly fast for a semi-auto, which lets it perform decently in CQC.
  • The low recoil complements the high ROF very well, making spam firing a viable tactic.
  • You will never need more than four shots to down an enemy.
  •  The 10-round magazine, for which there is no capacity upgrade available, limits you to one target per reload, two if you're very accurate.

AG M/42 Details 

  • Unlocked at: 1700 Company Coin
  • Fire Mode: Semi-Automatic
  • Rate-of-Fire: 450 RPM
  • Max Damage: 27.8
  • Bullet-Velocity:
    • 780 m/s
    • 880 m/s (High-Velocity Bullets)
  • Partial Reload:
    • 3.3 – 4.8s
    • 2.6s (Detachable Magazines)
  • Empty Reload:
    • 4.8s
    • 3.4s (Detachable Magazines)

While the Assault Class does lend itself to flexible playstyles, it can be daunting to differentiate between the plethora of weapons the class has at its disposal.

Thanks to this guide, you should be able to pick the right weapon for the job, no matter what map or game mode. If you liked this, stick around, and read some more:

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