[Top 3] BF5 Best LMG

BF5 Best LMG, BFv Best LMG

Support class in BFV is explosively fun but why is everyone going LMG lately?

Maybe it’s due to Battlefield V's new meta and its unfriendliness to MMGs, these days you'll be hard-pressed to get a good MG position and when you do the chances of blueberries blocking your FOV are 99.9999%. That's why a good amount of us are reaching for our less cumbersome LMG. So with that in mind grab your shape charges and let’s go over some yippy fellas that require less reloading whilst inspiring new metas. 

Support gunner suppresses the hills with an LMG on BFVs beautiful Adriatic map: Mercury

3: M1918 A2 Browning Automatic Rifle “leet lmg”

B.A.R. with all the Jungle Drippings... and house keys?

At first, this thing was hard to handle and I wasn’t sure what role it fulfilled. This lasted 5 minutes then it quickly shared its deadly secrets. The B.A.R. tries to fulfill all the roles and it has completely stolen our beloved FG-42s position as the aggressive light machine gun of choice... Cries in fallschirmjager.  

So, If you want something that can hit from afar with single-fire or spray someone point-blank against the wall then just grab yourself a BAR. It’s a faster firing FG-42 with slightly more side-to-side recoil (.35° rather than .22°). If you’re learning how to tame this beast make sure to only expose yourself to 1 enemy at a time. That way you can reload and put another 5-20 rounds in the others.

Disclaimer: this thing is tied for the loudest LMG with Chauchat! ... If or rather when enemies inevitably counterattack your position: stay low, listen for those angry footsteps, and then let the B.A.R. reintroduce itself.

Major Exploits

  • Tap for Accuracy: your single-shot grouping will be extremely tight with this weapon, that's why it’s the leet choice: slow down your rate of fire and it becomes a self-loading rifle with a bigger magazine
  • Yippiest: highest rate of fire of all the Light Machine Guns (720 RPM)
  • Close Encounter Extraordinaire: this gun will be there for you when those medics come knocking at your door, its indiscriminate hip fire should lay down anything within ten feet
  • WelterWeight: due to its decent mid-range abilities this gun is well suited for 10-40m combat and can out class every other LMG provided you control the recoil

BAR Gun in FOV 

  • Class: Support
  • Unlock: Company Coins
  • Fire Mode: Auto 
  • Rate-of-Fire: 720 rpm
  • Max Damage: 25.1
  • Bullet-Velocity: 740 m/s
  • Reload: 2.45-3.30 s
  • Mag: 20
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