Battlefield V Best Weapons For Every Class (2020) Edition

Battlefield V Best Weapons
Isn't it common knowledge that it was thanks to Kratos and his squad of merry-men that Hitler was defeated?

What Are The Best Weapons For Each Class in Battlefield 5?

Listed below are the most effective weapons for each Class. Each one plays to the strengths of their respective classes and their roles on the battlefield. 
By the time you're done reading this guide, you'll have the knowledge to crush all your opponents no matter what Class you choose to play!


Best Weapons for Assault

Assault is the backbone of every team in Battlefield - all-round troopers able to deal with most situations players will find themselves in. They excel at spearheading objectives, dealing with armor, and are arguably the most common soldier in-game.

The Assault's arsenal is geared toward medium-to-long range engagements, mostly comprised of full-auto assault rifles, semi-auto battle rifles, and explosives. Here are the best weapons every Assault has at their disposal.

Best Semi-Auto Rifle: AG M/42 (Best for Assault)

"The Swedish army fielded a limited number of m/42 during World War II. Some rifles found their way to Norway immediately after the war, and it's possible that the m/42 was also used by resistance groups.." (In-game description)

Introduced in Overture, during the first Tides of War expansion back in December 2018, the AG M/42 is a natural choice for those who want a competitive rifle that can dominate in most mid-range engagements and is unlockable from the start. Here's why it stands above other semi-auto rifles in the Assault category.

Weapon Statistics:

Unlocked at Rank: 1 for 1,750 Company Coins
Max Damage: 27.8
Rate of Fire: 449 RPM
Bullet Velocity: 
• 780 m/s [Standard]
• 880 m/s [High-Velocity Bullets]
Magazine Size(s):
• 10 Rounds [Standard]
• 10+1 [Detachable Magazines]

Starting Ammunition:
80+ 10 rounds [Standard]
88+ 11 rounds [Detachable Magazine]
Partial/Full Reload [Standard]: Varies*
Partial Reload [Detachable Magazines]: 2.55 seconds
Full Reload [Detachable Magazines]: 3.40 seconds

*A note on reloading: like many rifles that use stripper clips instead of magazines, reload times can vary wildly. For instance, you always reload faster if you can fit at least five more rounds (a full stripper-clip) in the weapon. If you cannot, your soldier will reload them one-by-one; mitigate this with the Detachable Magazines Specialization.

Here's our reasoning as to why the AG M/42 is at the top of our list:
• A guaranteed four-shot kill (center-mass) out to 100 meters gives players consistent performance in the Assault's mid-range role. Plus, there's absolutely zero damage drop-off until past 100 meters, which is perfect since Recon players past this range outclass most Assault players.
• A high rate-of-fire coupled with low recoil makes follow-up shots easy and fast, allowing players to down targets quickly and reliably.
• A high bullet-velocity makes hitting moving targets simple; players will not have to lead their shots as much compared to other rifles available to the Assault Class.
• The main drawback is a low magazine-capacity with no significant upgrades available, giving enemies many opportunities to catch you mid-reload. 

Here's our recommended set up to get the best performance:
• Barrel Bedding for an extra boost to accuracy while aiming down sights.
• Detachable Magazines for both faster and consistent reload-times.
• Recoil Buffer reduces the already low vertical recoil, allowing for even quicker follow-up shots without sacrificing accuracy.
• High-Velocity Bullets eliminates the need to lead targets almost entirely, making moving targets easy pickings.

Here's the AG M/42 in-action:


Best Assault Rifle: StG 44 (Best for Assault)

"Many consider the Sturmgewehr 44 to be the first real assault rifle. It combined a high rate of fire with high accuracy and stopping power. Several modern weapons are based on its design." (In-game description)

Included since the very beginning, the StG 44 still reigns supreme as the most versatile and easy to use assault-rifle in all of Battlefield V's catalog. As one of the very few weapons available since the open beta back in September of 2018, the Stg 44 is an obvious choice for those transitioning from more modern-themed titles because of how familiar it performs compared to contemporary weapons.

Weapon Statistics:

Unlocked at Rank: 13
Fire Mode(s): Full-Automatic & Semi-Automatic
Max Damage: 25.1
Rate of Fire: 599 RPM
Bullet Velocity: 620 m/s
Magazine Size: 30+1

Starting Ammunition: 124+31 rounds
Maximum Ammunition: 155+31 rounds
Partial Reload: 2.40 seconds
Empty Reload: 3.10 seconds

Here's why the Stg 44 makes our list:
• It handles just like you would expect any modern assault-rifle from any other game would - just point and shoot.
• A true jack-of-all-trades, the Stg 44 is supremely balanced for mid-range combat while still being able to probe longer-range targets and hold its own in most close-quarters engagements.
• Its respectable rate-of-fire and moderate recoil make it easy to control, especially if you fire in controlled bursts.
• Despite being well-balanced, you will be outmatched in close-quarters nine times out of ten by faster firings SMGs and shotguns - make sure to control the engagement distance to keep them at bay.

Here's our recommended set-up:
• Quick Aim to snap on target as fast as possible.
• Ported Barrel to reduce horizontal recoil, making longer bursts easier to control.
• Barrel Bedding for the increased base accuracy.
• Recoil Buffer to mitigate the vertical recoil even more, essentially turning the rifle into a laser.

If you want to see the StG 44 in-the-flesh, then here you go:


Best Weapons for Medic

Medics serve a dual-purpose of being close-quarter-combat (CQC) specialists and combat-lifesavers. Without them, assaults on flags would break within the first wave, and teams would bleed tickets like stuck pigs. They support the team with healing items and crucial revives that keep teams afloat.

The Medic's essential tool is his (or her) Sub-Machine Gun - usually rapid-firing, fully-automatic bullet hoses that can obliterate anything so long as the target is in the weapon's minimal range. With that out of the way, here are our picks for the best Medic weapons (in no particular order).

Sub-Machine Gun: ZK-383 (Best for Medic)

"Firing pistol rounds, the German Army used the ZK-383 as a submachine gun despite it having many of the features found in a full-fledged machine gun, such as a detachable barrel and integrated bipod." (In-game description)

The ZK-383 was first available during the second Tides of War chapter, "Lightning Strikes," after completing Week One - "A Few Good Soldiers" back in January 2019. What set it apart from the other SMGs was its unique addition of a bipod. A sort of odd-man-out, the ZK-383's low rate-of-fire and minimal recoil coupled with the bipod created a very controllable hybrid between Sub-Machine Guns and the heavier Light/Medium Machine Guns. 

Weapon Statistics:
Unlocked at Rank: N/A (Available for 1,700 Company Coins)
Fire Mode(s): Full-Automatic & Semi-Automatic
Max Damage: 25.1
Rate of Fire: 
• 514 RPM [Standard]
• 720 RPM [Light Bolt]
Bullet Velocity: 
• 495 m/s [Standard]
• 560 m/s [High-Velocity Bullets]
Magazine Size: 
• 30 [Standard]
• 40 [Extended Magazine]

Starting Ammunition: 
• 120+30 rounds [Standard]
• 120+40 [Extended Magazine]
Maximum Ammunition: 
• 150+30 rounds [Standard]
• 160+40 rounds [Extended Magazine]
Partial Reload: 
• 2.10 seconds [Standard]
• 1.79 seconds [Quick Reload]
Empty Reload: 
• 2.96 seconds [Standard]
• 2.51 seconds [Quick Reload]

Here's why the ZK-383 makes our list:
• The bipod. Deploying it, while making you an easier target, increases the accuracy dramatically making long bursts on targets effortless to maintain.
• The low recoil makes it possible to reliably down targets during situations where the bipod can/should not be deployed.
• A high bullet-velocity stretches its range out to distances where most other SMG's performance would begin to fail dramatically.
• The weapon's slow base rate-of-fire is easily exploitable by other SMGs, meaning that the weapon is only most effective within its niche.

Use this set-up to get the most out of the ZK-383
• Lightened Stock for staying mobile while aiming-down-sights, there will be many situations where you must keep moving and won't be able to deploy your bipod.
• Custom Stock to preserve your accuracy while moving and aiming-down-sights - it goes hand-in-hand with Lightened Stock.
• Extended Magazine to reduce the frequency of reloading, which is crucial in CQC - where at any time someone could round a corner and catch you off-guard.
• High-Velocity Bullets to stretch out the ZK's great range even further, giving you an extra edge over the limited scope of other CQC weapons.

It's not the most accessible weapon to master, and the niche can be hard to find - but I found a few highlights:

Sub-Machine Gun: Suomi KP/-31 (Best for Medic)

"The KP/-31 was possibly the best submachine gun of World War II. It had great accuracy and a high rate of fire. The Russians copied the design, but their version never reached the same high standard." (In-game description)

The Suomi KP/-31 is one of the very first unlocks for the Medic Class, and for a good reason - it gives newer Medics a competitive weapon that can outclass almost anything in CQC. Available since the Battlefield V's release, this weapon has remained incredibly popular for its ease-of-use and raw damage-output.

Weapon Statistics:

Unlocked at Rank: 1
Fire Mode(s): Full-Automatic & Semi-Automatic
Max Damage: 25.1
Rate of Fire: 
• 770 RPM [Standard]
• 981 RPM [Light Bolt]
Bullet Velocity: 330 m/s
Magazine Size: 
• 20 rounds [Standard]
• 50 rounds [Extended Magazine]

Starting Ammunition: 
• 140+20 rounds [Standard]
• 100+50 [Extended Magazine]
Maximum Ammunition: 
• 160+20 rounds [Standard]
• 150+50 rounds [Extended Magazine]
Partial Reload: 2.50 seconds
Empty Reload: 3.75 seconds

Here's what sets the Suomi KP/-31apart from the rest:
• The base rate-of-fire is ridiculous, you can reliably melt any target in front of you before they have a chance to react.
• It has a very high accuracy, which is critical in making every shot count with its low magazine-capacity.
• Firing from the hip is reliable; by not spending time raising your weapon, you can get those initial shots off before your opponent can even begin to put you in their sights.
• Its poor range is its biggest weakness, don't bother trying to take on targets beyond 25 meters or you will get outclassed.

Use this set-up to get the most out of the Suomi KP/-31
• Swings and Swivels since you'll be running-and-gunning a lot, shaving down those few moments after sprinting, can make or break you.
• Custom Stock so that you can gain access to Extended Magazines, but the extra aiming-down-sights accuracy while on the move never hurts.
• Extended Magazine to reduce the frequency of reloading, which is a must for this weapon solely based on how fast it chews through magazines.
• Polished Action to reduce the hip-fire penalty, which is crucial for this set-up since that's how you'll be engaging most targets.

If you want to see the Suomi in a professional's hand, then look no further:


Best Weapons for Recon 

Recon is a divisive role - many players find it unnecessary for teammates to hang back and pick off targets while an equal amount praises the Class for its ability to support the team and provide critical information. These are the scouts of the battlefield, and whatever side of the fence you may be on, there is no denying that a skilled Recon is a nuisance that can halt even the most stalwart of pushes.

The Bolt-Action Rifle (and to a lesser extent the Semi-Auto Rifle) is the Recon's right hand - without it, they are useless; conversely, without a skilled Recon, the rifle is useless. These weapons are the epitome of high-risk/high-reward; the potential for one-hit kills makes Recon weapons a desirable option for those who prefer to let the fodder do the dying.

Best Bolt-Action Rifle: Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk I (Best for Recon)

"The Lee Enfield rifle has a long history which goes back to before World War I. The no. 4 model had a brutal bayonet called the "pigsticker" by the British troops." (In-game description)

The Lee Enfield is the very first weapon Recon players can get their hands on. Despite being unlocked from the get-go, this rifle has extreme potential when put in capable hands. Its fast rate-of-fire and high magazine capacity make it a formidable choice that can keep heads down with rapid follow-up shots.

Weapon Statistics:

Unlocked at Rank: N/A (Unlocked by default)
Fire Mode: Bolt-Action
Max Damage: 65 
Rate of Fire: 
• 71 RPM [Standard]
• 87 RPM [Machined Bolt]
Bullet Velocity: 600 m/s
Magazine Size: 10 rounds
Starting Ammunition: 30+10 rounds
Maximum Ammunition: 40+10 rounds
Partial/Empty Reload: Varies* (See note on reloading above, under AG M/42)

Here's why we included the Lee-Enfield:
• It has the fastest rate-of-fire out of all the Bolt-Action Rifles, making missed shots much less punishing and follow-up shots easier.
• A guaranteed two-shot kill (Center Mass).
• It is geared towards more medium-range engagements making it suitable for Recons who want to be aggressive and play the objective.
• It has a 10-round magazine, which is five more than most Bolt-Action Rifles, cutting down on reload frequency.
• Despite its advantages, it has the lowest Bullet-Velocity of all Bolt-Action Rifles, making it not the best choice for long-range sniping; hitting moving targets will be more of a challenge.

Use this set-up to get the most out of the Lee-Enfield:
• Quick Reload to reduce the chances of someone catching you with your guard down.
• Slings and Swivels, not for its actual benefit of aiming faster after sprinting, but for gaining access to Machined Bolt.
• Machined Bolt to boost the rifle's already high rate-of-fire; the faster you can cycle the bolt, the quicker you can put enemies down.
• Bayonet for its instant-kill potential and for the speed boost the Bayonet Charge can give you to get out of hairy situations.

The gameplay below is self-described as 'disgusting' - but we'll let you be the judge:


Best Self-Loading Rifle: ZH-29 (Best for Recon)

"This was one of the first successful semi-automatic rifles, and its design would go on to inspire the StG-44. The Chinese used it during World War II, but it was developed in Czechoslovakia." (In-game description)

The ZH-29 is the most capable of all the Self-Loading Rifles available to the Recon Class. Just like many other rifles available to Recons, the ZH-29 can down enemies in two shots; only it is not hampered by having to manually cycle the bolt after every shot.

Weapon Statistics:

Unlocked at Rank: 10
Fire Mode: Semi-Automatic
Max Damage: 54 
Rate of Fire: 
• 149 RPM [Standard]
• 163 RPM [Trigger Job]
Bullet Velocity: 
• 760 m/s [Standard]
• 860 m/s [High-Velocity Bullets]
Magazine Size: 5 rounds

Starting Ammunition: 
• 45+5 rounds [Standard]
• 48+6 rounds [Detachable Magazines]
Maximum Ammunition: 
• 50+5 rounds [Standard]
• 54+6 rounds [Detachable Magazines]

Partial/Empty Reload: Varies* [Standard] (See note on reloading above, under AG M/42)

Partial Reload: 2.95 seconds [Detachable Magazines]
Empty Reload: 4.55 seconds [Detachable Magazines]

Here's why the ZH-29 is a cut above the other Self-Loading Rifles:
• It is a guaranteed two-shot kill from any range, so long as you hit center-mass.
• Follow-up shots are quick and easy since you don't have to manually cycle the bolt, and you don't have to remove your eye from the scope.
• The rifle has very high recoil, which makes timing your shots crucial - it's all too easy to get trigger happy and blow your accuracy - don't even think about using this weapon in close-quarters.

Use this set-up to get the most out of the ZH-29:
• High-Velocity Bullets hit moving targets over a long-distance much easier.
• Detachable Magazines to give you quick, consistent reloads.
• Barrel Bedding for the extra accuracy boost.
• Recoil Buffer to keep your follow-up shots on target; the weapon's high kick is its worst enemy.

Here are a few highlights that demonstrate the excellent consistency of the ZH-29:


Best Weapons for Support

No team can hope to maintain a siege without the aid of Support players. From laying down suppressive fire to keeping teammates supplied with ammunition and explosives, the Support Class is the bedrock that keeps operations running smoothly.
Usually seen sporting Light or Medium Machine Guns and Shotguns, the Support class can bridge the gaps between Recons, Assaults, and Medics. These players are specialists at heart, and it's thanks to the variety of tools at their disposal that teammates can keep up the fight.

Best Light-Machine Gun: BAR M1918A2 (Best for Support)


"An updated version of an automatic rifle that was developed during the Great War. The new version made reloading easier and could be used with a bipod." (In-game description)

The BAR M1918A2 is the perfect marriage between Assault and Support. First introduced during the fifth Tides of War Chapter, The War in the Pacific, update back in October, the BAR perhaps resembles an Assault-Rifle more than a full-fledged Machine Gun. As such, it remains as the most versatile weapon available to Support because of the mobility and firepower it can offer.

Weapon Statistics:

Unlocked at Rank: N/A (Unlocked for 1,700 Company Coins]
Fire Mode(s): 
• Full-Automatic [High ROF]
• Full-Automatic [Low ROF]
Max Damage: 25.1
Rate of Fire: 
• 720 RPM [High ROF]
• 550 RPM [Low ROF]
Bullet Velocity: 740 m/s [Standard]
Magazine Size: 20 rounds
Starting Ammunition: 180+20 rounds
Maximum Ammunition: 180+20 rounds
Partial Reload: 2.45 seconds
Empty Reload: 3.30 seconds 

Here's why the BAR M1918A2 is included among the best:
• It is the fastest firing of all the Light-Machine Guns, giving it the lowest time-to-kill while remaining quick on your feet.
• The option to reduce the rate-of-fire on the fly makes hitting targets at longer ranges much more manageable.
• It comes included with a bipod, which can help maintain long bursts.
• The BAR has abysmal magazine capacity, which makes frequent reloading a constant danger; that and the fact it kicks like a mule can make staying on target a challenge.

Use this set-up to get the most out of the BAR M1918A2:
• Quick Reload is non-negotiable; you will continuously be reloading, and the faster you do it, the less danger you put yourself in.
• Ported Barrel to kill the horizontal recoil, helping you stay on target.
• Custom Stock to improve aimed accuracy on the move, keeping you mobile when you can't deploy your bipod.
• Barrel Bedding for the improved accuracy while still, which stacks beautifully with the accuracy bonus from using your bipod.

Here's another video by LevelCapGaming showing off just how effective the BAR can be:


Best Shotgun: 12g Automatic (Best for Support)

"The 12g Automatic served in both world wars. It was the first successful semi-automatic shotgun used by the Allies, eventually inspiring the German army to create their own version." (In-game description)

Probably the only weapons (save for a few of the Full-Automatics) that can go toe-to-toe with SMGs, Shotguns are devastating CQC masters. With one-shot kill potential and point-and-shoot ease-of-use, Shotguns are a natural choice for Support players who want to remain aggressive and stay in the thick of the fight. The 12g Automatic takes it a step further by eliminating the need to pump a new shell after every shot, making it extremely deadly even against the fastest firing SMGs.

Weapon Statistics:

Unlocked at Rank: 5
Fire Mode: Semi-Automatic 
Max Damage: 
• 7.2 per pellet (x 32 pellets = 230.4) [Standard]
• 100 [Slugs]
Rate of Fire: 
• 138 RPM [Standard]
• 163 RPM [Trigger Job]
Bullet Velocity: 
• 333 m/s [Standard]
• 450 m/s [Slugs]
Magazine Size: 
• 4+1 shells [Standard]
• 6+1 shells [Extended Magazine]
Starting Ammunition: 
• 30+5 shells [Standard]
• 35+7 shells [Extended Magazine]
Maximum Ammunition: 
• 30+5 shells [Standard]
• 35+7 shells [Extended Magazine]

Partial/Empty Reload: Varies* (See note on reloading above, under AG M/42)

Here's why the 12g Automatic reigns supreme:
• It is the only Semi-Automatic Shotgun in-game aside from the M30 Drilling.
• Its Semi-Automatic nature makes follow-up shots a cinch on the off chance your first shot doesn't finish the job.
• It’s incredibly modular, making it very versatile depending on which Specialization path you take.
• As with all Shotguns, it's limited by its range despite the potential upgrades; be wary of medium-range engagements.

Use this set-up to get the most out of the 12g Automatic:
• Quick Reload for its bonus, and because Quick Aim is redundant, firing from the hip is already quite accurate and fast.
• Slugs to stretch the one-shot kill range, giving you an advantage over other CQC weapons.
• Solid Slug for increased headshot damage and lethal range.
• Extended Magazine to keep yourself in the fight longer - Shotguns reload shells one-by-one, giving enemies ample opportunity to rush you.

Just watch the first ten seconds of the video below, and you'll see just how ridiculously overpowered the 12g Automatic is:

As you can see, each Class offers something unique to the battlefield, each entry a powerful tool in the right hands. However, be warned: weapons alone do not make a competent soldier, and you'll have to use them in conjunction with your skills to get the maximum benefit. There might be a few weapons that you disagree with, and that's okay - Battlefield is a sandbox, there isn't really a "right" way to play.

Battlefield V is continuously changing, and the developers at DICE are always hard at work tweaking and adjusting values. This guide is going off of update 6.2, and by the time you're reading this, there might be a whole new update, so be sure to come back and stay up to date.
If you want to know where we got all of our statistics and raw data, check out Sym Game Science - without whom this article couldn't be possible. 

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