Battlefield 5 Game Modes Explained - How It Works (Secrets, Tips, and Tricks)

Battlefield 5 Game Modes
Squading up is key to staying alive, never go into battle alone

Battlefield 5 Game Modes Explained

This guide gives you the player detailed information on every game mode. 

Conquest Mode

Conquest mode is a main stay in the Battlefield franchise, The mode that keeps players intensed and wanting more every round just got better.

Conquest mode is a main stay in the Battlefield franchise. It follows the same match stipulations as other FPS “Capture the Flag” game modes.  This mode is a battle between teams of 32 players tasked to capture and hold the most flags.  By doing this the team who captures the most flags wins through gaining the most points.  To capture a Conquest point, the player has to be in the general area of the flag.  The closer the player stands to the flag determines how quick they capture it.  Teamwork is critical in this game mode as it can determine how successful a flag is captured. In playing this game mode players are more aware of how other game modes may play out.  It gives access to giant maps, tons of vehicles to try and dozens of chances to rank up.

Tips for Playing Conquest Mode:

  • Tickets gained by capturing the flag can be lost if the player holding it is killed. 
  • Always spawn on conquest flag points that are furthest up on the map. It will help your team be able to gain more points and flags.
  • Take advantage of tanks when they are readily available. A tank can be critical when trying to turn the battle in your teams favor. 
  • Both teams start at 600 points each and the battle is over when the other team reaches 0 points.
  • Stay in cover when defending a captured flag as you will be less spotted by enemy soldiers.
  • If you are on the losing team at the end of the round, it becomes much easier to capture flags in a way for the team to comeback.
  • This mode is primarily based on team work; each class plays their part in making sure capturing a flag is successfully attempted.

To check out highlights on how this game mode is played check out the video below: 

Domination Mode

Domination mode like Conquest mode has been a made stay since the franchises beginning.  It is known to be the hard point mode of Battlefield 5. 

Unlike many of its similarities compared to Conquest mode. This mode is also focused on infantry combat.  In this mode each team must work together to capture areas on the map and defend them.  The longer a team holds each capture point increases their team’s points. However unlike in Conquest mode there are no bases and the player isn’t allowed to spawn on flag locations.  This mode happens to be all time fan favorite mode.  For those players who enjoy smaller team squad modes this mode is for them. 

Tips For Playing Domination Mode:

  • Team Cooperation is important when trying to gain capture points and defending them.
  • The outskirts of each domination mode maps are known as the dead zones. They may make a great place for recon players to snipe from and cover teammates.
  • Avoid staying in the center of the map for long periods of time; this has caused many players to be put in a kill box.  However, moving around the area that surrounds the center zone can be helpful when trying to locate enemy players.
  • Medic class can be a critical role to keeping a players team in the battle when attempting to defend a captured domination point location.
  • Camping around a covered area of the captured Domination point locations can help when trying to keep your team in the battle; as the longer you hold the key areas increases your points each second spent defending.
  • Being a Recon class player has its advantages when trying to defend a captured point location.
  • Enemy team loses a point if they fail to hold two captured point locations.

To check out highlights of this game mode is played check out the video below:

The mode just got better in Battlefield 5 prepare for an all out war of wits and glory.

Team Deathmatch Mode

Team Deathmatch mode is the mode which pits 2 teams consisting of 32 players in battle. It is a mode where wits will be tested and skills strengthened through battle.  

In this mode each class plays a crucial role in securing the glorious victory in battle. A mode where the player is tasked to kill enemy players that may come along your path to victory; by doing so the players team gains points that accumulate to earning a victory once a points criteria has been met.  In this mode everything can and will be used to make sure the enemy team doesn’t live to see victory.  It allows the player to face off on small area maps to intensify the action; making sure there isn’t a moment where the player isn’t trying to look over their shoulder. 

Tips For Playing Team Deathmatch Mode:

  • Spotting an enemy player can help teammates kill them if they are close by.
  • There is no specific class that is most dominate however, assault and medic have critical roles due to supplying med kits and ammo.
  • Aiming down sights tends to be more accurate than hip firing in medium to close range combat.
  • Remember to change your fire mode depending on the combat area range: Single shot for long range and automatic for medium and close range combat.
  • Stay in cover and behind environmental objects when an enemy is close by; staying out in the open increases your chances of being spotted.
  • Fortifications can help increase cover and gives prone soldiers a way of staying unspotted; the support class is faster at building fortifications.
  • Teamwork is seen favorable as each class has their own role to play in securing the battles victory.

To see how this game mode is played check out the video below: 

Prepare for glory and battle as you and your squad mates push up frontlines to win victory!

Frontlines Mode

The mode that pits your teammates against days of battle that they must survive in order to gain victories each round

This mode is a combination of Conquest and Rush game modes in a single map.  Each team has a base with two telegraphs that must be defended.  A line of flags join the two bases with all flags needing to be captured in order to gain the victory over the opposing team.  This game mode pits the opposing teams in a test of strength in a tug of war on territory basis.  The teams consist of 32 players each side vying to conquer all territories of the battlefield.  Here are some tips on how to survive and gain the victory in battle.

Tips For Playing Front lines Mode:

  • After securing a flag hang back as your squad moves up to clear out any enemies that may be on the way to recapturing the flag; this will help making the journey pushing up much easier once the area is clear.
  • Armored vehicles tend to play an important role in this game mode; they can help moving up easier by eliminating hidden assault or support players.
  • There is no superior class when playing this mode; each role helps to secure the victory for their team. 
  • If your team captures majority of the flags it is easier for your team to gain the upper hand in connecting the telegraphs in your favor.
  • Focus on capturing the flags as your Kill/Death Ratio is least important in this mode.
  • Camping is a bad idea in the maps that front lines takes place as they are limited in their surrounding areas; you are bound to be found hiding unexpectedly. Learn to stick and move at all cost to survive frontlines.
  • Hip firing can prove to be more helpful in this game mode as it is close combat quarters in each map.  The player should resort to aiming down sights if it is an open area.

​To check out highlights of this game mode check out the video found below: 

In the heat of the battle make sure theres always a teammate whos a trained medic around.  This mode is intense with alot of ways to learn how to play the other modes as well. 

Grand Operations mode

Get ready for an all out war that spans 3 days in 3 rounds that tests a teams consistency with being able to work together

Grand Operations mode is a mode that transcends over a series of rounds known as days. The way this game mode works is that each day progresses how the battle plays out; every previous stage has an impact on the next one. If the players team does well in the previous stage they are rewarded with in game supplies; Ammo, tickets and other equipment needed to succeed in battle.   It is a mixture of other game modes that a player can play online. This game mode is ideal for players who want to freshen up on their multiplayer skills; It pits the player through variations of the other game modes. Most of the matches in this game mode end at day 3.

How Grand Operations works:

Stage 1 of Grand Operations:   is the first round of this game mode, it requires the player to destroy (attack team) or defend (defense team) team artillery cannons. The attackers start out in a plane where they can choose when to parachute out onto the battlefield. The defenders start near their teams artillery cannons that are to be defended against the attackers.  They can place fortifications, mobile weapons and anti-air cannons near their defended cannons. 

Stage 2 Of Grand Operations:  Day two divides the map into sections that must be conquered by each team.  It is primarily like Conquest and Domination game modes. At the start of Day 2 of Grand Operations each flag is controlled by the defenders. The attackers’ goal is to control all flags at the same time to unlock the next section or sector with flags. The defenders goal is to stop at no cost to make sure the attackers aren’t successful.  This round will consist of either Conquest or Front lines mode;  the main goal is to secure the flag and capture it to gain points.

Stage 3 Of Grand Operations:  This round is the same in comparison to Team Deathmatch. However, unlike Team Deathmatch there aren’t any spawns. This stage is the last round of Grand Operations unless the end of it is met with a tie score; In this case another round must be played.  To win this round it is simple one of the sides must lose all of its soldiers.  It is the ultimate test of teamwork in battle. As mentioned previous stages leading up to this round determine your teams success.  The amount of ammunition and number of health rates depend on how well your team did performance wise in previous stages.

Tips For Playing Grand Operations Mode:

  • Defense cannons can be used to destroy attack planes resulting in lower efficiency.
  • Stay in cover and out of sight during day 3 to make sure your team has an upper hand.
  • Each class plays a critical role in every round of this game mode however,  medic class is invaluable in all modes of Grand Operations.
  • Getting on an anti-air cannon and shooting down the rescan planes of the attacking team can cut down enemy tickets.
  • Don’t wait to jump out of the plane when playing as an attacker during round 1; it will leave you as a player vulnerable to be shot down midflight down to landing.
  • Rules of survival in other game modes may help to secure the victory in this game mode.
  • Stay with your squad as each player can change the course of staying alive when trying to capture flags and destroying cannons.

To check out highlights of how this game mode is played check out the video below:

The best 3 days of your soldiers life just got even better with immersive battles that span across 3 days and ends when only one team is left alive

It is clear to see why Battlefield 5 is leading the competition in FPS games.  As EA Games even plans on giving Battle Royale fans a mode they can enjoy this march.  Which we will be writing an article detailing more on once information is released.  We hope the Battlefield 5 community finds this guide to be helpful.  In a game that pits players in a battle of wits in 64 player battles. This game surely has it all for every player that chooses to pick it up. With so many game modes to try, there is sure to be one you as a player can dominate in. 

If you feel this guide has been helpful let us know in the comments below.  We appreciate each feedback that is offered to help make sure the battlefield5 community is happy.  Until our next article battlefield fans make sure to stay in cover and know thy enemy.  Look forward to future articles and guides from us here on Remember Gamers make decisions that matter, keep playing keep winning!

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