Battlefield 5 Best Class (Battlefield 5 Classes Ranked Best To Worst)

Battlefield 5 Best Class
Battlefields most dominating classes finally ranked. A guide guaranteed to make you a better Battlefield 5 soldier.

So, What's The Best Class in BF5? Battlefield 5 classes have finally been ranked. Discover the best class that Battlefield 5 has to offer.

Here is a list of the best classes that consist in the war field of battlefield 5.  We have ranked them ranging from best to least useful. 

God Tier -  The Best Class For Team Players

The support class. It is a class made to meet every combat situation with more weapons than your enemies skills could handle.

1.  Support Class (God Tier)

In battlefield 5 the support role plays an important role in winning the battle.  It is the class that makes sure the members of their squads are fully equipped with ammo.  The support class makes sure the squads vehicles are repaired through the engineer class.  Therefore, the support class can be seen as a viable team piece to a squad.

Support Class Weapons

Light Machine Guns

  • Bren Gun
  • FG-42
  • Lewis Gun
  • Madsen MG
  • KE7
  • Vickers K MG


  • MG 34
  • MG 42


  • M30 Drilling
  • Sjogren Inertial

Why this class made the God tier:

  • The support class has access to multiple weapon types; Machine Guns, Shotguns, Light Machine Guns.
  • Primarily responsible for suppressing enemies and keeping teammates equipped with supplies and med kits.
  • Has access to more fortifications than any other class in the game
  • Has the ability to build faster than any other class in Battlefield 5.
  • The vehicle fixer perk enables the player to repair vehicles and build fortifications faster than any other support class.

Class Combat Roles:

Engineer -   The Engineer combat role is unlocked by default.  This role is an expert at mechanic skills. They are skilled with quickly repairing vehicles and building static weapons.  Static and auxiliary vehicle weapons take longer to overheat when the player fires them using this role.

Machine Gunner -  The Machine Gunner combat role unlocks at Support rank 8.  This role relies on suppressive fire to expose the enemy.  The bullet storm perk enables the player to cause more damage while receiving less suppression fire.  The Focused Fire perk allows the player to fully spot suppressed enemies for their teammates.

Class Power Rating: 100/100

To check out the Support class in glorious battle check out the gameplay video below:

The Support Class. The class thats dominating the battleground since day 1.

Beast Tier – The Best Class For The Team Leader

The Assault class. The class that gets thrills out of being up close to the lines of battle.

2. Assault Class (Beast Tier)

The assault class is best suited to fit the frontline and destruction of enemy vehicles.  As a soldier who picks the assault class in Battlefield 5, you’re able to maneuver in close combat and gain access to a lot of weapons not available to other classes.  For that matter this class is seen as a natural leader for the team. 

Assault Class Weapons

  • P38 Pistol
  • Ruby
  • P08 Pistol
  • Sturmegewehr 1.5
  • Gewehr 43
  • M1907 SL
  • M1A1 Carbine
  • Selbslader M1916
  • Turner SMLE
  • STG 44

Assault Class Combat Roles:

Light Infantry -  Light Infantry is the default Combat Role of the Assault class. Light infantry soldiers happen to be fearless battlefield scavengers. Their peak physical condition helps make them more resilient than other combat roles. This role allows the player to find more ammo on fallen soldiers through its Scavenger perk. The Battle Hardened perk allows the player  using this combat role to regain more health than other roles.

Vehicle Buster -  Vehicle Buster is unlocked at Assault class rank 8.  Vehicle Painter perk enables destroyed vehicles to turn into scrap used to fuel your Requisition.  Vehicle Scrapper enables the player to gain bonus Requisition when the player destroys a vehicle.

Why is this class made the  beast tier:

•     Assault kits are the most capable of clearing squads out of cover. 

•     A feared enemy when it comes to close and medium range combat

•     Excels the best at destroying enemy vehicles.

•     A dominate class when it comes to capturing objectives through leadership combat roles.

Class power rating: 80/100

To check out gameplay on the Assault Class in its finest moments of battle check out the video below:

The Assault Class. A squad member that enjoys the thrill of close combat action.

Strong Tier -  The Best Class For Reviving Teammates 

A medic soldier. They are a critical role to keeping the team alive in battle

3.  Medic Class (Strong Tier) 

The medic class is the 3rd best class because it is critical to keeping the team alive.  The medic class is in charge of supplying the squad with med kits.  It is a very critical piece to the squad because of its close combat skills. 

Medic Class Weapons:

  • Soumi KP/-31
  • M1911
  • MP 40
  • P08
  • MP 28
  • Repetierpistole M1912
  • EMP
  • MK VI Revolver
  • MP 34
  • Liberator
  • M1928A1 Thompson

Medic Class Combat Roles:

Field Medic – The default combat role of the medic class. This role allows the player to get more requisition by handing out bandages to teammates. This combat role also comes with a movement speed bonus when a teammate is down and calling for medic help.

Combat Medic -  This combat Medic Role is unlocked once the player gets to level 8 with the Medic Class. This combat role enables the player to have longer reach when using melee weapons; makes it easier for the player to engage in close quarter combat.

Why this class made the Strong Tier:

  • This class is the fastest in reviving teammates in Battlefield.
  • Excels at close and medium rang combat making it easier for the player to keep teammates alive.
  • Sprints faster when health is low ensuring higher survivability in tight situations.
  • Is able to heal on its own through its unlocked abilities without having to wait for regeneration.

Class Power Rating:  70/100

To check out the Medic Class in its finest glory check out the video below:

the medic class excels.
A true piece of being a team player comes from helping your team stay alive and win battles. 

Camper Tier -  The Least Favorite Class In Battlefield 5

The watchful eyes. On the battlefield, the Recon class is one with alot of patience

4.  Recon (Camper Tier)

The Recon class is the bird’s eye defense during battle in Battlefield 5. They are the experts when it comes to headshot killing an enemy from a scopes distance. They excel at making sure there is an even playing field between every glorious moment in battle.  Enemies know this class to be the gleam of light before they see that fateful light. 

Recon Class Weapons: 

Assault Rifles

  • Model  8 Rifle
  • Gewehr M95/30
  • ZH-29 Rifle
  • Krag-Jorgensen Bolt Action Rifle
  • RSC Rifle
  • KAR98K Bolt Action Rifle

Side Arm Weapons

  • Ruby
  • Flare Gun
  • M1911
  • P08
  • Throwing Knife
  • Repetierpistole M1912
  • MK VI Revolver

Recon Class Combat Roles:
Sniper -  The Sniper combat role unlocks at default Recon class.  This combat role allows the player an eagle eyed view on the enemies; Through the Eagle Eyed perk the player can spot enemies when they shoot them. This role also allows a player the ability to hold their breath for longer periods of time. Through the use of the Expert Marksmen perk, this classes breathe duration is replenished with each headshot kill.

Pathfinder -  The Pathfinder combat role unlocks at Recon Class rank 8.  Deep behind enemy lines, the Pathfinder combat role swiftly is able to identify an ideal entry point.  This helps the players teammates when conquering an objective.  The Advance Scouting perk, allows this combat role is able to spawn next to Spawn Beacons outside the area of their squad.  When the player uses the Vanguard Perk; they are allowed additional Requisition when a teammate lands on their Spawn Beacon.

Why this class made the camper tier:

  • Excels at making headshots from long distance through the use of a sniper rifle
  • This class is known to most as a campers paradise class for its weapons choice and abilities
  • The birds’ eye of the battlefield helps their teammates by spotting enemies from a far.
  • Stealthy expert at both close and long range combat.
  • Capable of clearing most objectives without ever coming under fire.

Class Power Rating:  50/100

To check out the hiighlights of the Recon class in its finest hours of victory check out the video below:

The eyes from above. Recon class soldiers are always watching through the scope of a recon sniper

Choosing a class to play with has never been easier than in Battlefield 5. The classes each pack a critical role in surviving this epic World War II. 

Each class is dependent on how the player chooses to play their role in telling how the battle ends.  This guide is based off the gameplay of each class and is ranked through each classes useful abilities. 

The epic moments spent studying each classes best and worst key moments. The ways their weapons helped the player instead of hurt their kill/death ratio. They were also based off other veteran player opinions.  

However if you feel this list should be ranked different. Let us know in the comments below, we are always appreciative of the feedback of our readers.  Remember to survive is to help your teammates.

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