The Best CS:GO Tips - How to Become a Killing Spree Machine

The Best CS:GO Tips - How to Become a Killing Spree Machine
Do you hate people who hunt frags in CS? Don't be like them.. Please


Killing enemies in shooter games is bread and butter. However, doing so in CS:GO requires certain amount of skill and knowledge. Knowing when to peek and shoot is often more important than having good aim. Here, we present some of the best tips on becoming a killing spree machine.

Practice makes perfect

Being good at CS:GO isn’t easy . It takes hundreds, arguably thousands of hours to get good at this game. While many people advise you to play deathmatches, we recommend training on maps, like Aim Botz, Yprac Bot Arena and so on.

If you practice everyday either on these maps or by playing deathmatches, success will come.
Keeping your aim in good shape is important.

Don’t change anything unless it’s necessary  

A lot of people tend to swap between M4A1-S and M4A4, change their sensitivity and view model when they struggle and are out of form. Changing stuff definitely won’t help them. In fact, it’ll only make it worse.

We advise you to stick to the settings and weapons you already have because you’d have to get used to the setup again.


If you play CS:GO, you must have encountered someone who listens to music while playing.
If you want to become good, don’t let something draw your attention away from CS. That means that you should close YouTube, Facebook or anything that might distract you and focus on the game.

Dying doesn’t mean end of the round for you because you can still help your teammates by calling out for them as they need to focus on their gameplay.

Watch pro players

Watching pros improves your gameplay significantly. You’ll learn what spots you should prefire, see how they move and what they do. It will make you a better player in general.

We recommend watching matches from tournaments, such as ESL Pro League, IEM and ELEAGUE.


If you watch pro matches, you’ll see that each player has a role. Fallen usually sticks to AWP, Get_RiGhT lurks behind enemies’ backs and it is Apex who gets the first kill.

These roles roughly define the number of their kills. Since you want to be a killing spree machine, you’ll have to stick to playing lurker, refragger, and eventually entry fragger if you’re confident enough. Forget about being an in-game leader as it would only distract you from playing.

If you play lurker, your goal is to flank enemies, catch people off guard and so on. You’ll get a lot of frags this way.

Being a refragger isn’t a hard role. All you have to do is kill enemies whose position is known to you. You must wait for your entry to open the site or die by trying to do so and re-frag – get the guy who killed your fellow teammate.

The hardest role is probably entry fragging. It’s all about your aim and if you’re out of form, you’ll die a lot because it’s you who enters the site first. On the other hand, if you play well, you’ll be a nightmare for your enemies.

Have good hardware

To succeed, you’ll need to have a decent computer and internet connection. You should be able to run CS smoothly, have less than 50ms, own a good mouse as well as a keyboard.

Headphones are the most important thing though. Being able to pinpoint location of your enemy is crucial and you’re doomed without it. Speakers are good for listening to music, not for playing CS:GO.

Read your enemies

If you want to read your enemies, you’ll need to know the basics of economy and understand the game. If enemy team goes for a force buy and loses the round, you cannot expect them to have a full buy next round. In this situation, they’ll either go full eco or buy pistols and will want to hide behind corners, stack one place and play short angles generally.

You have to think like them and predict what they will do. Only this way, running alone onto mid held by five guys won’t happen.

Watch your matches

Fortunately, there’s an option to download a demo of your match. It’s really useful as you can learn from your mistakes. You’ll find out that it’s not worth peeking in some situations.

Use your grenades

Grenades make the difference between losing or winning a round. There isn’t anything worse than dying with a handful of grenades. Killing a guy who’s running from his spot that’s set on fire is easy as well as killing a flashed target.

Next you time you’re in 1v1, don’t forget to use that one flash you have.

Trigger discipline

Last but not least, an ability not many players master. It is extremely hard, but it can make you a hero of the match. As the name suggests, it might be better to hold your trigger until you see more enemies and then make an ambush.

Getting multiple frags each round is a matter of having a determined playstyle and feeling comfortable. Being a top fragger is a nice feeling, it’s not as important as winning though. Hopefully, these few tips will help you get better.

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